Beyonce and Jay Z Have Been Blasted for Their Trip to Cuba

Politicians from the Democratic Party have lodged their strong protest. They say that women are being jailed and beaten up for no reason in Cuba. Holidaying in Cuba at this time is thus extremely insensitive. It was also said that the couple ought to educate themselves on the human rights violations that are taking place in the country. They should have done this before spending their anniversary there. It is unclear why Jay Z and Beyonce chose Cuba over so many other possible destinations.

The rapper and his wife initially did not succeed in grabbing much attention when they visited all the major historical places in the country. They were allowed to dine quite peacefully at the restaurants they visited. The locals somehow failed to perceive that this was one of the better known celebrity couples.

This is of course not the first time Beyonce Knowles in particular have courted trouble. The singer recently declared herself to be a feminist, saying that she strongly believed in this. She proved herself to be quite a hypocrite, when she sang “Bow Down” before an audience, and released it as a part of the Mrs. Carter album. The song has extremely misogynistic lyrics, which show that Beyonce is perfectly okay with anti-feminist content and words.

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Beyonce and Jay Z Have Been Blasted for Their Trip to Cuba