Top 20 Sexiest Women in Prison Right Now

Pretty girls who do bad things. It is the topic of our list, the 20 Sexiest Women in Prison Right Now. And if you have watched Orange is the New Black, then you are going to be interested in our rankings here. But we have to ask: what is it about girls with good looks who seem to think they are unstoppable? They steal, they lie, they cheat, and sometimes they do worse. Much, much worse. Just ask these girls; or don’t, since they’re in jail serving prison sentences at the moment.

That being said, if these girls do have a redeeming quality, it may be their good looks. They are pretty and have charming smiles and alluring eyes and sometimes very sexy profile pictures. But how far will that get you in a women’s prison? Is identity theft really worth it? What about burglary or driving under the influence or possessing illegal drugs? And those aren’t even the worst crimes that these girls have been convicted of.

This list makes us sad, but it also may turn you on. After all, these are some pretty hot women. Although they are in pretty hot water for their dark, dastardly deeds. Here are the hottest women in prison according to meet-an-inmate.com.

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20 Maeghan Rice

Via celebtricity.com

Here we have Maeghan Rice, a young girl who got into some serious trouble. Honestly, this young woman looks to be no older than 20 years of age, but who knows? What we do know is that she is sitting behind bars because she was charged with second-degree murder. Yeah, a serious offense. According to her prison pen-pal profile, Maeghan Rice “got involved with the wrong guy at a young age,” but now she is “paying the price” and wants to find Mr. Right. Okay, home girl needs to just chill and get her own life together before trying to get in someone else’s.

19 Sara Horne

Via blogs.oglobo.globo.com

Judging by Sara Horne’s profile picture, we can bet that she is a Valley Girl who loves to spend time on the beach. After all, she is sporting a revealing bright blue bikini and a flashy smile that shows off her pearly whites. She also has the "I tried to go eyebrow-less and then drew them back on" look. But that aside, she is a very attractive young woman. Why did she have to go and ruin her life? She violated her probation and bought herself even deeper troubles. Now she is behind bars and who knows if the world will ever see this beauty shine again.

18 Jessica McKay

Via taringa.net

Oh man, Jessica McKay looked as if she had everything going for her. A house, a baby, good looks. So what happened? Apparently vehicular homicide and a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol. Pretty hefty charges for someone who is supposed to be a caring mother. In her photo she looks like such a fun-loving and genuine person. And while her child’s face is cut off (assuming for their own protection,) we can bet that Jessica was actually a really good mother to her babe. It’s stories like this that make us super sad and sorry for people!

17 Jamie Yoshimura 

Via free1.cz

Not to be rude, but we thought that Asians were raised in stricter households and knew not to cross authority. Perhaps Jamie Yoshimura was just spending too much time with troublesome American kids. Either way, she landed herself in jail. And she looks way too fragile to be behind bars with some scary and insensitive inmates. Hopefully she is okay! Apparently she says she is looking for “someone who has direction in their life.” Wow, you sure are one to talk, Jamie. And while you’re cute, we think you could probably be a lot cuter if you lost the heavy eye makeup and let your eyebrows actually grow out.

16 Carmen Lewis

Via meet-an-inmate.com

Carmen Lewis looks super young; maybe the youngest girl on our list. Seriously, she looks like she is barely out of her teens. But she must be old enough to go to prison. She was nabbed for both drug possession and identity theft. Sheesh. What was this girl thinking? According to her profile, she is “a fun loving girl” but she is “in a bad place.” Will her “beautiful heart” and “caring soul” help her find true friends or even love? You should have put more effort into sticking to values instead of spending your energy on your hair and makeup, Carmen!

15 Crystal Clamenza

Via taringa.net

Ooh, who is this exotic woman? Crystal Clamenza definitely looks like she has some spicy flavor in her blood lines. She is curvy, perky, and tan. Why do all of the attractive girls seem to be bad news? What is it with looking good but being bad? When will pretty women realize that they do not need to act out to offset their good looks? Whatever Crystal Clamenza did, it wasn’t good, and now she is paying the price. We wonder what her flirty figure would look like in an orange prison jumpsuit? Hopefully the color wouldn’t wash her out.

14 Amy Simpson

Via taringa.net

It’s Amy Simpson, not Ashlee Simpson! And Miss Amy sure is well-endowed, if we do say so ourselves. Really, it is not hard to see why she snagged a spot on this list. She is a blonde with some boobies. We are guessing she is probably a DD cup size. Her photo shows a tight white T-shirt over some breasts that are seriously being held back. But, enough of her chest. Her smile is delightful and she looks like a genuinely nice person. Did she just make some bad choices? Don’t they teach this in schools anymore? Make wise choices, people, or no one will ever see your gorgeousness without there being bars in front of it!

13 Jillian Cini

Via offline.hu

Oh, Jillian Cini. Yet another girl who goes for the sideways boob shot on her profile. Well, she has got to be young and impressionable. She violated her parole, showing that she was already a bad girl in the first place. Seriously, this young woman looks like a serious piece of work. The over-tweezed eyebrows, the super-straightened hair, the low-cut tank and push-bra (in pink, nonetheless…) What are we supposed to think, Jillian Cini? What do you want us to think of you? You may be cute, but you are a very bad girl, indeed. Although you get bonus points for the lava lamp in your photo.

12 Andrea McCormick

Via offline.hu

Here is a burglary charge, and the culprit may be someone that you would readily invite into your house. This Andrea McCormick is a real looker. Her ombre hair goes from blonde to brown. Her eyes are the luscious creaminess of a brown-eyed girl, and her smile looks meek and pretty. But she must have made some drastically poor decisions in her life, and thus, she is spending time behind bars. Such a shame; Andrea McCormick looks so young and energetic! Why do these young women do this to themselves!? Why? Apparently, Andrea is looking for someone “generous, compassionate, caring, and nonjudgmental.”

11 Nicole Leedy

Via blogs.oglobo.globo.com

Oh, this girl looks like loads of fun! Blonde curly hair, a Julia Roberts smile, and a chest to rival the bustiest Victoria’s Secret Angels. So what could be so bad about Nicole Leedy? Well…drugs. Yes, in her late twenties, Nicole was sentenced to a jail sentence for drug possession. This girl actually has quite a lengthy track record of bad behavior. Apparently she “spent a decade in trouble or in prison,” but now she wants to turn things around. After all, it would be great to start your 30s on a fresh slate, right? We can only hope the best for Nicole.

10 Jenny Decoteau

Via meet-an-inmate.com

Whoa, check out the photo of Jenny Decoteau! She was nabbed for the good ol’ crime of common law robbery. Oh yes, a fun time indeed. She looks like a straight-up hooker! Seriously though; do a search and tell us what you get. Because she looks like a party girl through and through. She’s got it all: the black push-up bra, the eye liner, the hoop earrings, and a finger pointing straight at us. Apparently she is “a good person inside,” but she “made some poor decisions.” We will let you be the judge: would you give her a second chance?

9 Rebecca Flanagan

Via offline.hu

This woman looks so coy and cheeky. Honestly, she is a true looker, and we would probably stop on the street and do a double-take on her. Her long, dark brown hair and straight, white teeth are pretty admirable. It is too bad that she is living in prison now. The reason? Why, burglary of course! Rebecca Flanagan’s prison pen-pal profile reads: “I believe you should live each day as it’s your last.” Well, she is one to talk! We don’t know what she was caught stealing, but it doesn’t even matter at this point. Anyone who resorts to burglary must be pretty desperate.

8 Amy Doyle

Via ebaumsworld.com

If you take a look at Amy Doyle’s Google Image search results, you will find a blonde-haired, blue-eyed chick wearing a revealing swimsuit. Well then! Sexy or not, you still go to jail if you are found guilty of a crime. So it goes with Amy Doyle. Seriously though, this girl looks like a total party animal. What is it with blondes? They just seem to have more fun, usually. And then there are girls like Amy Doyle, who perhaps have too much fun and end up behind bars. And we’re pretty sure that there aren’t any pool parties in jail.

7 Elizabeth Lambright

Via offline.hu

The list of causes for Elizabeth Lambright’s incarceration is an ugly one: drugs and possession of a firearm. There is nothing worse than an angry woman with a weapon. Pity, because this girl looked young and full of potential to live a long, fulfilling life. Her youthful face, shy smile, and pretty eyes all suggest that she is generous and likeable. So what happened? Why do people choose to let it all go and cling to a life of crime? Well, she has a lot of time to think about that while she is in jail. We imagine there’s lot of contemplation there.

6 Stacey Solberg

Via free1.cz

This stunning beauty looks a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones! However, Stacey Solberg is her own person. Well, actually, now she is probably just another inmate at her prison, but you know what we mean, right? She was put in jail for aggravated assault. She writes that she is “losing” her sense of humor and needs someone who can lift her spirits and serve as her guiding light through the dark times. Judging from her prison sentence, we can bet that she has quite a few “dark times.” And good luck trying to find someone fun with your charge of aggravated assault.

5 Samantha Hughes

Via 247sports.com

Currently serving time in jail but is actively looking for new relationships. Maybe just friends, or maybe something more. Apparently, prison inmates are able to communicate in a sort of pen-pal exchange with others. They are free to write their own profile, which also includes their basic information. And their cause of incarceration, of course. As for Samantha Hughes, she is supposedly looking for friendship but is willing to let love happen if it comes along. The curvy olive-skinned beauty probably won’t have trouble finding someone. The trouble will be keeping them. How many people out there are willing to get intimate with a convicted felon?

4 Kataya Kitzman

Via taringa.net

Her smile was bright and her eyes were sparkling. What went wrong for Kataya Kitzman? She was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison for murder. Her earliest opportunity to get out of prison is December 31, 2023. As it stands now, she can expect to get out of jail in 2040, at which point she will be a senior citizen. Such a shame, considering she looked like a young woman who just liked to be with people and spend time chatting and living life to the fullest. She is definitely one of the cutest ladies on our list, although her crime of offense is quite frightening.

3 Bridgette Chaplin

Via free1.cz

Bridgette Chaplin’s flirty and playful photos on the Internet suggest that she was just a fun-loving gal. But she ended up getting herself a prison sentence for forgery, identity theft, and 60 other felonies. That’s right; 62 total felonies for Bridgette. Talk about a fun time. The 32-year-old had stolen the identities of about 1,000 people. This woman had a serious system to her madness. She was operating two separate forgery headquarters in the Las Vegas area. She stole driver’s licenses, passports, social security cards, bank cards, and store membership cards from loads of people. Not cute, Bridgette, not cute.

2 Miranda Dalton

Via celebtricity.com

Miranda Dalton is serving time for a very serious crime. While driving under the influence of alcohol, she hit a man in Las Vegas and killed him. The victim was just 28 years old. The prison term for Dalton? Anywhere from eight to twenty years behind bars. Yowza. After a very tearful court trial, Dalton admitted that she was addicted to alcohol and was drowning her worries and problems in drink. Well, now her issues just got a whole lot bigger. She is going to be making friends with the prison walls now, away from her husband and young daughter.

1 Elizabeth Kommes

Via taringa.net

In Iron Mountain, Michigan, Elizabeth Kommes was referenced in a newspaper article as a “flirty” drunken driver. Enough said? The 30-year-old was sentenced to jail for drinking and driving as well as bribing a public official. Ouch. Apparently she said she would pay the police officer who arrested her $10,000 if he would let her go. On top of that, she was ordered to pay $1,800 in fines and go to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. She will be serving her one year in jail at a prison in California (where she was sentenced) and is set to be released in 2016.

Sources: wiscnews.com, reviewjournal.com, dailymail.co.uk

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