5 U.S. Cities With The Happiest Workers in 2014

While the term 'job' usually denotes a duty that's more often than not performed due to obligation rather than for pleasure, job satisfaction and a work-life balance are attainable goals. Of course, there are a number of elements that make your place of work both satisfying and enjoyable: healthy relationships with coworkers, good compensation, and an overall supportive work environment.

The aspiration to work in a place that we enjoy, fulfilling a duty from which we can take satisfaction, is often a goal worth chasing as we build work experience and put up with less than ideal situations in search of the job position that's our best fit. For those who might groan at the thought of going to work every morning, rest assured - you're not a slim minority. Studies show that globally there are twice as many unhappy employees as those who actually enjoy their jobs.

Gallup, a research and polling organization based in Washington, DC, conducted a poll that surveyed places of work in 142 countries from 2011 through 2012 and determined that only 13 percent of employees polled were engaged in their work and passionate about what they do, and sincerely felt they were productive and essential members of the company or organization for which they work. A full 87 percent of those surveyed were ascertained to be disengaged from their place of work and less productive and dedicated to their job roles because of it.

It's clear that a stronger sense of personal investment in accomplishing job duties correlates with how much an individual enjoys having the duty itself. So what comes to mind when we think of a happy work atmosphere? And where in the world are employees the happiest? The online job board Careerbliss analyzed the essential factors that keep workers in the US happy: a supportive work environment with positive relationships with coworkers, the nature of job duties, and the rate of compensation, are just some of the elements they took into account when rating the US cities with the happiest workers. Having already examined the 5 US Cities With The Unhappiest Workers in 2014, we're now looking, more optimistically, at 2014's top 5 happiest cities for workers in America.

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5 Salt Lake City, Utah: 3.840

Salt Lake City, Utah has a population of 189,314 and it’s the fifth happiest city to be an employee based on Careerbliss’ job satisfaction survey. The most common occupations for men and women alike in Salt Lake City are in the construction, healthcare, and educational services industries.

4 Las Vegas, Nevada: 3.891

Who knew one of America’s top touristic cities also happens to be the fourth happiest place to work? Las Vegas is world famous for its nightlife, making it a dream destination for many travelers. Apparently, it’s also home to some of America’s happiest workers. Unsurprisingly, the most common job industries in Las Vegas are in service, food and accommodations, and entertainment.

3 San Francisco, CA: 3.925

San Francisco, the pride of the Golden State, is home to a population of 825,863 and apart from a cultural hub, it’s the third happiest city for workers. The most common job industry in San Francisco falls in the professional sector, with managers, business operation specialists, software developers, and computer programmers among the most common occupations.

2 Washington, DC: 3.927

The nation’s capital ranks as the second happiest city for employees. There’s a population of 632,323 in Washington, DC and, of course, the most common job industries here are in the professional, scientific, and technical industries, as well as in the field of public administration. It's certainly not in the country’s best interest to mistreat its best and brightest, so DC's competitive salaries and numerous job perks (as well as ample opportunities for growth) mean that a career in Washington, DC promises to keep employees happy. But interns are another story…

1 San Jose, California: 3.931

Coming in at number one, San Jose, California is the happiest of all US cities to work. The city is the third largest in California and is part of Silicon Valley, the south bay area of San Francisco, home to some of the world’s biggest tech companies and a large number of start-ups. There’s a population of 982,765 in San Jose and the most common occupations here are in the technology and professional sectors. Residents of San Jose also have the highest disposable income in the US. It may be the supportive atmosphere and accommodating work environments of young start-up companies that keep employees happy - or it might just be the sunshine.

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