Top 8 Strangest Cellphone Acessories

We love our phones and can't imagine life without them. We might be able to image our lives without some of the strange apps and accessories they have invented for our smartphones, like the app that makes your phone screen look like a glass of beer, that empties as you tip it. We love decking out our phones in blinged-out cases, and adding stickers, screen protectors, straps and charms. Vending machines at malls often offer little plastic characters on cell phone straps for children to lust after. The Richest is going to look at some physical accessories you could buy for your phone, if you wanted to, but you may find them impractical, unnecessary, or downright shocking. Many inventions, such as USB windshield wipers have been reported as existing for cell phone use, but we assure you that all of the items on this list are products you can or at least, could get your hands on.

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8 Wireless Finder Remote

Traditionally made for keys, I am sure you've seen the infomercial for these. You attach a receiver to your easy to lose item (and yes, cell phones are one of those items they list), and when you hit a button on a remote, the receiver beeps loudly (95 decipels), helping you to locate the lost item. Costing around 12 dollars and up, this invention, when used on a cellphone, leaves us asking, why wouldn't you just call your phone and listen for it to ring? Attaching one of these to the T.V. remote, on the other hand, may be a genius idea.

7 Vibrators

Although these are hopefully used as a neck massager, Strapya offers several styles and shapes of battery powered vibrators on cellphone straps. Made by Denma, you can get these tiny vibrators in a variety of novelty designs, shaped like animals, cobs of corn, china dolls, pickles, and anything else you can think of. These little toys retail for $9.80 USD.

6 6.Vials and urns

From sand from your favourite beach, to the ashes of a loved one, vial key chains keep your friends guessing, “What's in there?”. Several companies offer cremation jewellery including little key chain vials, which can be made plain or ornate to house the remains of a beloved person or pet. These vials can be customized in a number of ways, through engravement and additions of mini photos.

5 Lucky Excrement Charm

Available on popular retailer Strapya's website, is an odd amulet. A little golden poop. You can get these charms in a variety of different styles, including one style where they sit an a plastic toilet. Why of all things would this be considered lucky? The Japan Times states that Japanese storytelling is full of them, and that the Japanese word for poop- “unko” is a play on the work “oon” which means luck. These have been a recent trend, and lucky or not, they will definitely draw attention to your mobile phone.

4 Live animals

In 2011 CNN reported live animals such as fish, turtles, and lizards, being sold as cell phone charms. The animals were held in coloured water, which contained crystallized oxygen, allowing the animals to live for up to three days. These sales were especially popular during the Beijing Olympics, when goldfish key chains were sold as unofficial Olympic merchandise (as goldfish symbolize prosperity). Animal rights groups, such as PETA were quick to speak out against these decorations, which sold for around $ 1.50 USD, since there is no way to feed the animal while it is contained in its sack. Several protest groups have worked to make these key chains and cell charms illegal, as China allegedly had no laws protecting these captive pets when this trend first started.

If you are in fact wanting a living, breathing phone charm, that doesn't sacrifice anyone's safety, opt for a mini terrarium key chain with a small succulent like a cupid's heart or baby's necklace inside. These little guys are available on Etsy, and come with instructions for care and watering to keep them cute and healthy.

3 Oversized, overstuffed

Especially in South Korea, it is not uncommon to see cell phone accessories that dwarf the phone they are attached to. Featuring popular plushie forms of Rilakkuma, and Angry Birds, rubber phone cases prevent phones from fitting in pockets, and make them ridiculous to hold. Notably creepy is the Dokkiri hand phone case, which makes it look like you are holding hands with your phone as you hold it. While not in use, this case just looks like a very realistic disembodied hand. It's no wonder cell phone accessories are literally a BIG deal in South Korea, as recently the Wall Street Journal stated that one in five south Korean teens are addicted to using their smartphone. Full sized stuffies adorn cellphones, and anything else you can dream of. In South Korea, it is even common practice for cellphones to be collected by teachers during class so students are unable to access them. Japan also has some interesting phone trends. In Japan, the art of decoden, or phone decoration also takes phones over the top, with 3-d decorations hanging out of silicone swirls.

2 Ghost Detecting Phone Strap

Japanese brand Baketan offers a series of phone straps that are said to not only detect ghosts, but to warn you if the spirit approaching you is evil, and may even be able to play you messages left by spirits (if you speak Japanese, that is). These straps are available in a variety of colours and shapes, the most popular shape being the magatama shape said to reflect the shape of beads seen at tombs. These little contraptions have all kinds of ghost-science poured into them to help you communicate with, and be protected from ghosties, and are even said to be tested by the makers at a shrine, that is well known as being haunted.

1 Hug Robot

An idea that straddles the line between creepy and cute is the Hugvie, a pillow meant to comfort people while they are talking to loved ones on the phone. Designed by a professor at Osaka University, the Hugvie has a human-esque one-legged shape, with little outstretched arms, and a pocket in the back of its head to incorporate your smart phone. The main idea behind the Hugvie is that your cellphone hooks up with vibrating disks within the Hugvie's chest that will simulate the heartbeat of the speaker on the other end of your phone call, thus, making you have a bonding over the phone moment. This little cutie retails for about USD $50, but the inventor is hoping to make more robots that can transfer hugs from one person to another more realistically (or even give you a kiss).

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