Jennie Finch Gives Birth to a Girl

Paisley Faye is the first girl in the family. Jennie is a mother to two boys, both of whom are extremely happy to have a sister. She has posted some really cute pictures of the little girl. The cutest picture is of course the one where the two brothers are seen kissing their little sister while she is sleeping peacefully. Paisley Faye seems so adorable. The pictures in the blog show her wearing a pink ribbon over her bare head. You can’t be blamed for wanting to cuddle the little darling. Jennie tells us the whole experience of childbirth, and how this has transformed her all over again. She realizes once more what is important to her in life.

Jennie says that she always felt in shape after the delivery of the two boys. After Paisley’s arrival however, the Olympian has decided to take it a little easy.

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Jennie Finch Gives Birth to a Girl