Top 15 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Religion

Theories interest us, push curiosity out into the open, and create a reservoir for brain storming. Conspiracy theories, in particular, have been around for quite some time, and if there's an organized system in place, or an organization with a specific purpose in mind, there will almost always be at least one conspiracy theory to accompany it. And as time progresses, rumors can become legend and vice versa. Throughout the years we have heard about the many theories that people have come to know. From the rumored scheming of politicians such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, to terrorism involving the war in Iraq or the infamous group known as Isis, theories show up everywhere.

And of all the theories, none of them seem to stand as high in popularity as theories surrounding religion. Catholicism, specifically, has been hit hard over the years, with rumors of world wide corruption, devious world domination, as well as invented plans to assassinate the Pope a few years ago. Even Washington DC has been subjected to conspiracy theories. And with growing popularity, there exists certain theories that have risen above the rest, making it onto lists. Here are fifteen of the top conspiracy theories that surround religion.

15 Religion Is A Fraud

14 Jewish People Control The World

13 Knights Templar Invented Central Banking

12 The Catholic Church Runs Everything

11 The Catholic Church Created Islam

10 Pope John Paul I Was Murdered


9 Brotherhood Of The Snake Started Everything


8 Jesus Was Married


7 Jesus And Mary Magdalene Had Children


6 Freemasons Designed Washington DC For Satanic Purposes


5 The Holocaust Was A Hoax

4 There's A War on Christmas

3 Abe Lincoln Was Assassinated By The Catholic Church 

2 9/11 Was Ordered By The Catholic Church


1 The Vatican Is Preparing For An Alien Invasion

Probably the strangest theory that anyone has come across involving religion is the theory of alien invasion. Supposedly, the Vatican has information and even contact with alien life and has been waiting for the right time to introduce them to the public. By doing so, the Pope will introduce them as great beings who are very similar to us, however, in all actuality they are not. They will be a race seeking to breed with the human race, an act that this race has done before the famous great flood. Their plan is to populate the world with the terrible beings and control the human race.



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Top 15 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Religion