5 of the Most Beautiful Royal Consorts in History

Behind every great man, there is a great woman. This famous quote has made itself known in our daily lexicon for quite some time now. There is truth to it, especially in relation to world leaders. Every leader, especially long ruling monarchs have had the burden of statesmanship to handle. Their often very beautiful wives have been there to share the load, to offer support and comfort, not to just the monarch himself, but to the people he governs. In their breathtaking beauty, Royal consorts have played a larger role than thought in the well being of their nations. Their beauty inspiring citizens to take to great causes championed by the consorts, and uplifting the spirits of entire nations in times of great strife.


7 Queen Geraldine of Albania

The story of Queen Geraldine of Albania has like many of her royal and noble kin of the post WWI era, a touch of tragedy. Born to Hungarian nobility, her family lost the entire fortune when her nation ended up on the losing end of the war. Maintained solely by their noble title, Geraldine had to work for a living at a museum gift shop in Budapest. As fate would have it, her fortunes were about to change. In 1937, the King of Albania, a rather eccentric and mysterious figure, had seen her picture and fell head over heels for the baby-faced Geraldine and requested a meeting. The shy and nervous Geraldine accepted. The meeting was a smashing success, as the debonair and older by twenty years King charmed the somewhat naive and sweet natured Geraldine. Both noble and royal families decided to proceed with the eventual wedding. In April of 1938 she was elevated to Queen Geraldine of Albania after marrying King Zog. Her joy was to be quite short lived as exactly a year later, Italy's Mussolini invaded Albania and deposed the King. What followed was a life of exile and enduring pain of not being able to return to her adopted homeland.

6 Princess Soraya of Iran



Princess Soraya of Iran is the epitome of Persian beauty. Born to to a noble family, Soraya spent her early years being educated in London and Switzerland. Her beauty captivated the Iranian community abroad and in 1948 she was introduced to the Shah of Iran. He too came under her spell and almost immediately proposed marriage to her. After given a few days to think it over, Soraya accepted the Shah's proposal. Her wedding becoming a centerpiece of Royal pomp and splendor. The bride and groom receiving gifts from illustrious foreign dignitaries like Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, U.S. President Harry Truman and Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, the joy for Soraya would not last long. She was found to be infertile and the Shah, despite his modernization efforts in the country, was forced by the more conservative elements of his Parliament to divorce her and marry again to produce an heir.

4 Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan


Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan is one of the rarer Royal consorts, as she is a commoner who married the King of Bhutan. Not just one of non-royal blood but still involved in the glamorous limelight, like say Grace Kelly, Pema on the other hand is a rather humble Queen consort who tends to shy away from the media and focus on the various Royal charities she has been tasked with aiding and promoting. Though very well educated, Queen Jetsun Pema keeps with the tradition of Bhutan, measuring success based on happiness not on scholastic and financial achievements only. Because of her gentle beauty and her soft spoken demeanor in her methods to improve the lives of ordinary Bhutanese citizens, Queen Jetsun Pema has quickly won over the public and become very popular in the country.

3 Queen Rania of Jordan



Queen Rania of Jordan's elegant beauty is second to none, carrying herself with great sophistication and grace. Like all beauties, she enthralled the socialite scene with her presence. This great combination of beauty and brains soon caught the eye of Prince Abdullah of Jordan. They met at social function in 1993, and barely two months later, the King, like all men hypnotized by the beauty of smart and elegant women proposed marriage. Through her beautiful mind as well as face, Queen Rania has managed to help negotiate hard issues her husband, now King of Jordan has faced. Being located in an almost perpetual tinderbox of political and tribal tensions, Jordan is in a precarious position. When Arab Spring protests reached her country, it was Queen Rania's elegant beauty that defused the situation, personally meeting protesters and even serving them juice. This soft approach managed to win over a great deal of the protesters who as a result decided to sit down with the King and iron out their differences with him.

1 Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco


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