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Brad Paisley and LL Cool Jay Involved in a Controversial Song

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Brad Paisley and LL Cool Jay Involved in a Controversial Song


Both Brad Paisley and LL Cool J have made quite a name in the music industry. The rappers have been a part of some major collaboration, and have succeeded in making their fans asking for more. However their latest song, “Accidental Racist”, has got the whole world talking about it. This has become rather controversial in terms of sentiments. It is certain to shock whoever listens to it. If Brad and LL were looking for a way to grab attention, they have certainly found a way to do so.


LL Cool J and Brad Paisley have sung this song to spread awareness on racism, as they feel this is a very topical issue. It talks about a conversation between a black rapper in New York City and a white southern rapper. Southern people have traditionally been known to be racists. This song is meant to show that racism is not desirable, and that, it does not help anybody achieve much in life.


One of the most important lessons learnt is that it is not wise to be judgmental. Both rappers agree in the end that the best way to live in peace and harmony is by accepting each other’s differences. This can be achieved by not judging the other person. The song has been well received in northern part of the US. But it is still unclear how the southerners are going to receive it. It is actually a dig at the southern people, which is why it may not be allowed to run for too long there.

This is of course not the first controversial song brought out by this duo. The two have managed to shock people with their crazy lyrics many times. However Accidental Racist is the first song from LL Cool Jay and Brad Paisley that touches on the subject of racism. Brad’s character in the song walks into a nightclub wearing a printed shirt. It has thus been interpreted as a reflection of the styles and mannerisms of the southern people.

We hope that the song is well accepted all over the world and teaches people a thing or do about racism. We live in a divided world. Such songs can only improve things.

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