6 Strange Things People Have Done To Avoid Getting Married

When a man proposes to a woman, he assumes she will say yes, they will get married and they will live happily ever after. Sometimes, though, the man gets cold feet, ceremonies get postponed or even the bride-to-be will “chicken out” of going through with the marriage.  On the rare occasion, there are a few people who just don’t know what to do to get out of the wedding, so they will come up with some rather strange ideas to avoid walking down the aisle. There is the bride who thinks of their “perfect day” when getting married, and wants everything to be flawless. She makes sure that she has the ideal dress, the best invitations and makes sure that the cake is made to perfection. Sometimes she spends so much time worrying about the wedding itself, that she doesn't think too much about the man she is marrying and after some consideration, she will back out of getting married. Then there is the man who does not think things through while proposing, and will withdraw the proposal soon after. Last but not least, there are the people who decided they did not want to get married until the very last second, and instead of just being open and honest about not wanting to go through with the wedding, came up with some rather bizarre ideas to get out of marrying their potential spouse.

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6 He Called Her by the Wrong Name

Zhao Lei, the groom, tried to marry his fiancé in China during a Western-style ceremony.  While the bride was standing in her wedding gown staring at her groom-to-be, Lei politely asked, “Xiao Ling, will you marry me,” thinking that it was extremely romantic. The only problem was that Xiao Ling was his ex-girlfriend who moved to another country, and she was not the woman standing in front of him. Zhao Ting was the one he was supposed to be marrying, and she slapped him in the face and ran out of the church, throwing down her wedding ring. Technically, they were already married and Zhao Ting had to convince a judge to grant a divorce to the couple shortly after.

5 She Killed Her Fiancé On Their Wedding Day

August 11, 2012 should have been the happiest day of Na Cola Franklin’s life. Instead, it ended up being the day she brutally murdered the man she was going to marry. Billy Rafael Brewster was engaged to Na Cola and reportedly was arguing with Na Cola over trivial matters. The couple had two children together, who were also in the home, when the fight escalated. According to reports, Na Cola had not slept in several days and was upset over the matters of the wedding. They were to have been wed at 10:00 on the morning that Na Cola ended up stabbing her groom-to-be, with the children present. Relatives showed up from out of town, expecting a wedding, but found out that Rafael had been murdered. Na Cola was sentenced to life in prison.

4 He Set Fire to the Hotel Instead of Telling His Fiancé He Was Already Married


In 2009, Tatsuhiko Kawata of Japan, had already been married for fifteen years when he proposed to another woman. He had been dating this other woman for about three years when he “popped the question.” Tatsuhiko promised to marry his fiancé at the Risonare Hotel in Hokuto, in October 2009, while he was still married to his previous wife. He did not get a divorce, did not tell his current girlfriend, and did not call off the wedding. Instead, he decided to burn down the hotel where the wedding was supposed to have taken place. He pleaded guilty, but tried to get out of it by telling the judge that no one got hurt in the process. Surely his fiancé had a quite different opinion on that matter.

3 Man Calls In a Bomb Threat

Neil McCardle decided to be the “perfect groom” and make the preparations for his wedding himself. He had a to-do list, but didn't bother to check it until the night before the wedding. Unfortunately, St. George’s Hall in Liverpool (where the wedding was supposed to take place) was not available, and there was another wedding already occurring at that location. Upon realizing that he had made a mistake and did not go through the proper paperwork regarding the place he was to be wed, he did the only thing that (he thought) he could do. He called in a fake bomb threat to the local police station on the morning he was said to get married. They (of course) evacuated  the building, and his bride-to-be was left standing outside in her wedding gown, along with all of the guests and wedding party. Neil was arrested after telling the police that he was the one who called in the fake bomb treat, and was jailed for twelve months. Surprisingly, his fiancé ended up staying with him, and they are still together.

2 The Runaway Bride

Jennifer Wilbanks was engaged to marry John Mason, in April 2005, but mysteriously vanished as the wedding day approached. Her wedding day was supposed to have been on April 30, 2005, in Diluth Georgia, but Jennifer disappeared on April 26 of that same year.  A nationwide search began on that same day, with the media having everyone think that something had happened to her, even accusing the fiancé of wrongdoings. On April 29, one day before the wedding date, John received a phone call from Jennifer, telling him that she had been kidnapped. She claimed that a Hispanic man and a white woman had taken her and she was sexually assaulted. Shortly after Jennifer was found, the accusations were found to be fabricated and she was arrested for filling out false police reports and lying to the police. She did not go to jail, but did receive probation and community service for her antics. John Mason fell in love with someone else and was married in 2008, in an intimate ceremony at his parents' house.

1 Man Faked His Own Death

Alex Lancaster thought she found the man of her dreams while attending college in Connecticut. Alex was 23 years old, and met Tucker Blandford in August 2012, whom she quickly fell in love with after knowing him for a short time. He seemed to treat her like a princess at first, celebrating every month that they were together, buying her nice gifts and even proposing after a short time. When Alex went back to her hometown in England, she thought she would be moving to the United States permanently after marriage, so she bought a dress and some other things needed for the big day, including invitations and plane tickets. Tucker had told her that he booked a venue for the two to wed, and she was excited about the big day.

Shortly before the two were to get married, Alex received a phone call from a man pretending to be Tucker’s father. He informed Alex that Tucker had been extremely depressed and threw himself in front of a bus. Alex found out shortly after that it was untrue, and that Tucker was alive and well, but just did not want to get married and apparently thought that this was the only way he could get out of it. She also found out that he never even booked the place where they were supposed to get married, and never even told his mother about the engagement, whom Alex had become close to. His mother just thought that they had broken up. Alex ended up suing Tucker for $1200 for the dress and other expenses, and now runs her own business creating wedding favors.

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