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British Actor Richard Griffiths Dies at Age 65

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British Actor Richard Griffiths Dies at Age 65


The legendary British actor Richard Griffiths is dead. He was 65 years of age. Richard was well known for playing the role of the unpleasant Uncle Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter movies. Some other movies where he has worked include Chariots of Fire, Gandhi, Gorky Park, and Sleepy Hollow. His death is deeply mourned by the film fraternity in both Hollywood and the United Kingdom. Daniel Radcliffe was particularly shocked by the news. He wasn’t certain how to react to it. Griffiths has won many awards in his life and has a large fan following all over the world.


Daniel Radcliffe remembers him as a mentor who guided him on the sets and told him how he should relax. Radcliffe speaks of the first time he shot for a Harry Potter movie. It was shot at the house of the Dursley’s. Daniel was extremely nervous at the time and was not certain how to carry out his shots. It was Richard who really put him at ease and made him calm down. Daniel was thus able to deliver his lines just the way he was expected to.

Radcliffe says that Griffiths would brighten up the mood in any room as soon as he entered it. He was full of life and certainly knew how to make people laugh. According to Radcliffe, Griffith’s death will definitely be felt by the entire film industry. It was a shock that he had to go at the age of 65.

Griffiths played the part of the unpleasant uncle Vernon to perfection. Everybody will remember him for this. The image of a loud-mouthed uncle of Harry Potter is going to remain etched in the minds of the public for long. Griffiths was in the Harry Potter movies, right from 2001 to 2011, when the final book was filmed.

Griffiths died at the University Hospital in Coventry. The cause of his death was declared to be heart failure. Richard Griffiths was a man who normally enjoyed the pink of health. Rarely did he allow bad health to get him down. It is a good thing that the Harry Potter movies are now done. It would have been very difficult to replace him.

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