12 People That Won the Lottery...More Than Once!

There is an old saying that says the odds of getting struck by lightning are better than the odds of winning the lottery. Depending on the game you play, your odds of getting a major prize can be as l

There is an old saying that says the odds of getting struck by lightning are better than the odds of winning the lottery. Depending on the game you play, your odds of getting a major prize can be as low as 1 to 2.1 Million (we use the term "low" very loosely) for a small state lotto, or as high as 1 to 175 Million for a game like Powerball.

Despite beating such ridiculous odds, some people have gone on to do the seemingly impossible and win the lottery a number of times. Sometimes it's just dumb luck, other times the winners invest a sizeable portion of their past winnings into more lottery tickets, exponentially increasing their odds of an additional win. Other times, it's just determination and repetition, like playing the same numbers in the same game, every week. Regardless of the method, these folks have seemingly captured lightning in a bottle.

12 Joan Ginther


In 2010, Joan Ginther scratched away at her $50 "$140 Million Extreme Payout" lottery ticket to reveal a whopping $10 Million prize. This is the moment that most lotto players live for, but for Joan Ginther, it was just business as usual. Her new $10 Million was her fourth big lottery win. This big win was preceded with three other wins - a $5.3 Million Texas Lotto win in 1993, a $2 Million win in 2006, and a $3 Million win in 2008.

11 Richard Lustig


For Richard Lustig, winning the lottery is just as normal an occurrence as getting out of bed in the morning. Well, not exactly, but he has racked up an impressive seven wins. Though none of Lustig's wins are multi-million dollar wins, he has racked up total winnings that have clipped the $1 Million dollar mark.

Lustig says he uses a tried and true method that he calls "the winning lottery method" (hey, no one said he was creative). Lustig takes a chunk of his winnings and puts them right back into lottery tickets. He also saves his losing tickets as one can write them off on their taxes.

10 Calvin and Zatera Spencer


Just a handful of months ago, Calvin and Zatera Spencer hit it big with a $1 Million Power Ball winner, but this was only the beginning of a three-fold win streak within a three week time period. They followed up the first big win with a $50,000 prize total across 10 winning Fantasy 4 tickets just two weeks later.

9 Robert Hamilton


Robert Hamilton of Indiana beat the odds and hit one of eight top prizes in the Hoosier Lottery in just three months.

8 Kenneth Stokes


7 Ernest Pullen


In June of 2010, a Bonne Terre, Missouri man named Ernest Pullen won $1 Million after purchasing a scratch-off ticket. Ernest was a retired military man but continued to work at a help desk for a telecommunications company. After winning the big prize, he decided to retire for good. Then, on the following September, Pullen purchased another scratch-off ticket and ended up with a $2 Million dollar prize. According to Missouri Lottery officials, Pullen was the first person ever to win million dollar prizes on two occasions in the history of the Missouri Lottery.

6 Mary Riedel 


The average person usually buys a scratch-off lottery ticket at the gas station/convenience store to have something else to do while they're paying for their fuel. Not many expect to hit it big, but they do think it might be nice if the ticket would pay for their current purchases. Mary Riedel of Brunswick, Ohio won't ever have to worry about paying for gas again. Within one year's time, Mary hit a $50,000 win on a scratch-off ticket. Not long after, Mary purchased another scratch-off ticket (at the same store!) and hit a $100,000 win.

5 Virginia Fike


Virginia Fike of Virginia (weird, right?) recently pulled the lottery impossible. Virginia won the $1 Million prize twice - in the same day!

4 Racy Pel


Racy Pel had a routine of purchasing about $20 in lottery tickets every so often since a percentage of the sales go into schools. He never expected to win and always played the same numbers - some birthdays, anniversaries, and a few "lucky numbers." Not only did Pel win a $32,000 prize from his tickets purchased on December 18, 2013, but he also won the $50 Million jackpot on the same day.

3 James Bozeman Jr.


James Bozeman of Tallahasse, Florida didn't just win a couple of big prizes; he won a multi-million dollar jackpot two years in a row. The first win was a $10 Million prize that he followed up with a $3 Million prize.

Bozeman says after he won the first time he didn't think he'd ever hit again with the lucky numbers he always played, so he picked a second entirely different set. He's now picked a third set in hopes of another jackpot win.

2 Stephen and Terri Weaver


1 Bill Morgan


This lottery win isn't that big, but it's most definitely the most amazing lottery story ever told.

Bill Morgan, a truck driver in Melbourne, Australia, was in a terrible accident and suffered a fatal heart attack. He was pronounced dead for 14 minutes, but was miraculously resuscitated. After spending 12 days in a coma, the family was considering pulling the plug on life support...and then Bill woke up, with all his facilities intact.

A year later, Morgan purchases a $17,000 winning lottery ticket shortly after becoming engaged to his girlfriend. Due to his impressive string of luck, the local news decided to film Morgan purchasing another ticket - it was a $170,000 winner.

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12 People That Won the Lottery...More Than Once!