Top 15 Most Offensive Brand Names

Marketing teams spend hundreds of hours developing the perfect approach for their consumers. Everything from the photography and language, all the way down to the product names is heavily scrutinized in order to ensure that the products sell. In addition to driving sales, these marketing teams are responsible for the forward facing image of their companies. When they fail to catch something that the general public may find offensive, it can be a serious blow for the parent company.

Nothing is more embarrassing for a company than offending its customers. This demonstrates a company’s lack of preparation for their intended market and a certain amount of tone deafness. In our current culture, where political correctness reigns supreme, such a mishap can cost a company millions of dollars and has the potential to put them out of business altogether. It is a wonder that several of these brands continue to receive the approval of the executives in charge.

While it is understandable that some of these offensive brand names slipped through the crack, others included on this list are patently offensive. Many play on stereotypes and caricatures that would get the Average Joe dismissed from their current occupation. In spite of this, many of these products remain on the shelves and are available to purchase. Even in the face of protests, some executives fail to see the harm they may be doing. Here are fifteen products that certain people may find offensive. 

15 Ford Pinto

14 Aunt Jemima

13 Eskimo Pie

12 Chief Wahoo

11 Crazy Horse Malt Liquor

10 Dirty Dick’s Crab House

9 Dick’s Sporting Goods

8 Oreo Barbie


7 Mazda Laputa


6 Mitsubishi Pajero

5 Bimbo


4 Cherikee Red


3 i.Beat Blaxx


2 Moolatte


1 Washington Redskins

If Trey Parker and Matt Stone dedicate an entire episode of South Park to how offensive your brand is, your brand is undeniably offensive. Amazingly, in spite of mass protests and a federal judge ruling in favor of the cancellation of the Washington Redskins trademark, team owner and FedEx CEO Dan Snyder stands by his patently offensive team name. Despite this legal ruling, the Washington professional football team nickname stands and continues to sully the politically correct nature of the National Football League. Public support for a new name continues to increase, meaning a name change may be coming in the near future.


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Top 15 Most Offensive Brand Names