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Justin Timberlake Special on Television

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Justin Timberlake Special on Television

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Almost everybody likes the American pop star Justin Timberlake. He is also a big success in pop music, as he is the lead singer of NSYNC. Justin’s solo career has been successful too after the band split. Justin is one of the most talented dancers and singers as well. And so it was quite a shock when he went into hiatus a few years back. This was not expected. It disappointed a lot of people. The good news is that, the hiatus seems to be over as Justin is all set to return to the world of music. He has already celebrated his return to music by performing at the Grammy’s. He also made an appearance on the late night show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Yes it is a known fact at the moment that Justin Timberlake is set to woo his fans again with his music skills, and this time for a longer duration. Justin has matured in terms of singing and dancing techniques, and is going to surprise everybody. The unique way by which the singer has celebrated his return to pop music is by holding a special show on television that sees him teaming up with bands like Target and IHeartRadio. These bands are in vogue, and by collaborating with them, Justin seems to want to take his music to a whole new level altogether. He is aware of what the demands among music lovers are at this time, and is therefore keen to collaborate with the present day hit bands to produce some amazing music for all Justin lovers around the world.

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The television special for Justin’s return to music is going to showcase the release of his latest album, the 20/20 experience. The special is going to last for one whole hour with bands like Target and IHeartradio performing not only their own songs, but songs by Justin Timberlake as well. The show is also going to broadcast some interviews that were taken of Timberlake surrounding the release of his newest album. Two music videos for the songs in the album, Mirror and Suit and Tie have already been released. The first one is with

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The television special is going to air on the 19th of March. If you are a fan of Justin Timberlake, you should not lose out on the opportunity to watch this amazing musical special of his on TV. This will give you a sneak preview into all his latest songs.

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