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Adele Refuses to Create a Memoir

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Adele Refuses to Create a Memoir


Adele has apparently turned down a proposal by Harper Collins to do a memoir. She was a good choice because Adele has a number of Grammy awards to her credit and even an Oscar for the soundtrack of “Sky Fall”. Adele is not as ambitious as most other artists her age, and is happy to stay away from the limelight when she is not actively pursuing music as a career. She has stage fright as well. It is only her passion for music and singing that has helped her create a niche in the entertainment industry. Adele would not be caught dead in a ditch in the limelight. She would rather spend her time away from the camera.


Adele just turned down a deal that was worth a lot of money. It took her a lot of strength to say no to this. Clearly she is made up of very stern stuff and can resist temptations. It has been some time since we have seen her on the stage. She is taking a break from singing, and is happy to stay at home. Adele is now the mother of a child with a mystery name, and remains content with her unconventional lifestyle.


Adele has made a huge mark in the singing industry with her powerful voice and her even more powerful lyrics. Her songs are well known for their social themes, and the way she represents them. Her singing style is different from many others in showbiz, both in the United Kingdom and in the US. Adele recently shifted to the US with her son and partner. Adele made the move because she believes that there will be more opportunities for her in the US.

Adele is somebody who will probably never focus on money. She in instead interested in quality singing projects, and to do better as a musician. Her new country is excited to have her. Adele will surely soon be seen doing new ventures. But a memoir is not on the cards. Adele is quite adamant about this and will not let this transpire, even though the money promised by Harper Collins ran into seven figures. She is happy with what she’s got.

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