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Jenny McCarthy Won’t Date Anyone who Dislikes Kids

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Jenny McCarthy Won’t Date Anyone who Dislikes Kids

jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy is single and ready to mingle. But there is one thing she wants to make very clear to all her prospective suitors. They have to love kids. She is not ready to meet or date anyone who prefers to stay away from kids. Jenny has taken this stand because of a terrible experience she had on a date recently. Jenny is a hopeless romantic. She is a hundred percent believer in romantic love. McCarthy was set up on a date by a friend of hers, and flew all the way to the city where he lived to meet him. However over lunch, the man revealed how he disliked kids, and would be dating her only to have a good time.


The man already knew that Jenny was the mother of a ten year old child. This really disappointed her. He wanted to make it very clear that he was not going to be a substitute father to her child. This entire conversation naturally turned Jenny off, and she got away from the venue immediately. Jenny is a very affectionate person, and is looking to settle down with a man who is open to the idea of becoming a father some day. She has always dreamt of having a big family of her own one day. It is really sad that her last relationship did not work out. Jenny does not want to set herself up for a disappointment in the future. This is why she has made her stand so clear to the prospective suitors.

Jenny’s show on VH1 has been renewed. She celebrated this renewal by visiting the encore beach club in Las Vegas. This is one of her favorite hangouts, a place she is known to visit from time to time. Jenny admitted that she was busy working, but also naughtily added that, she had her eyes on all the half-dressed men.

Jenny is a delightful person. We are sure that she will find the man of her dreams someday. There are plenty of ambitious men who want to be good fathers as well.

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