Candice Glover’s Performance the Best in “American Idol” History

Candice Glover was of course more than happy with the reception she got. No doubt she now has the confidence that can help her win the competition. She was close to tears after the judges complemented her. It seems she is not used to receiving such glowing praises from so many acclaimed people. Candice is now going to have to get used to a lot of praise after this spectacular performance.

Nicky called the performance “old fashioned”, saying that there was nothing new to see or hear. The second song which Angie Miller chose to perform was the track “Love Came Down” from Kari Jobe. Miller performed this while playing the piano. The judges were pleased with this performance, and told Angie that she can definitely improve her skills and do well in the competition if she focuses on certain aspects of her singing, such as her lyrics enunciation.

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Candice Glover’s Performance the Best in “American Idol” History