Hot Chip US Tour to Be Different

The Hot Chip indie-electro band is very famous now. This band has given us some very good instrumental music. Just see them perform live and experience the adrenaline rush. Naturally, there is always a huge demand for their tickets.

But it now seems that this British band is aiming for much more. Alexis Taylor, the front man of Hot Chip has informed the press that they want to achieve much more than just stimulate the audience on their US tour. Actually, they are interested in creating and playing music that they want. The band hopes that it will go well with the audience. Hot Chip will be performing at the Ultra Music Dance Festival in the US. After this, the band will go to other places in the country.

Taylor says that the US remains one of the best places for them to play. The American audience is always looking for truly unusual music, he adds.

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Hot Chip US Tour to Be Different