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20 Of The Strongest Militaries Around The World

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20 Of The Strongest Militaries Around The World


The protection of a country matters to everyone who inhabits it. Which is why measures are taken to ensure peace. Many people see the military as a force that’s unnecessary and full of rage and hate. However, the military is absolutely necessary in order to keep a country safe. The world we live in today has left little in the way of amusement, and each country does their best to protect the people within their borders. And in order to protect a country, a military is formed and encouraged to grow in order to maintain well-being, as well as create organization where none could otherwise be found. Because of the efforts of many different countries around the world, our militaries have grown into great forms and created lots of protection as well as peace of mind.

However, a select few militaries from around the world have left such impressions of power, that they have landed on a list. From the United States to China, this list shows the most powerful militaries from around the world. And while you may think you know who tops who, the results will surprise you. There are over 170 militaries in the world, and here are the 20 strongest.

20. Canada

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Canada is an amazing country, and with a military budget of $15.7 billion, its military can surely afford its necessary equipment. And while the military is filled with many great attributes, their active duty list is rather small. At 92,000 active soldiers, the number is smaller than average, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Canada can pack a punch if need be. Even if they lack a few members in active duty, they harbor 181 tanks, 420 aircraft, as well as four submarines to top it off. Canada isn’t lacking, by any means. And their military is strong with a sense of dedicated purpose.

19. Indonesia 


Indonesia is a country that holds a rather strong military force. While their budget, which is at $6.9 billion, is a little lower than most military forces, they make up for it with 476,000 serving the country and working hard to make sure threats are eliminated and peace of mind is assured. Also, having 468 tanks at your disposal doesn’t hurt the ego either. They possess 405 aircraft and only two submarines, but with an army of so many willing soldiers, it’s hard to ignore the fierce fighting power of Indonesia and their drive to keep the country a safe place to live in.

18. Germany


Prior to what many may believe, Germany does not possess an air craft carrier. But that doesn’t steal it away from making it onto the list. At a budget of $40.2 billion, Germany spends its money wisely and keeps its country safe with 179,046 soldiers active and making sure everything stays in check. With four submarines, 408 tanks, and 663 aircraft, Germany simply doesn’t mess around. Although the country doesn’t possess power projection platforms, they do possess a wide variety of attack helicopters which help in aid as well as battle. Germany has even considered offering their hand by helping various NATO members and extending the help of their military.

17. Poland


Talk about a lot of tanks, Poland has 1,009 while possessing a budget of $9.4 billion. That’s quite a lot of tanks for the budget. There are 120,000 active soldiers, 467 aircraft, and five submarines that protect and serve this beautiful country. Poland takes their military operations and the safety of their country very seriously. While the Russians seized Crimea, Poland wasted no time and increased their spending in order to ensure additional protection. One can never be too careful, and Poland keeps that in mind every day and night, making sure they do everything in their power to ensure safety among its occupants.

16. Thailand


Because of a massive overthrow of power, Thailand is currently running under the control of Thailand’s military. They’re a strong force with a budget of $5.39 billion and 722 tanks. While they do have air crafts, they unfortunately do not have an aircraft fleet, but that does not take away from the glory of 573 air crafts. Unfortunately, Thailand does not possess any type of submarines, but what they lack, they make up for with their massive 306,000 active duty personnel. The man power shows with dedication and perseverance every day as a result of Thailand remaining confident in unity as well as power.

15. Australia


Australia is an amazing country that many consider to be a paradise. When someone mentions military actions, the last country to come to mind is Australia. While their military is rather small, they pack a punch with their submarines, cruisers and attack helicopters. The amount of people in active duty comes out to a large 58,000. While this number is rather small than most, it doesn’t take away from the power that Australia tends to display. With a budget of $26.1 billion, 59 tanks, 408 aircraft, and six very hard headed submarines, Australia ranks with the best militaries around the world.

14. Israel


Another military system that seems rather small in comparison to the others around the world is Israel’s military. They possess a budget of $17 billion and keep 160,000 people in active duty, a number that shows Israel has the man power necessary to protect their own. Even so, with their smaller numbers, Israel remains a strong force to be reckoned with. 4,170 tanks are in their possession and ready to be used if ever the need were to arise. They also have 684 aircraft with which they are trained and ready to use, and five submarines at their disposal.

13. Taiwan


While Taiwan is known for a great many things, one of their greatest attributes is their military. In their determined efforts to one day take back China, the country they are so threatened by. And it is because of that threat that Taiwan has taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of their country, as well as the hopeful take over of China one day. Their budget comes in at $10.7 billion, with an active duty list of 290,000 soldiers. They also possess 2,005 tanks, a very large number of tanks to have for a military, 804 aircraft, and four submarines.

12. Egypt


The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of Egypt, are pyramids displayed through the desert sands, the Sphinx which sits as a monument for anyone to see. However, what we don’t think of is Egypt’s military, and they have quite the set up. Their budget runs in at $4.4 billion, and the running active duty soldiers comes to a large 468,500. Man power certainly isn’t lacking within the country’s borders. They also possess 4,624 tanks, 1,107 aircraft, and four submarines with which they can protect their country at any cost. Also, the United States is known highly for offering large amounts of financial aid to the military.

11. Pakistan


One of the largest military powers in the world, regarding active duty members is Pakistan. At an amazing 617,000, Pakistan’s military force doesn’t joke around. They have a pinned budget of $7 billions but have spent their money wisely with 2,924 tanks, 914 air crafts, as well as eight submarines. Their tank and aircraft fleets are amazing and as time progresses, Pakistan produces nuclear weapons at a very fast rate, which grows with each year. One of the best things about having a large and skilled fleet is assuring safety and for Pakistan, safety isn’t something they like to joke about.

10. Turkey


In the eastern part of the Mediterranean, Turkey exists as one of the largest military powers. Known to be a member of the F-35 Program, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter Program, they take their aircraft weapon systems very seriously. Their budget exists at $18.2 billion, with an extreme front line of 410,500; a large amount of man power. Also, Turkey holds 3,778 tanks, 1,020 aircraft, and an amazing thirteen submarines in their possession. Although Turkey is known for their aircrafts, they are known for their submarines as well. Even though they do not have an aircraft carrier, this doesn’t make them weak by any means.

9. The United Kingdom


By 2018, the UK expects to reduce the size of its army by 20%, however, that doesn’t mean the UK will be lacking when it comes to their armed forces. In 2020, the UK military plans to put an aircraft carrier the size of 4.5 acres. The carrier will be called the HMS Queen Elizabeth and will carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters all across the ocean. Their budget stands at $60.5 billion, with active duty members of 146,980. The tanks are counted at 407, while the aircraft are at 936. They also possess ten submarines as well.

8. Italy


Contrary to what many may believe, Italy has a rather large military. The budget is $34 billion, and with a high amount, comes a few more military items. Their frontline members come in at a large 320,000 a number that reigns with strong soldiers. 586 tanks are there for them to use if it were to become a necessity, with 760 air crafts with which they can keep the peace. Italy’s military also has six submarines and two aircraft carriers which are active and move across the ocean, all while in use. Their defense is unquestionable, and their dedication absolute.

7. South Korea


With North Korea’s reputation and aggression, it seems that South Korea held no other choice when it came to improving their military forces. The budget for South Korea’s military is marked at $62.3 billion with a number of 624,465 in man power. The army they possess leaves little in the way of surprise. They possess an amazing 2,381 tanks, 1,412 aircraft, and thirteen submarines. At a population of 50.4 million, Korea is a large country ready to take up arms if necessary and full of people more than willing to protect their country from any types of threats.

6. France


France has been known for sending their forces throughout Africa in order to obtain a stable government in certain areas and keep away all forms of extremism. And in order to achieve these objectives, France keeps up with their skill in their military, assuring the safety of their country and anyone they decide to help. France has a budget of $62.3 billion and an active duty number of 202,761. Although it does not seem like a lot for an army, France is very detailed and versed in what they do, making them one of the best armies out there. 423 tanks are in their possession as well as 1,264 aircraft and ten submarines.

5. India


Apart from China and the United States, India holds the most man power at a staggering 1,325,000. With that kind of power comes great structure and a means to protect. India’s budget is at $50 billion, leaving them with lots money at their disposal. There are 6,464 tanks in their possession and 1,905 aircraft ready to use when the need arises. A surprising thing about India is that they have fifteen submarines which they can use as well as access to certain forms of nuclear weapons; something not many countries around the world have access to. India is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

4. Japan


Japan has a vibrant history of military prowess, so it’s no surprise that its military is considered one of the most powerful in the world. However, Japan’s military is actually quite small. But what makes them so well versed is the fact of machinery and how well stacked they are with their devices at their disposal. Their budget is $41.6 billion, a far stretch from what most people might think. They also have 247,173 members in their military ready to fight when necessary. 678 tanks, 1,613 aircraft, and sixteen submarines make Japan a strong force to be reckoned with.

3. China


Over the years, China has grown in size and knowledge as their military has continued to advance and prosper. Speaking in a sense of man power, China is considered to be the largest army in the world with an active man count of 2,333,000. Also known as the world’s second largest tank fleet, China possesses 9,150 tanks. They are known for their 2,860 aircraft as well and house a large number of submarines, that number being 67. Their technology is constantly advancing and creating opportunity for them to grow and become even stronger in their military endeavors. China has certainly made great bounds over the years in terms of military success.

2. Russia


For years, Russia has been known for its brutal military power. They have grown in size when it comes to man power and tank count, and have always taken their defense and safety into account. Not only is Russia known as the second strongest military in the entire world, they also have the most tanks of any army; 15,398 to be exact. Their budget runs at $84.5 billion; an absolutely great amount of money to take from when it comes to improving military standards. Their air craft count is at 3,429 and deemed with having the second largest aircraft fleet, as well as the world’s third largest submarine fleet with 55 submarines.

1. The United States of America


A lot can be said about the United States, and one of the most successful parts of the US is its military background as well as its success. The position of most powerful military in the world must go to the United States. The US possesses a staggering budget of $601 billion. With this budget, the US military has been able to make advances for bettering of the country and insure the safety of everyone in the country. The active duty number stands at 1,400,000 which is quite a bit of man power. 8,848 tanks, 13,892 aircraft, and 72 submarines, the United States is a strong force of military power.

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