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Chelsea Handler Has No Idea about Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

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Chelsea Handler Has No Idea about Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

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Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston recently announced her engagement to Justin Theroux. There are a lot of rumors on how this wedding is going to turn out. It is believed that Jennifer is keeping everything simple and low-key. Her marriage to Brad Pitt was high profile and expensive – people talked about it for days. Jen’s marriage to Justin however is not quite as exciting, it seems as the two are making every effort to keep it low profile.

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Even Jennifer’s close friends have no idea about the wedding plans. Chelsea Handler who is one of Jennifer Anniston’s closest friends and also a well-known talk show host on television, she says that Jennifer has not spoken to her about the wedding at all, and that she has no idea when it is going to happen. It seems that the details have not been shared with Chelsea. She says that it is very important for Anniston to keep things discreet for the media, as she wants the event to be a very meaningful one and certainly one which is away from the spotlight of the media. This is possible only by not revealing things to the press – this is just what Jennifer is doing. She is keeping quiet about her wedding plans. She is not even informing those close to her.

Chelsea Handler was asked whether she was being made Jennifer’s bridesmaid. The answer she gave was an obvious “No”. Chelsea Handler is a powerful personality on television. When she responded to this question, her tone was quite a determined one. She said she would have found it quite demeaning if Jennifer had asked her to be her flower girl. I mean who, in her opinion, does that? She would certainly have never asked anyone to be her flower girl or bridesmaid at the wedding. Chelsea has no clue about what transpires at weddings and is very bad at talking about weddings, including her own possible wedding someday. She likes to live life the easy way and is not into commitments about weddings, which to her is way too intense.

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One thing which Chelsea could speak definitely about was the fact that Jennifer is really happy with Justin and that the two make a fine couple. She says that she has never seen Jennifer happier before, not even when she was with her supposed love of her life, Brad Pitt. Jennifer it seems is extremely secure now with Justin Theroux. The two do look good together.

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