Trend Alert: 5 Nudity-Themed Reality Shows

You remember the time many eons ago when we actually thought that unscripted reality shows were just a passing fad? Well that era is long gone, and several cable channels like VH1, TLC and Bravo make their bread and butter by inundating their viewers with all kinds of unusual reality programming. It almost seems like the crazier the concept, the better the chance of it getting aired. The newest trend catching steam right now is nudity. Here are 5 Nudity-Themed shows that have already made it to the air.

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5 Dating Naked:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

With all the different dating/courtship shows that have made it to television, it was only a matter of time before one centered on nudity got the green light. This show Dating Naked is brought to you by VH1, and the premise it this: The dater is whisked away to a beautiful remote island and is made to go on 3 naked dates with different suitors. At the end of those dates, they have to choose which date they liked the most and would want to continue dating back in civilization (where being clothed on a date is quite necessary).  It sounds quite crazy to us, but the show seems to be getting very good ratings. It has already been renewed for a second season. Wow – where is television going to head next?

4  Naked And Afraid:

Via: www.youtube.com

Well if you thought that Survivor was tough, the show on the Discovery cable channel called Naked And Afraid is downright terrifying. The premise of this is the following: One man and one woman are stranded somewhere in the remote wilderness – absolutely naked – and are completely exposed to the elements. They have no food and no water, and they are only allowed one personal item each. And get this - these contestants have to survive these severe conditions for a full 21 days! How crazy does that sound?!  The funny thing is that there are probably scores of survivalist enthusiasts who are standing in line to be featured in this show. If this is the type of show you like to watch, check your local listings – it’s already into its 3rd season on the Discovery Cable channel.

3 Buying Naked:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably already come to the realization that some of the most off-the-wall and outright crazy news stories tend to come from Florida. So it’s not such a huge surprise that the TLC show, Buying Naked is shot on location in Pasco Country, Fl. This locale has the highest concentration of nudist communities in the nation. The show follows the life of realtor Jackie Youngblood and shows how she sells properties to buyers who believe in the “clothing optional” dictum. It’s certainly not your average realty reality show like Million Dollar Listings, but it certainly has a unique point of view. Let’s just hope all the wooden deck chairs on this show don’t have any gnarly splinters – that could pose quite a problem with all the bare flesh on display.

2 Naked Vegas:

Via: nakedvegas.com

Another city in the United States where you’re guaranteed to find people living on the fringe and allowing it all to hang out is Las Vegas. It’s no wonder their popular slogan is “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The show Naked Vegas is based on a team of creative and talented body painters who cater to a wide variety of clients with some extremely interesting artistic requests. The finished work of these artists is absolutely mind-blowing. The first season is currently over, and it’s not certain whether Season 2 will get the green light. You can still find full episodes online to see all the naked body painting you’ll ever want to see one lifetime.

1 Naked Castaway:

Via: www.poptower.com

It never ceases to baffle us just how far humans are willing to go to inflict punishment on themselves. Perhaps it’s that innate spirit of adventure and exploration that makes people always want to push themselves to the limit. The mini-series Naked Castaway aired on the Discovery channel and this is what it entailed:  A former British Army captain by the name of Ed Stafford is stranded on an uninhabited Fijian Island with no clothes, no survival tools and no rations. He has to survive for 60 full days in these harsh conditions. It sounds like complete insanity to us. The one thing that Captain Stafford has going in his favor is that he was the first person ever to walk the total length of the Amazon river – so we’re guessing he has some extreme survival tactics up his sleeve.  If you were a fan of Tom Hanks in the Oscar-winning movie Castaway, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.

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