Top 15 Creepiest Videos On the Internet

The world is full of unusual and scary happenings and we all have our fears. From the fear of insects, to something as simple as the fear of heights, we all have that one thing that has the capability to terrify us to the core. Many of us try our best to avoid these terrors, but somehow, life has a way of letting them show themselves in strange ways. The internet is a perfect example. All over the world wide web, are forms of our fears with videos, pictures, and even stories. Videos in particular have a way of bringing those deep fears to life in a way few others can. It can be a video of a man walking high atop the rooftops of New York buildings that strikes fear within a person, a group of spiders scurrying across a few tree branches making your skin crawl, or creepy dolls that seem a little too life-like. Whatever the scare, everyone possesses a weakness for the fear. And while these things aren't considered to be scary for everyone, they still possess a creepiness to them that intrigues people and grants a want for the curious. Here are fifteen of the creepiest videos online.


15 "Pretty Woman"

A man by the name of Edward Muscare, posted a video online. In this video, he is singing a popular song by Roy Orbison, known as "Pretty Woman." Apart from the man being creepy in a general way with his deep dark circles underneath his eyes, stark white hair that stands on end around his bald head, and his terrifying deep eyes, this man holds another scary secret that isn't known by simply looking at him. Edward Muscare is a registered sex offender, and part of his offense was the restriction of online use. Once the police caught wind of the viral video, they quickly called up Edward and summoned him to court.

14 Agamemnon Counterpart


At the beginning of the video, a legal warning is displayed stating that the video is for private home use only. The video is full of static and strange noises when a description pops up explaining what we're about to see. "In the year 2571 a videocassette tape was found in a pile of rubble on the ruins of a certain blue planet. What you are about to witness will not be the contents of the fore-mentioned cassette. This is an entirely different recording." As the video opens, the words "Let's Make A Friend" are displayed on the screen. With a few messed up looking cartoon characters, it appears to be a crazy animated show with lots of scary transitions and noises. What is unsettling about this video is that further research quickly leads to dead ends. The video is undoubtedly a mystery.

13 Body of A Pig

The video itself does not give a lot of information on the location or who is performing the ghost hunt, but it is definitely creepy. With a run time of only one minute and sixteen seconds, the video shows the group walking into a strange door that appears to lead to somewhere underground. While opening the door, a voice can be heard saying the words "I have the body of a pig" with the voice grunting right after. The video is slowed down and adjusted a second time for anyone who couldn't hear it the first go around along with a picture captured at the time of the ghost hunt.

12 Laugh A Lot


This original toy was invented as a harmless invention, but like so many other toys, it came with creepy additions. The laugh that the company uses for the doll is generic, high pitched and absolutely scary. In the video, the doll is introduced with a little girl setting the doll down on the table as it starts laughing. At first glance the commercial is innocent, then, it quickly turns sour. The children have shocked faces and seem infected with the laugh, as if they have no choice but to release laughter. Even the narrator has trouble containing his laugh as everyone keeps laughing.

11 Username: 666

This stunningly vivid and scary video shows a PC user trying to access a YouTube channel that has been suspended. The name of the channel is 666, the infamous number of the beast. The number is revered by many as a terrible omen, and in this video the user attempts access. After a while, it appears that no matter how many times he tries to refresh the page, the site is telling him the account is suspended, but, after many clicks, he finally accesses the page as it slowly takes on an entirely different and sadistic form. The user tries to close out of the page, only to find that he can't. He then tries to shut down the computer and the PC is unresponsive. Eventually, the videos cuts off at the end with a creepy lady reaching out towards the screen.

10 Daddy Long Legs


For those of us who have a fear of spiders, there are plenty of videos sprawled out over the web that are capable of terrifying us. One example that is possibly the worst is this video of a large group of daddy long leg spiders. It begins by showing just a few of the spiders beside what looks like a large hair ball situated on the bark of a tree. But, when the man in the video pushes it with a stick, it reveals that the "hair ball" is in fact a mass of these spiders as they come tumbling down the tree!

9 Late Night Road Block

Our parents have warned us about the dangers of stopping for strangers on the side of the road. However, what would be the course of action one would take if the road has been blocked off? This driver ended up in this particular predicament, as he was driving down the road and came across two cones sitting in the middle of the road across from a car sitting on the side. A man starts walking towards the car with his face covered. When the driver sees him take something out of his pocket, he takes off, regardless of the cones sitting in the road.


8 Creeper In My Apartment


This gentleman finds that his food is randomly going missing in his apartment. He thinks it's his girlfriend, coming over and stealing the food, but when he sets up a camera to catch her in the act, he finds an entirely different situation is taking place. As the video plays, a lady can be seen coming out of the ceiling, and raiding the fridge along with the pantry. Then, when the owner of the apartment wakes up, she hides until he's gone, quickly resuming her thieving activity. After she is done, she retreats back into the ceiling, without a soul to know.

7 Sugar Rice Krinkles

A fear of clowns has been known to affect a high amount of people, especially in the 21st century, and even though people are not hiring clowns for parties like they used to, back in the 60's, clowns were very popular. In this video, a clown is promoting a delicious cereal, but in a very disturbing way. He bursts through the little farm house and rips the paper apart. With his big nose and large smile, he is enough to strike coulrophobia into the hearts of many. Even though he is meant to be cutesy and lovable, this clown has a knack for being too creepy.

6 Shaving Cream Torture


A video known as "Shaving Cream Torture" has made its way around the internet as one of the creepiest videos to date. Although it's a video that appears to be from the 80's or 90's it is a current rise to the bizarre. The video presents a man, sitting with shaving cream spread all over his body, apart from his eyes and mouth. His mouth is held open with what appears to be an eyeball in the center. While the video doesn't make any sense, it's still considered unbelievably weird without a purpose. Undoubtedly, if one is looking for a video that will shock and give weird vibes, this the is the go-to video.

5 Paris Catacombs: The Lost Tape

For those who do not know, the Paris Catacombs is the name given to a 200 mile network of tunnels that run below the streets of Paris. Over six million remains have been known to reside here and the place is not for the faint of heart. The tunnels are dangerous and restricted to the public. In this video a man is attempting to escape the tunnels as he makes his way past strange markings along the walls. Finally after many different twists and turns, he drops the camera and takes off running down the tunnels, never to be seen again.

4 Elisa Lam Footage


This creepy video shows a lady by the name of Elisa Lam, a lady who walked into the building and hopped on an elevator. She starts acting strange, looking paranoid as she glances out of the elevator and appears to be hiding from someone. Eventually she steps on and off of the elevator over and over until finally, after a few minutes of strange behavior, she steps off. That's the last time Elisa Lam would be seen alive, as her body would be found in the water tank on the roof of the building. Her death is considered a mystery unsolved and no one has any other information on her death.

3 The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel 

There has always been something disturbing and creepy about exorcisms, and for those who have never witnessed one, there exists many different videos and audio recordings online of exorcisms that have been held. However, one of the worst cases was that of young Anneliese Michel, who supposedly, became possessed by many different demons and was in dire need of an exorcist. While Anneliese did not make it through her exorcism, many recordings were made of the incident. This video is an audio recording of a few of the sessions during the exorcism. This video is by no means, for the faint of heart as it is severely disturbing.

2 The 9/11 Phone Call


The results of 9/11 were terribly devastating. And while this video is creepy, it is also sad and highly disturbing. In the video, a 911 caller, Kevin Cosgrove, and a 911 dispatcher are conversing back and forth during Kevin's last moments. During the call, Kevin is frustrated that no one has yet to rescue them, as he is on the 105th floor. He is with quite a few people who are waiting for help as well. After a long pause the 911 dispatcher says hello and Kevin responds but then, after his last sentence, the building can be seen falling to the ground into a crumbling smoky haze.

1 Creepy Creature in Catalonia

The creepiest video to make it to number one is the creeper of Catalonia. In the area, a few men are making their way through the woods, pushing past the thick weeds that lay before them. When they hear something, they slow down and notice a strange looking creature in the distance. They help the camera to focus on the creature and they stand still for just a moment, until the creature decides to look back at them, scaring the men. They are so terrified, they take off running back through the woods, never thinking twice about turning around to see if the creature was following them.

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