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Bradley Cooper Flaunts His Perm in Public

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Bradley Cooper Flaunts His Perm in Public

Actors getting perm hair is quite rare in Hollywood, so when Bradley Cooper went public with his perm, we were a bit dazed by it. Cooper is portraying a rather unconventional look these days. His hair comprises of tight curls as opposed to the straight hair he used to have once. The sight of him with curly hair is still acceptable, but nobody quite expected him coming out with these curls.

Bradley looked completely nonchalant as he walked through the streets of New York with his hair rolled up in perms. He of course attracted a lot of unnecessary attention, but he did seem to love it. Bradley is one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood now. And this new look makes him look even more cute. He came across as an actor fit for teenage drama movies. Cooper looked very chocolate boyish with the curlers on his hair. This made everyone go Awww!

Bradley is busy shooting a David Russell movie at the moment. It is an action thriller where Bradley is going to be seen in an entirely different role. No doubt he is very excited about it. He has never hesitated to talk about it whenever interviewed. Bradley has avoided the public glare for a long time, as the shooting requires long hours of work, leaving him with very little time to interact with the media. He has also not been active on the social media, which is rare for him. Perhaps Bradley wants to keep things under wraps till the producers of the movie decide to come out with more information eventually. He was seen recently at a movie premiere in NYC.


The curls are rather feminine. But surprisingly, they do not take away the raw masculine appeal which Bradley is known for. He is still looking as macho as ever, even with his entire hair breaking out in curls. Bradley accessorized his look with some awesome shades, which definitely made him look like a star.

We are sure that Bradley’s new look is going to win him a lot of new fans. His hairstyle is sure to appeal to a lot of people. It will give him the popularity he seeks.

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