Top 15 Most WTF Gross-Out 'Food' Eating Videos

Eating is a basic necessity we need to live, and everyone has different tastes, whether it be fancy high-class cuisine, fast food, or basic homemade meals. One of the trends that has come along with the rise of the internet is videos of people trying different exotic foods like chicken feet, or eggs that have been peed on, or food that no one would normally eat, like road kill or rotting animals.

Many of these videos include eating things that I didn’t know you could and don’t think you should eat, and many of them are eaten raw or alive still. In my opinion, if people watching you eat things makes them want to throw up, maybe you shouldn’t be eating them. But that is just me, a self proclaimed picky eater.

If you love feeling your stomach turn and thinking WTF, then this is the list for you. Watch as these people struggle, or don’t struggle, to get down some of the weirdest foods on the planet. Most of these videos are NSFW as a warning. Whether it be sexual innuendos or just plain curse words, you may want to avoid watching them at work.

15 Black Pudding

14 Hákarl: Rotten Shark Meat

13 Pig Eyeballs

12 Hong Kong Chicken Feet

11 Live Octopus

10 Live Scorpion and Snake

9 Raw Brains Taste Test of Many Animals

8 Ostrich Platter

7 Live Coconut Worm Larvae

6 Raw Lamb Testicles

5 Horse Pee Eggs

4 Raw Heart

3 Balut: Unborn Chicks in the Shell

2 Three Squeak Live Mice

1 Roadkill Fox

Possibly the most disturbing part of this video is how it starts. The man introduces us to the video as part of his road kill series, which means he has gone around eating multiple pieces of road kill. You may also recognize him from the heart video earlier in this list. The man decides to eat part of a dead fox they found on the road. He first tries to bite in right away, but then decides to rip and move its fur away so he can get a good bite. After taking a bite of the leg and choking that down, he is convinced to bite the fox’s tongue out of its mouth.

Sources: YouTube, Delish

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Top 15 Most WTF Gross-Out 'Food' Eating Videos