Hillary Duff and Son Luca Set out for a Hockey Game

We have to see whether Luca takes after his father or mother professionally. Or perhaps he will do something entirely different. But chances are that he will have the talents of a sports star and a musician. The parents have decided that Luca is going to receive conventional training to take up hockey at the professional level. We have to wait and see how things are going to turn out for him. The parents have not come out and spoken to the media about the child. They are just happy to let things be for the moment. Mike and Hillary are just happy being good parents to Luca.

Hillary Duff seems to be an adept mother. She is doing a thorough job. She has been seen running around her son all the time. Luca is a rather boisterous child who won’t sit still at home. With Hillary having her hands full at the moment, it is unlikely that she is going to have the time for a career in music or movies. Motherhood is indeed a full-time job!

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Hillary Duff and Son Luca Set out for a Hockey Game