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Britney Seen With Her New Boyfriend

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Britney Seen With Her New Boyfriend

Are they just friends or could this be something more? Britney Spears was seen walking with a new man by her side recently. This sight naturally sparked off a good deal of excitement. It has been quite awhile since Britney has been a part of the gossip scenario. This picture has set rumors rolling that these two might have a thing for each other. Yes, they did look rather casual, but there was a vibe between Britney and this man. That’s precisely what has fueled this rumor of a relationship.

Britney looked completely at ease with David Lucado as the two visited a tanning salon in Los Angeles. “Forever Bella”, the salon, is known for its celebrity clientele. Britney and David visited the salon for a quiet afternoon of tanning and came out looking good.


Britney split from her fiancé Jason recently. This relationship too turned out to be troublesome, like some others she has been into. There was a lot of bad blood between the two and some dirty accusations were leveled as well. Britney has avoided talking about her association with Jason in public. Friends and family say that the pop sensation is embarrassed about her association with Jason, and wants to forget about the whole episode. Britney is a good person at heart and is known to get into a relationship for all the wrong reasons. The most high profile of all her romantic associations was with Justin Timberlake, which ended quite badly.


David seems to have had a very positive effect on Britney, she seemed very happy in his company. He is an easy-going guy. This is perhaps just the thing for Britney at the moment. David Lucado is well known for his serious approach to relationships. One wonders what his affair with Britney is going to turn out to be like. At present, the two are content to spend as much time with each other as they can.

David has a great sense of humor which is why probably Britney was seen laughing so much in his presence. The two look visually compatible. We hope Britney finally finds someone she can settle down with.

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