Drake Biography: His Rise to Fame

Who is Drake? Drake, legally named Aubrey Drake Graham, is a recording artist and rapper who has also acted in the popular television show Degrassi. He's released several records today and

11 Who is Drake?

Drake, legally named Aubrey Drake Graham, is a recording artist and rapper who has also acted in the popular television show Degrassi. He's released several records today and has become a household name with the popularity of his music. He's grossed millions of dollars and has sold millions of albums, making him one of the most successful recording artists today.

10 Drake's Childhood and Growing Up

Sandi and Dennis Graham welcomed Aubrey Drake Graham into the world on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. His mother was a teacher while his father was a drummer who worked with many different musicians. When he was only five years old his parents decided to get a divorce, which resulted in him living in the west end of Toronto with his mother for several years.

When Drake turned six his mother made the move to a wealthy Forest Hill area, which she struggled to afford. During this time Drake attended a Jewish day school because his mother is Jewish. Drake later ended up attended both Forest Hill Collegiate Institute as well as Vaughan Road Academy. He dropped out of both of these schools, but he did eventually graduate in late 2012.

When Drake would visit his father in Memphis, Tennessee, he lived a completely different life than he did in Toronto. One visit he actually saw his father get arrested, which strained the already broken relationship they had even further. His father spent several years in jail, which meant he didn't play a very active role with Drake's childhood. Drake has stated that everything he experienced during his child gave him character and made him into the man he is today.

9 Drake's Career

Drake got his first big break when he got the role of Jimmy Brooks in the Canadian television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Although this didn't pay much money, it was enough to help him and his mother struggle through her being ill without any money coming in. He was also able to land small roles in movies and other television shows, which helped push his name out into the open.

Drake created a mixtape that he released himself in 2006. He was able to advertise this single on TeenNick, which eventually led to him creating a music video that was played on BET. After two years, Drake was starting to gain more recognition for his music and was even invited to tour with Lil Wayne. Despite his growing success and popularity, he was still not signed and continued to work with artists including: Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige and many others.

He finally signed a record deal with Young Money Entertainment on June 29, 2009, after he had success with two top ten songs in the same week. After signing with this record label, Drake went on tour with Lil Wayne, where he fell on stage and injured his knee. After going through rehabilitation, Drake was able to continue releasing music as he collaborated with new artists.

8 Drake's Albums and Music

Thank me Later was Drake's first official album, which was released in June of 2010. Almost 450,000 albums were sold the very first week it was released, making it one of the most successful rap albums of all time. Take Care was Drake's next album, which was released in October 2011. With the success of this album, Drake was able to continue working with up and coming rappers as well as those that were already mega-stars.

By the end of 2012 Drake had his own record label, October's very Own as well as his third album, Nothing Was the Same. He also won Best Rap Album at the 55th Grammy Awards and his label struck a deal with Warner Bros. Records, taking his career to the next level.

7 How Much Drake Makes

Drake's net worth is currently at $30 million dollars, but this number will rise in the future as he releases more singles and continues to collaborate with new artists. In 2012 he grossed just over $42 million dollars from the Club Paradise Tour, which may take place again in the future. Drake is also expected to continue making money through his songwriting skills, which led him to writing songs for singers including Jamie Foxx to Alicia Keys.

6 How Drake Spends His Time

Drake spends a lot of his time working on various projects he has, whether they are songwriting or singing. He also spends a lot of time actually spending his money. He's frequently featured on magazine covers for his extravagant spending at strip clubs and on cars. He's said before that he wants to enjoy his money while he can, which is why he's always seen spending it!

5 Cars Drake Owns

Drake currently owns a Bentley Continental GT, which he drives around Los Angeles often.

4 Where Drake Lives

Drake owns multiple properties, including two that are currently for sale in Miami. He recently moved into a $9 million dollar mansion in Hollywood, which is equipped with everything from a cave where the pool is to a wine cellar in the basement. This mansion also has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a theater with 24 seats and an ATM!

3 Drake's Relationships

Drake keeps his romantic relationships under wraps and often says that he doesn't have time for a serious relationship. Some women he has been linked to in the past include: Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, Rihanna, Keisha Chante and Andrea Lewis. He hasn't admitted to some of these relationships, but he hasn't denied them either.

2 Drake's Children

Currently Drake does not have any children.

1 Drake's Future

There is a lot in store for Drake in the future, including continued success with his albums and tours with other artists. He continues to write music and is constantly collaborating with top artists as well as legendary artists. He may also pursue an acting career, as he enjoys films and being on television. He also sells branded clothing that brings him in quite a bit of money each year. He will undoubtedly make millions more dollars in the future and spend them so the world can see.


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Drake Biography: His Rise to Fame