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Highest Paying Jobs In United States 2011

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Highest Paying Jobs In United States 2011

Earning six digits

Looking for a bigger paycheck? If you’re not in the medical industry, you’re pretty much out of luck. To make the most money, your best bet is to go down the medical path, provided you are willing to participate in the many years of required training and education. Also, before getting too green-eyed, realize that one year in school is one year taken away from building your career. Overall, to do well, note the specialization of each of the top 24 highest-paying careers per the U.S. Department of Labor — finding your niche and becoming the best certainly pays dividends.

The top 24 according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

Surgeon: $181,850
Anesthesiologist: $174,610
OB/GYN: $174,610
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: $169,600
Internist: $156,790
Prosthodontist: $156,710
Orthodontist: $153,240
Psychiatrist: $151,380
Chief Executive Officer: $140,880
Engineering Manager: $140,210
Pediatrician: $140,000
Family or general practitioner: $137,980
Physician/surgeon, all other: $137,100
Airline Pilot: $134,090
Dentist: $132,660
Podiatrist: $111,130
Lawyer: $110,590
Dentist, any other specialist: $106,040
Air Traffic Controller: $100,430
Computer and Information Systems Manager: $100,110
Marketing Manager: $100,020
Natural Sciences Manager: $97,560
Sales Manager: $96,950
Astronomer: $96,780

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