Amanda Bynes Crazy About Drake

Amanda has recently tweeted that she wants the Canadian rapper Drake to murder her vagina. This is outrageous. It seems that Amanda has gone completely berserk. Even Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga do not make such outlandish statements. The reality television star has gone a bit too far this time. We wonder how her friends and family are going to respond to this.

It is well known that Amanda has a serious crush on Drake. It seems she seriously wants the man to pay attention to her. Tough luck for Amanda, because Drake has many stunning beauties lined up. He is known to be quite a player.

Drake should know that Amanda is not always in the right frame of mind. Quite often, she does not know what she is saying. That can be an embarrassment. Close friends say that often Amanda would do these things on impulse. She will not care of how the public perceives her words or actions. We don’t know whether Amanda suffers from a mental illness. Close friends have however suggested that she seek professional help to sort things out.

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Amanda Bynes Crazy About Drake