JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert were Not Eager to Wait Till Marriage!

When Rosenbaum was asked his thoughts on this, he laughed and said that he respected sex after marriage, but it was not for him and Ashley. He confessed that they would not be able to hold back physically. Sean Lowe and Catherine have vowed that they will only have sex on the wedding night. A life of celibacy sounds very pure and pristine. But it is certainly a difficult life indeed.

But all four of them are otherwise quite similar. For instance, both the couples have found love on reality television. Lowe and Catherine have recently revealed to their close friends and family that they are going to get married on air. It’s apt that they do so, because after all, they fell in love before the whole world.

Catherine and Sean make a nice couple, even though Sean has broken a few hearts on the show. Their televised marriage is going to be a big thing. The entire wedding ceremony will be covered by the press.

Rosenbaum says he was worried that their wedding would not feel like a real one, as it was on television. Luckily for him and Hebert, it was indeed the real thing. The couple wants to have kids, but not any time soon.

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JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert were Not Eager to Wait Till Marriage!