10 U.S. Cities Where You're Most Likely To Find Love

When you get caught up in the busy, bustling rhythm of city life, love can often be the very last thing on your mind. Finding a partner is growing more and more difficult in the U.S., according to researchers. Indeed, it appears that people are postponing getting into a serious relationship, preferring to follow ambitious career paths and individualised lifestyles as they search for the ideal mate.

New York is often praised as the city of love, the place where romantic affairs flourish in coffee shops or in Central Park. However, it seems that New York is in fact one of the cities in which people are the least likely to find love alongside San Francisco, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Our list ranks the best American cities to find love from least likely to most likely. It is based on a report that was carried out by researchers at Facebook Inc. that compared the number of Facebook users identifying as 'Single' at the beginning of October 2013, with the number who declared themselves 'In a Relationship' by the end of the month.

Facebook has advantageous access to a wealth of up-to-date personal data which it is difficult for any other data services to collect in such a comprehensive way. With more and more users signing up to Facebook every day, their user analyses only become more accurate as time goes on. So if you're looking for love in America, Facebook's reliable research suggests these cities may be the ideal places to be. . .

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10 Phoenix, Arizona

More than just the climate is hot in Phoenix, Arizona: with 30% of the population identifying as 'Single', it is an ideal place to slip into a relationship, according to Facebook Inc. researchers. Phoenix has a fast growing up-and-coming music and arts scene, making it an ideal spot for socialising. Vocativ has also ranked Phoenix as the 10th most livable city in the U.S. for people under 35, making it a great place to meet that special someone and settle down.

9 Cincinnati, Ohio

With almost a 50-50 male to female ratio, everyone can find love in Cincinnati. The city has one of the highest numbers of singles with 43% of Facebook users identifying as 'Single'. Cincinnati's culture has been influenced by its history of German and Irish immigration, as well as its geographical position on the border of the Southern United States and Midwestern United States. It is an exciting, sociable city to be in with festivals taking place all year round. To boot, people tend to take care of themselves in Cincinnati: in 2013 it was ranked as the 13th fittest U.S. city by the American College of Sports Medicine magazine.

8 Tucson, Arizona 

If you are single and living in Tucson, Arizona, you won't be the only one. The city has a rate of 35% singles. The city is home to the University of Arizona, but is much more than just a college town. With a median age of 32, Tucson is inhabited by families and seniors as well as students. However, Tucson draws on many of the benefits of a college town, offering cheap rent, cheap takeout, and cheap drinks around town. The relatively small traffic flow and cyclability of the city make for a relaxed city vibe.

7 Indianapolis, Indiana 

31% of Indianapolis's inhabitants are single. The city prides itself on its rich cultural heritage and is becoming increasingly pedestrianised and cyclable. The city's good livability and vibrancy make Indianapolis an agreeable place to live and to play the dating game. It's atmosphere and mentality are geared towards sociable living: all year round theatre, music, arts and film festivals take place, as well as a Midwest Fashion Week.

6 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

With a median age of 34, many of Oklahoma City's residents are young, single and ready to mingle. With 95 males to every 100 females, the odds of pairing-up are almost perfect. No longer the sleepy town that it was of old, the city is student-friendly and rich in cultural and sporting events. The city offers the beautiful Myriad Botanical Gardens that lie at the heart of the city and give it a relaxed, tranquil vibe. An active nightlife guarantees a number of ideal spots to meet your other half.

5 San Antonio, Texas 

San Antonio is the second most populated city in Texas, and the state's 3rd best city for finding love. For every 100 females there are 93.5 males . As a military stronghold, traditional family values and long-lasting relationships are largely practised throughout the city. The city is one of Texas's most popular tourist destinations. It is a vibrant place to be: numerous festivals take place in the city throughout the year, celebrating both American and Hispanic culture. With over 100, 000 students, the city has a young population - 32 is the median age of San Antonio's inhabitants.

4 Fort Worth, Texas

With an almost perfect ratio of 97.3 males over the age of 18 to 100 women, Fort Worth is a city that lends itself particularly well to coupledom. The median age in the city is 31 and 39% of citizens are single. Known as 'The City of Cowboys and Culture' Fort Worth has begun to focus more and more on its blossoming arts scene over the past years. Home to the world's largest rodeo and a number of theatres, museums and music venues, Fort Worth's nightlife is full of opportunities for finding love.

3 Louisville, Kentucky

With five universities, a community college, and a number of business and technical schools, Louisville has a large proportion of young singles walking its streets. The city's median age is 37 years old, with a ratio of 87 men to every 100 women - so odds are good for single men here. Louisville's love of competitive college sports encourage a local sense of community and interaction. Moreover, a thriving indie music scene makes for an animated nightlife and sociable lifestyle - full of opportunities of meeting 'the one'.

2 El Paso, Texas

The West Texas city El Paso is a prime location for coupling up. Located on the Rio Grande, just over the border from Mexico, El Paso is an important U.S. military city. Fort Bliss, for example, is one of the largest national army military complexes, and is the biggest training area in the country. The strong military presence in the city is thought to increase adherence to traditional values, and thus to encourage long-lasting relationships among its people.

1 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is the number one city for singles looking for love, with residents coupling up in committed relationships at the highest rate of all U.S. cities. A ranking of 48% of the population identifying as 'single' means a promising range of choice in partners. A strong military community in the city (home to the U.S. Air Force Academy), as well as devout religious circles, are distinguished as one of the main reasons for this - instilling traditional tradition and familial values as central to the city’s social fabric. As a college town and a prime location for outdoor sporting, the lifestyle is young, dynamic and social. A thriving downtown bar scene and the beautiful location of the city (with a snowy Rocky Mountain backdrop) only help encourage the city’s air of romance.

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