Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart Enjoys Life in Italy

“When in Rome, be a Roman”, they say. But it seems that Gerard Butler does not believe in this. The actor behaves in Rome, in the same way he would do in Brooklyn.

Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart were seen in Rome recently promoting their latest film “Olympus Has Fallen”. The movie is said to be semi-historical. It is likely to be a success given the fact that it has both Aaron and Gerard in it. Apart from their promotional activities, the two were seen dining in Rome with Butler’s girlfriend Madeline. The three visited a famous restaurant that is run by the Italian chef Simon Panella.

Butler and his cronies were more than happy to spend time exploring the sights and sounds of Rome. They were making their presence felt in the city. We hope their efforts of appreciating Italian culture help them in the long run.

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Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart Enjoys Life in Italy