George Bush’s Daughter Gives Birth

The baby girl has been named Margaret Laura after both her grandmothers. She is going to be called Mila for short. This is quite a unique name that is not heard often in the US. No doubt Mila is one of the luckiest persons in the world, as she is the grand-daughter of the former President George W Bush.

Laura and George Bush are ecstatic about it. They are trying to spend as much time they can with their grand-daughter. Both Jenna and her baby are doing well, and are in the pink of health at the moment. The dire consequences of a pregnancy do not seem to have affected them in any way. It will be a few days before Laura and Mila are allowed to go home and be with the rest of their family.

Jenna and Henry are doing everything to be good parents by reading up on the issue and trying things out. They want to bring up their daughter in a conventional way. Of course the little one is going to be heavily guarded as she can be an obvious target for those who have ill feelings towards the Bush family.

It remains to be seen whether Mila is going to take to politics some day or not. Politics does indeed run in the family. Mila’s great-grandfather is a former US President too. For the moment though, the Bush family is content with what they have. According to George Bush, the entire family is elated with the new baby.

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George Bush’s Daughter Gives Birth