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Kardashians Head to Court Once Again

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Kardashians Head to Court Once Again


 are heading to court to sue her for taking property and items that reportedly belong to them. Ellen Pearson married Robert Kardashian just two months before he succumbed to cancer. She says that Khloe is not even Rob’s own daughter, and that several of his items belong to her.

The Kardashians are not going to spare her so easily though. They are ready for a court battle to get back what they feel is rightly theirs. Kris Jenner and her children have already filed a suit against Emily Pearson. The Kardashians are not known to let anything go so easily, and are too much in love with money and status to be generous. They are thus willing to get ugly to get the things left behind by their late father. Kris Jenner is especially fierce about the whole thing. She is determined that Ellen should not get her way in this whole deal. She says that Ellen is holding on to things that were never left to her in the first place. The Kardashians feel that Ellen is just being a greedy widow.


It is going to be tough for Ellen Pearson to go up against Kris Jenner, but she is more than likely to be able to do so. Kris does not know what is waiting for her if she provokes Robert’s widow to take away everything from her. However what is going to go in Kris Jenner’s favor is that, Robert left both his tangible and intangible assets to his children. This means there are certain things in his will that belong rightfully to the Kardashians.


Ellen Pearson says she has many declarations and letters by Robert that she wants to produce to the court. She says that Robert would have been okay with this. In fact, Ellen even broke down at the ordeal of having to go up against Kris Jenner.

It seems all the love between Pearson and the Kardashians is now lost. She has accused Khloe Kardashian of not being Robert’s daughter. This has made the battle even uglier.

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