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Casey Anthony Makes a Rare Appearance

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Casey Anthony Makes a Rare Appearance

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Casey Anthony, who has been in hiding for more than a year now, ever since bankruptcy charges were slapped on her, was seen on camera recently. She made an appearance as she had to visit the court for her hearing in Tampa Florida. Her face was covered with large sunglasses and the car which she was travelling in, had tinted glasses as well. Every effort was made to ensure that Casey does not get to be seen by the public. But these efforts were not really successful. Casey managed to be seen anyway.

There was a huge crowd of photographers as well as reporters just outside the federal building into which Casey was taken for her hearing. The bankruptcy case has turned out to be quite a disgrace. It has resulted in Casey falling from grace after her much elevated status in society. She informed the judge, inside the court house during the hearing, about the way in which she survives these days. She was found giving the court all the relevant details that are necessary for her hearing.

In a statement to Associated Press, Casey revealed that she was not paying for utilities. She was not paying for rent either. Rather, she was now only living off the kindness shown to her by other people. Casey has been extremely lucky as her supporters have stood by her in spite of the bankruptcy scandal. She has been sent gifts and money regularly. She is confident that she is going to get through the charges of bankruptcy with their help and support. Casey has been in hiding ever since 2011. She has been helped since then.

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Casey Anthony faced charges of sexually abusing and killing her two year old daughter Caylee. The charges were slapped on her in 2011. She was however acquitted shortly after that. The charges made against her are absolutely horrific. It makes her seem like a person who should be sent behind bars for good. The two year old went missing in 2008. The suspicion fell on the mother. The body of the child was found in the backyard of the home which Casey shares along with her parents.

The discovery of the remains of the girl child sparked off rumors that it was the mother who had killed her and not anyone else. Ever since the girl’s absence was reported in the press, it became a national incident with thousands demanding that Casey be made to face the consequences of her actions. However, the prosecutors were unable to find sufficient evidence to prove that it was Casey who had actually killed her daughter. This resulted in Casey being let off easily and being sent back home under supervision.

The hatred that spread for Casey Anthony compelled her to go into hiding. She reportedly does not want to come out in the public eye again. According to her lawyers, it would also not have been possible for her to make any kind of appearance before the media anytime soon. According to one of her lawyers, it was impossible for Casey to go back to living a normal life after being the most hated person. When news about the murder of her child began to do the rounds, thousands clamored for the arrest of Casey and even her execution.

It is not just the murder of her child but several other allegations as well that led to such hatred among the American people. For instance, it has been charged that she abused her child a lot before killing her. According to a number of her prosecutors, Casey Anthony is believed to have killed her child by making her choke on duct tape. Others are of the opinion that, she drowned her child in the swimming pool in the backyard of her house, which is also a plausible theory. At the moment Casey is facing a bankruptcy situation. The bankruptcy emerged ever since she was accused of the murder.

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She made her appearance for the first time in 2011, looking severely depressed and haggard and not knowing what she was going to do. The Casey Anthony case is quite an intriguing one. While the hearing at Tampa went smoothly, the woman had to face a lot of nasty questions on the part of the media. The twenty six year old now has to figure out a way in which she is going to start her life all over again.

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