20 Of The Strongest Militaries Around The World

The protection of a country matters to everyone who inhabits it. Which is why measures are taken to ensure peace. Many people see the military as a force that's unnecessary and full of rage and hate. However, the military is absolutely necessary in order to keep a country safe. The world we live in today has left little in the way of amusement, and each country does their best to protect the people within their borders. And in order to protect a country, a military is formed and encouraged to grow in order to maintain well-being, as well as create organization where none could otherwise be found. Because of the efforts of many different countries around the world, our militaries have grown into great forms and created lots of protection as well as peace of mind.

However, a select few militaries from around the world have left such impressions of power, that they have landed on a list. From the United States to China, this list shows the most powerful militaries from around the world. And while you may think you know who tops who, the results will surprise you. There are over 170 militaries in the world, and here are the 20 strongest.

20 Canada

19 Indonesia 

18 Germany

17 Poland

16 Thailand

15 Australia

14 Israel

13 Taiwan

12 Egypt

11 Pakistan

10 Turkey

9 The United Kingdom

8 Italy

7 South Korea

6 France

5 India

4 Japan

3 China

2 Russia

1 The United States of America

A lot can be said about the United States, and one of the most successful parts of the US is its military background as well as its success. The position of most powerful military in the world must go to the United States. The US possesses a staggering budget of $601 billion. With this budget, the US military has been able to make advances for bettering of the country and insure the safety of everyone in the country. The active duty number stands at 1,400,000 which is quite a bit of man power. 8,848 tanks, 13,892 aircraft, and 72 submarines, the United States is a strong force of military power.

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20 Of The Strongest Militaries Around The World