When Spouses Attack! 10 Crazy Married Murderers

As any married couple knows, there are days when you could absolutely WRING THE NECK of your partner! How could you have married someone so ridiculous? Don’t they use those tiny pea-brains in their heads? Ughhhh!

For most people, that’s about as far as it goes, then the storm passes and you see the good in your partner once again. But for some people, the storm DOESN’T pass, the anger and frustration just festers and becomes something much larger and much darker. When this darkness manifests itself, it can be an incredibly creative force of destruction. When people kill their spouses, they can come up with some of the most elaborate plans, things regular people could probably never dream up. Sometimes they kill to get insurance money, or to free themselves up for a potential relationship, or sometimes because they’re just really pissed off and bitter. Just see if you could possibly come up with ideas like the ones on this list!

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10 Della Hall-Sutorius

Via nbcnews.com

On February 19, 1996, Darryl Sutorius was shot in the head and discovered in his basement, but because of the orientation of the wound, police had trouble determining whether it was self-inflicted or not. Dr. Sutorius was the fifth husband of one Della Hall-Sutorius and it was discovered that she had been accused of various death threats to former boyfriends and husbands. Because of the fact that a large amount of cocaine was discovered at the crime scene, Della’s history of violence and abuse, the fact that she stated to others that “if you marry a rich man and he dies, you get his money” to the victims relatives, and the fact that gunshot residue was found on her hands the day of the crime, Della was sentenced to life in prison. She died of natural causes while incarcerated at the ripe old age of 60.

9 Dr. John Boyle

Via dispatch.com

Wife and mother Noreen Boyle was keenly aware of the fact that her husband, Dr. John “Jack” Boyle was cheating on her, and she had finally had enough. In 1989, a few weeks before she was murdered, she filed for divorce. The fateful night that her life was taken, she and Jack got into a fight. Her 12-year-old son heard her scream, but didn’t see her again after that. Within a month, Jack moved to a house he had very recently purchased with his then lover, who was also pregnant, and had posed as his spouse at the house signing. Police found Noreen’s body in the freshly poured basement of the new home and determined that the night of the murder, Jack had suffocated her, wrapped her in a tarp and buried her in the basement. The Doctor was denied parole in 2010, and won’t be eligible again until 2020 when he will be 77.

8 Brynn Omdahl

Via nydailynews.com

Phil Hartman, hilarious deadpan comedian of Saturday Night Live fame was home on the evening of May 27, 1998 with his wife Brynn. She had drug addiction issues in the past and was considering starting up again. Phil told her that  if she took drugs again it would be the last straw and he would divorce her. Brynn left the house in a fit of anger and Phil went to bed. Brynn returned to their home after becoming intoxicated on alcohol and cocaine, walked into their bedroom with a handgun, and shot Phil twice in the head and another time in the body. She drove to a friend’s house and confessed to him what happened, but at first he didn’t believe her. They drove together back to the Hartman residence and upon seeing the body, the friend grabbed the kids, got them out of the house and called 911. Brynn, in a fit of drunken remorse, locked herself in the bedroom and killed herself as well. Brynn’s brother filed a wrongful death suit against Pfizer stating that her dependence on Zoloft deprived her of the capacity to control her already fiery temper.

7 Graham Backhouse

Via flickr.com

Threatening notes had been found on the farm of Graham Backhouse, situated near a small town in England. Graham reported that his neighbors in the community were not too fond of him, but until something concrete happened, police couldn’t do much to help him. When his wife Margaret climbed into the family car on April 9th, 1984, the car exploded, leaving her with serious injuries that almost claimed her life. All indications pointed to Graham as the intended victim, and a panic button was installed on the Backhouse property. 21 days after the car bombing, Graham pressed the button. Police found him covered in knife wounds and crying over the body of his neighbor, Mr. Bedale-Taylor, who was dead from a shotgun blast to the chest. He said Taylor came over, accused him of causing the death of Taylor’s son some years earlier, confessed to setting the bomb, and then attacked him with a knife. Backhouse had shot him in self-defense. Forensic evidence indicated that the scene was much more sinister. The defensive wounds he received could have only been self-inflicted and Taylor couldn’t have died holding the knife due to the blood on his palm. As it turned out, Margaret’s life insurance had been increased recently, enough so that it would cover Graham’s debt. He had attempted to kill his wife for the insurance money, but when the bomb had failed, he staged a more elaborate plot to turn the police gaze away from him. In 1985 he was given two life-sentences and later died in prison of a heart attack.

6 Larissa Schuster

Via bigstory.ap.org

Larissa and Timothy Schuster married in 1982, had two children, wonderful careers, and seemingly shared the American dream. By 2003, like many marriages, love had waned and Larissa filed for divorce. Larissa told friends that she wished her estranged husband were dead. With the help of a coworker, Larissa lured Tim from his condo, stunned him with a stun gun and knocked him out with chloroform. Even though he was still alive, the duo dumped the unconscious Tim’s body into a 55-gallon drum and poured in hydrochloric acid, then hid the drum in a storage unit. The coworker plead guilty, but claimed he was coerced by the forceful and terrifying Larissa while Larissa claimed the coworker killed Tim and told her afterward. She was sentenced to life without parole.

5 William Bishop

Via crimefeed.com

William Bishop and his wife Annette lived with their three children and his mother Lobelia in Bethesda Maryland in 1976. He was being treated for insomnia and depression, but was hopeful for a big promotion at work. When he found out he did not get the promotion he’d expected, he drove to the hardware store and bought a hammer. After running a few more errands, including putting gas in the family car, he drove home, arriving after his three sons were in bed asleep. Taking the hammer, he first killed his wife, then his old mother, then his three children, all deaths by blunt instrument. He loaded the family in the wagon for one last ride, driving six hours to a remote woody area in North Carolina. There he dug a shallow grave for the bodies, dumped them in and set them all on fire. Bishop then disappeared, which is not terribly unexpected considering he was well-educated on other cultures and able to speak multiple languages. He’s still at large and today would be 78, but the best police can do is say they think he’s somewhere in Italy. So much for a “small world.”

4 Joann Curley

Via serien-killer.blogspot.com

32-year-old Robert Curley began to get sick in 1991, and his wife stuck by his side as his body disintegrated before her very eyes. With a bizarre combination of symptoms, doctors were stumped at the cause of his illness. Doctors tested for heavy metals right before he expired and indeed discovered insanely high levels of thallium in his system, 900 times the lethal dose in fact. But how could he have been exposed to thallium? Well, it was certainly present in the lab where he worked, but investigators found that no one else from the lab had exposure, but his wife and daughter did have mild levels in their system, so the investigation turned towards his home. Thallium was found on two thermoses in the home, and Joann became a suspect, especially when it was discovered she was collecting money from the “accidental death” of her first husband. After a special hair test was conducted on Curley’s remains, police realized he had to have been poisoned, and Joann confessed to killing him by putting rat poison in his thermos over the course of a year and ALSO giving him one final megadose while he was already in the hospital dying.

3 Stella Nickell

Via cnbc.com

You’re always supposed to read the warning labels of any pills you take, but when Bruce Nickell took four Extra-Strength Excedrin for a headache, no warning label would have prepared him for, well, death. Doctors ruled his death as just normal ol’ natural causes. However, when someone else from the same town died after taking Excedrin, the police had to take a second look at what was going on. When the autopsy was performed on the second victim, the doctor found very compelling evidence that she had died of cyanide poisoning. When police studied the bottle of pills, they found 3 pills out of 60 were laced with cyanide. The drug manufacturer did a recall of bottles from the lot where the laced pills were found and Stella Nickell, wife of the first victim came forward with another bottle of tainted product. The two families filed wrongful death suits against the manufacturer, and a mass recall was announced, plus a ban on selling non-prescription meds in the area until the matter was resolved. After Nickell made a strange claim and declined a polygraph test, investigators found that she had forged her husband’s name on insurance documents, argued with doctors’ original ruling of natural causes, told her daughter she wanted Bruce dead, and ultimately tampered with several bottles in the store in an attempt to make it look like a serial killer. Nickell is in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until 2018.

2 Katherine Knight

Via nydailynews.com

John and Katherine Knight moved in together in 1995, along with two of his children from a former marriage, and essentially fell into common-law partnership. The children seemed happy with Katherine and John was making very decent wages, and things seemed to be going very well, apart from some very severe arguments (but everyone fights, right?) In 1998, after a particularly harsh argument over John’s rejection of Katherine’s request to be legitimately married, she acted out and took a video of things John had stolen from work (even though it was just trash), sent the video to his boss, and got him fired from his 17-year job. John kicked her out. They reconnected a few months later, at which time John’s friends told him they wouldn’t speak to him until he dumped her. In February 2000, John didn’t show up for work and a coworker and neighbor came to check on him, only to find blood on the front door. Police discovered that Katherine had stabbed John 37 times, chopped his head off, skinned him and cooked the skin to serve in MEALS TO THE CHILDREN, and his head was found in a pot cooking with vegetables. She was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

1 Richard Crafts

Via glogster.com

In the '80s, beautiful, young Helle Crafts was working as a successful airline attendant and living in Connecticut with her airline pilot husband. Friends were wary of her husband’s temper and she would occasionally insinuate to friends that she thought he might hurt her. She was also painfully aware of Richard’s many extramarital affairs. November 19, 1986 was the last night any of Helle’s friends saw her alive. Three years later, on November 21, 1989, Richard was finally convicted of murdering his wife. What evidence prompted this conviction? Well, it starts with the mix of stories Richard told Helle’s friends and family about her whereabouts, citing a variety of different locations she was said to be. Then, weird purchases on his credit card sparked police interest; new bed dressings, a freezer which was nowhere to be found, and the overnight rental of a wood-chipper…and then a local reported seeing Richard using the chipper around 4am DURING A SNOWSTORM! As you might suspect, investigators discovered lots of BITS of Helle Crafts near where Richard was seen that night, including a tooth, a toenail, 2660 bleach blonde hairs, and other bits of her body. That's right, he had frozen her and then passed his frozen wife through a wood chipper. The case is the inspiration behind the movie Fargo.

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