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Joss Stone Murder Plot Continues to Unravel

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Joss Stone Murder Plot Continues to Unravel


It now seems that Joss Stone was not the only target. Two men were recently arrested for plotting to kidnap and kill Stone and dispose off her body. The gruesome plot has left her admirers and family in shock.

Joss Stone was targeted because she is close to the royal family. She is often seen with the royals at various social events. The London police department now says that there were financial motives behind the murder as well. The story is turning out to be creepier with each day. Joss Stone is a lovely girl who means no harm to anybody. The fact that she was under attack is in very bad taste.


What further investigations have revealed is that, Joss was not the only person who was targeted by the killers. There are many other singers and songwriters in their hit list. Attempts were made on their lives as well, but luckily, they managed a narrow escape. Popular names on the list include Eminem, Beyonce and R. Kelly. It is really dreadful that killers have been targeting musicians.


What is alarming is that, we still don’t know who the mastermind behind this is. The police are doing everything they can to find the person or group and learn about their plans and what they aim to achieve by killing musicians. Some musicians have been victims of awful attacks in recent times, like Justin Bieber. We don’t know yet whether these attacks were caused by the same group. However police in both London and New York feel that it could be the same group. We do hope that the culprits are tracked down and put behind the bar soon.

Justin Bieber and his bodyguard came under attack in New York recently. This was a complete surprise to the young singer who had no idea that he could be the victim of hate crimes. The attacks have left Bieber very upset. He has become more cautious about his personal security since then.

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