Top 15 Most WTF Gross-Out 'Food' Eating Videos

Eating is a basic necessity we need to live, and everyone has different tastes, whether it be fancy high-class cuisine, fast food, or basic homemade meals. One of the trends that has come along with the rise of the internet is videos of people trying different exotic foods like chicken feet, or eggs that have been peed on, or food that no one would normally eat, like road kill or rotting animals.

Many of these videos include eating things that I didn’t know you could and don’t think you should eat, and many of them are eaten raw or alive still. In my opinion, if people watching you eat things makes them want to throw up, maybe you shouldn’t be eating them. But that is just me, a self proclaimed picky eater.

If you love feeling your stomach turn and thinking WTF, then this is the list for you. Watch as these people struggle, or don’t struggle, to get down some of the weirdest foods on the planet. Most of these videos are NSFW as a warning. Whether it be sexual innuendos or just plain curse words, you may want to avoid watching them at work.

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15 Black Pudding

This informative video tells you all you need to know about this lovely dish. Black pudding, also known as blood sausage, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Which means, this dish truly is sausage made of blood, congealed blood specifically, mixed with different seasonings or bread crumbs. The disturbing thing is that instead of using fresh blood now, since it apparently goes bad too quickly, you can readily find dried blood around the world. The idea sounds disgusting to most Americans I’m sure, but it is actually a traditional dish in multiple countries. The actual eating in the video occurs around 4 minutes where they make people taste test it.

14 Hákarl: Rotten Shark Meat

This Icelandic dish literally involves letting your meat rot before eating it, so that it is safe to eat. This video describes the process in preparing the dish, and tells how the tradition began. They compare it to wine-making, where you base the readiness on the smell of the rotting shark. After about six months or so of preparation, it is ready to be served. The video shows different cuts of the meats and different people eating it, but doesn’t actually show the full extent of how bad this really could be, so Hákarl earns an easy spot on our list.

13 Pig Eyeballs

We’re going to start you off kind of easy on this list of gross food videos, to help warm your stomach up. Now by “start you off easy” I mean we’re going to show you this college kid eating 4 - yes, FOUR - pig eyeballs for a measly seventy dollars. Now, where they got the pig eyeballs I don’t know. I also don’t know why or how this bet came about. But, it is kind of entertaining to watch the kid choke them down surrounded by his peers as he somehow keeps down his vomit. I wonder how much he regretted this later.

12 Hong Kong Chicken Feet

In this apparent travel web series, different foods are showcased. This focuses on Hong Kong and Beijing where they regularly eat cuisine such as chicken feet. The duo casually make jokes and small talk as he instructs her on how to eat chicken feet. She keeps asking about where the meat is as he explains it is really just skin, fat, and cartilage. She describes the chicken foot as feeling like a baby’s finger. As the video goes on we see him casually and strategically eating through his chicken foot, while she has to pick carefully at which parts she eats.

11 Live Octopus

This video features a woman eating her live octopus, who she has lovingly named Jamie, while her company films her. She picks it up with the chopsticks and you can see it wiggling and moving around to prove it is alive and well, for the moment. After she sticks it in her mouth, it seems to pull itself further into her mouth as she tries to bite and chew it. You can see it gripping to the sides of her mouth as she struggles to push it all into her mouth with her “safety glove.” She then continues to chew for a couple minutes, as octopus is apparently chewy, and the video gets pretty slow from there on out.

10 Live Scorpion and Snake

Adventurer Bear Grylls is known for doing crazy things to survive in the wilderness. His show has taken some criticism for being staged and dramatic, but the guy sure does some crazy things on the camera to “survive” and to teach viewers how to. This video showcases that pretty well. Watch in shock as Grylls eats a live scorpion without even flinching, followed by eating a snake. Then around 1:30, really test your stomach as you watch him eat a live maggot and watch its guts squirt out. If your stomach gets through all of that, keep watching to see him eat a raw piece of rotting coyote and actually rip some off with his teeth. I don’t know how this man is still alive.

9 Raw Brains Taste Test of Many Animals

In this video, for some reason an editor at BuzzFeed decided to taste five different types of brain; chicken, lamb, goat, pig, and calf brains. He casually cuts and eats each of the brains while describing their taste, texture, and firmness. He then laughs loudly and happily when he finds a chunk of skull in his pig brain- normal. He tries the calf last and says it not only is the firmest of the brains, but also tastes the best. Afterwards he says he would probably eat the calf brain, if he had to eat one again. I would rather just not eat brains.

8 Ostrich Platter

Fear Factor used to be a huge hit on television, and had a decently successful run on air. Thankfully we can relive moments from the show online with YouTube and the internet. This video features two guys choking down different parts of an ostrich, including penis, intestines, eyeballs, and rectum. You see the men struggle to hold down their vomit as they force themselves to eat it all in a surprisingly short time. Somehow they hold down their vomit and stay out of their own heads, and one of them wins their team thousands of dollars for it. How much toothpaste can you buy with that?

7 Live Coconut Worm Larvae

This video, filmed in a food court, shows a man trying to eat four living larvae. They are huge, and very active while he picks one up with his chopsticks. He doesn’t actually start to eat it until about the 2:30 mark if you want to skip ahead for the good stuff. He tries to bite it in half and struggles as his friends laugh. You can see the bug squirm and move as he bites off part of it and moves the rest away from his mouth. The bug continues to move as he bites it repeatedly, making this video a little tough to stomach.

6 Raw Lamb Testicles

In this video, these two men accept a challenge to eat raw lamb testicles. They describe the texture and appearance of the testicles before they eat them and then dive right in. The one guy actually rips it and tears it violently to get a bite, while the other appears to cut the outside membrane with a knife. The one struggles to hold in his vomit quite mightily but they both somehow get it down eating almost the whole thing. One guy appears to be struggling afterwards, while the other says that it really isn’t that bad and seems pretty chipper after eating testicles.

5 Horse Pee Eggs

This one is just a head-scratcher more than anything else. Apparently, someone somehow decided that eggs that had been peed on were delicious so they started serving them. This man decides to try one. The first couple of minutes are pretty slow and just describe the process of how you make them. You first get to see the inside around the 2:40 mark. To make things worse, the eggs aren’t even cooked, they are just “preserved.” He starts to eat it around 5:30, and then breaks it open to show us the nauseating inside around 6:20. He rightfully questions his wife on if he can safely eat it, something I’m still wondering. He takes the big plunge at 8:50 and doesn’t disappoint.

4 Raw Heart

In this video, a man chooses to honor Valentine’s Day by eating a raw heart, something that is surprisingly common in the world of YouTube (to my horror). He describes it calmly as he eats it, the chewiness, the blood dripping out of it, the fat surrounding the heart, all while just taking a few sips of water to wash it down. The heart, that starts off huge in his hands, rips and tears apart in front of the camera as blood falls down his forearms. While he seems to handle it well at first, it is pretty weird to watch a man rip apart a heart with his mouth as it drapes over his fingers.

3 Balut: Unborn Chicks in the Shell

Balut is one of the strangest cuisines on this list. It is a common food in the Philippines and is sold in the United States as well now. It is a fertilized egg that is boiled alive with the baby duck inside. You open it and can actually see the baby duck as you drink the liquid out of it. The girl trying it compares it to different tastes and textures, then brings it back for her co-workers to try. Some of her co-workers seem alarmed and concerned that there is a visible baby inside, but they stomach through and try it for her, which is more than I could do.

2 Three Squeak Live Mice

While the video quality is not too great, you get the horrific idea of this dish. Three squeak mice is a specialty in some Chinese cuisine, and this guy gets it down like a champ without even flinching. It involves eating live baby mice. You take them by the tail and dip them in hot oil while they’re alive, and then eat them. It is said that the first squeak happens when you pick them up, the second happens when they are dipped into the sauce, and the third squeak happens when they are put into your mouth. Apparently the squeaks are due to the temperature changes, but it could also be the whole being eaten alive thing?

1 Roadkill Fox

Possibly the most disturbing part of this video is how it starts. The man introduces us to the video as part of his road kill series, which means he has gone around eating multiple pieces of road kill. You may also recognize him from the heart video earlier in this list. The man decides to eat part of a dead fox they found on the road. He first tries to bite in right away, but then decides to rip and move its fur away so he can get a good bite. After taking a bite of the leg and choking that down, he is convinced to bite the fox’s tongue out of its mouth.

Sources: YouTube, Delish

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