Emily Blunt Speaks of How Marriage Has Changed Her for Good

Emily Blunt will be seen on the cover of “In Style” magazine soon. The actress looks hot and sultry, and is sure to make everybody go gaga when they look at this picture. Emily is now married to John Krasinski, and is very happy about it. In an interview recently, Emily spoke about her marriage to John, and how it has changed her as a person. There is somebody now who is always looking out for her. She says her marriage has made her more secured as a person. Emily now wants to look at the bright side of things, even when she is feeling down in the dumps.

Emily is a rising actresses in Hollywood. She has a number of major Hollywood projects in the pipeline. She is going to be seen starring in an action movie with Tom Cruise, which is titled “All You Need is Kill”. This is going to be a thriller and a racy movie. Emily Blunt will be seen in an entirely new avatar, she has been playing just the girl-next-door roles. Emily is naturally thrilled at the idea of playing a role opposite the Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise, she has a lot of respect for Tom, and it is thus a matter of pride for her to work with him in a movie.

Emily has however decided to take time out from Hollywood now and then to be with her family. She feels that Hollywood is just a bubble which pops in her head at times. She will never allow herself to get immersed in it entirely.

Emily is also happy to have reached thirty years of age, and is not feeling insecure about it. She says that age for her is just a number. She is excited to experience her life after thirty.

It can thus be said that Emily is interested in other things too, apart from Hollywood glamour. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family, and is able to maintain a fine balance between her working and personal life.

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