Jay-Z and Beyonce got married in 2008 and they have enjoyed equally successful careers in both music and business. Beyonce has been as an ambassador for several brands including Tommy Hilfiger and L'Oreal. She has won 17 Grammies, sold over 75 million records worldwide that include her work in destiny's child and enjoyed quite a successful acting career. The 31 year old has starred in several movies such as The Fighting Temptations, Dreamgirls and Cadillac records. She has joined the Gucci's Chime for Change campaign, an organization that creates awareness and raises funds to address women's issues all over the world. On the other hand, Jay-Z whose career started in 1995, has earned his fortune from being a co-founder of roc-nation, co-creator of Rocawear, co-owner of the 40-40 club, shares in the nets basketball and former CEO of Def Jam records. Jay-z has also sold over 50 million records worldwide. Their daughter Blue Ivy Carter was born on 7th January 2012.

Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z)

Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z) was born in Brooklyn, New York on 4th December 1969. He is worth $ 450 million with his main sources of wealth being music and entrepreneurship. He has one child (Blue Ivy Carter) with his wife Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. His career in music started in 1999 when he, Damon "Dame" Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke created Roc-A-Fella Records. Jay-z released his first music album "Reasonable Doubt" in 1996.

Jay-Z's annual earnings (last six years)

2012- $38 million2011- $37 million2010- $63 million2009- $35 million2008- $82 million2007- $83 million

Tours and concerts

His "Watch the Throne Tour" with Kanye West in 2011 earned over 48.3 million whereas his Blueprint 3/Fall tour grossed over $1 million per concert. In 2008, his "Heart of the City Tour" with Mary J. Blige in 2008 earned over $34.2 million.


Jay-Z has endorsement deals with Hewlett-Packard, Reebok, DJ Hero, Rhapsody, and Google Nexus.

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3 Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born in Houston, Texas on 4th September 1981. She rose to fame and stardom as the lead vocalist of Destiny's Child, which was very successful with its four platinum album (Destiny's Child-2001, Survivor -2001, The writings on the wall-1999 and Destiny Fulfilled -2004). Her main source of wealth is music and her net worth stands at $300 million. While still enjoying the success under Destiny's child, she explored several film projects including "Austin Powers in Gold member', and "Carmen-A hip opera". Other movies include "Obsessed"-2009 and "Dreamgirls"-2006. Beyonce released her first solo album "Dangerously in love" in 2003. "Dangerously in love" sold 317,000 copies in the first week and earned her 5 Grammy awards. Other albums include; "B'day", "I Am… Sasha Fierce" was released in 2008 and "4" in 2011.

Beyonce's annual earnings (Last six years)

2012- $40 million2011- $35 million2010- $87 million2009- $87 million2008- $80 million2004- $23 million


(2002) Austin Powers in gold Member- $3 million(2003) Fighting Temptations- $1.5 Million

Beyonce's tours and concerts

2009-2010 -"I am…. Tour"- 119.5 Million (108 shows each earning approximately $ 1.1)2007 - "The Beyonce Experience" worldwide tour- earned her $ 90 million from 97 shows.

Endorsements and business ventures

Beyonce's endorsement deals earn her $10 million annually. These deals are with; PepsiCo, L'Oreal, DirecTV, Vizio, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, Samantha Thavasa Handbags, General Mills, Crystal Geyser, Giorgio Armani and Nintendo Co. Beyonce partnered with her mother in 2005 to create the "House of Deréon" fashion line. Macy's sold approximately $3 million worth of her first perfume "Heat" in the first three months.

2 Jay-Z future plans

Details have emerged that Jay-Z plans to drop his ownership in the Nets in a bid to become a representative agent for NBA players. This is linked to a report that his Roc nation business plans to collaborate with CAA (Creative Arts Agency) on this new business venture. However, this venture cannot be undertaken due to his ownership and affiliation with NBA specifically the Nets. Therefore, he has to drop his stake in the Nets in order to venture in the new business. The details were released through a report and song produced by Swiss Beats just before he and his wife left for Cuba.

1 Jay-Z and Beyonce: First music couple billionaire

Despite being one of the most powerful couples in showbiz, recent reports indicate that the couple is now the reigning champion on the financial side too. Jay-Z and Beyonce have become music's first billionaire couple. Beyonce's current world tour and recent collaborations with H&M and Pepsi are expected push their net worth as a couple above one billion dollars. Beyonce will make at least $116 million from "The Mrs. Carter Show tour" which just started in Serbia. On the other hand, her earnings from Pepsi and H&M are also in millions. Meanwhile , as co-owner of the 40-40 club in New York, jayz has earned millions and will earn more once he sells his 1% ownership shares with the Brooklyn Nets.


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