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Top 15 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Religion

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Top 15 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Religion


Theories interest us, push curiosity out into the open, and create a reservoir for brain storming. Conspiracy theories, in particular, have been around for quite some time, and if there’s an organized system in place, or an organization with a specific purpose in mind, there will almost always be at least one conspiracy theory to accompany it. And as time progresses, rumors can become legend and vice versa. Throughout the years we have heard about the many theories that people have come to know. From the rumored scheming of politicians such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, to terrorism involving the war in Iraq or the infamous group known as Isis, theories show up everywhere.

And of all the theories, none of them seem to stand as high in popularity as theories surrounding religion. Catholicism, specifically, has been hit hard over the years, with rumors of world wide corruption, devious world domination, as well as invented plans to assassinate the Pope a few years ago. Even Washington DC has been subjected to conspiracy theories. And with growing popularity, there exists certain theories that have risen above the rest, making it onto lists. Here are fifteen of the top conspiracy theories that surround religion.

15. Religion Is A Fraud


It’s a surprising thing, to wonder if the entire concept of religion has been a fake system to cover up an underlying truth. However, quite a few people have come to accept this conspiracy as truth. There are many who believe that religion is an elaborate cover up for alien beings. According to certain individuals, these beings came to Earth and set in a specific set of beliefs for all us, leaving only the most powerful people on the planet to know the truth. These people also believe that these aliens did this in order to experiment on the human race, giving them more freedom than they would normally have. There are also others who believe that religion was simply created by those in power in order to maintain control over society, enabling the most powerful people to keep a hold over the world.

14. Jewish People Control The World


It’s one thing to assume that the Catholic church has control of most of the world, but it’s another to wonder about the Jewish having control of everything. However, there are many people who have believed in this notion for quite some time and the theory seems undying. According to a wide audience, Jews have control of the world’s currency and holds a major influence over the world’s politics and major decisions. Many feel that this theory is a far stretch considering most of the theories come from claims that cannot be proven, however, that doesn’t remove the believers from where they stand.

13. Knights Templar Invented Central Banking


Central banking has been in place for quite some time. Central banks themselves keep watch over all of a countries banking business, however, this wasn’t something that was always in place. Many people believe that a secret organization known as the Knights Templar are responsible for inventing central banking. The Knights Templar were a group of men who came into being as a military order formed to protect European pilgrims who decided to visit the Holy Land. After receiving endorsement from the Catholic Church, their popularity soared as they became engulfed with riches and money. Because of their high status and large sums of wealth, it is thought that the Knights did not die off, but rather, they kept their order alive in secret and sustained control over the public by creating the central banking system.

12. The Catholic Church Runs Everything


Money plays a large role in how the world works. It adds stability to our working environment and gives most of us the drive to better ourselves and become better people. And for those who have a lot of money, they often control something, and hold a place of power and status. One of these places is the Catholic Church, which has been estimated with an operation budget of around $170 billion. This is one of the reasons many people theorize that the Catholic Church has control over everything. Given their history, there are many events that the Catholic Church has tried its best to hide. And even though they have failed multiple times, many people believe they have been involved in many different events worldwide and hidden their involvement.

11. The Catholic Church Created Islam


A popular theory that many have probably been hearing about for quite some time is the Catholic Church created Islam. While many devout Catholic followers will claim that this theory is false, the clearing away of such a theory doesn’t come lightly to those who believe it. The theory supposedly comes from a man by the name of Alberto Rivera. He claimed that a scheme was created in order to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city. This theory is considered blasphemy by many and has stunned many different Catholic followers, but nonetheless, it remains a prominent theory that many have stuck with.

10. Pope John Paul I Was Murdered



There is no doubt that the Vatican holds many secrets about what goes on behind closed doors, but one of the most mysterious situations was that of Pope John Paul I. His death, 33 days after election, was initially ruled as a heart attack, but suspicion rose in many people, as the cause of death was ruled before an autopsy had even been performed. A man by the name of David Yallop, among a few others, also suspected that the Pope had been murdered. David theorized that the Pope had been killed by someone within the Vatican for very specific reasons. Being a British writer and Investigative Journalist, his status was well known, leaving his word as something to be noticed. However, the cause of death has always remained as a heart attack with no forms of malicious intent.

9. Brotherhood Of The Snake Started Everything


The Brotherhood of the Snake is a supposed group full of wealthy and powerful individuals. What makes this group so unique is that they claim to be the original secret organization. All organizations that possess so many speculations and theories supposedly branch from this order. They claim to be descended from an ancient alien species that once bred with humans, creating the beings that now reside among us in secret. They are the most powerful and wealthy beings on the planet and supposedly possess power over everyone on the planet. While this theory is a far stretch, there exists an organization known as the Brotherhood of the Snake, today, and they claim to be real, even though no one is aware of their location.

8. Jesus Was Married



Almost everyone has heard the theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. It’s a theory that has made its rounds through time and continues to be something that many people speculate over. Of course, the movie, The DaVinci Code, left nothing to the imagination as it included quite a few different theories that people have offered over the years. Many people believe that there is a large amount of historical evidence to prove Jesus was married, however, this simply isn’t true. In all actuality, evidence is scarce and hard to come by, but it doesn’t turn people away from trying their best to prove Jesus was married.

7. Jesus And Mary Magdalene Had Children



Another theory that seems to poke its head in and over the edge is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children and that line continues to this day. The theory states that the line is kept secret and made that way for an unknown reason. While many devout followers of the Bible will state that this theory is completely false, certain individuals believe that Jesus did in fact have children and made sure to keep this fact a secret from most of the public. While keeping children a secret would have been hard to do at that time, there are still small hints from history which lead people to believe that Jesus and Mary did have children.

6. Freemasons Designed Washington DC For Satanic Purposes



Many know the Freemasons as the world’s oldest fraternity still in place. Although they started as simple Masons, they became something so much stronger in today’s society. Donating around $2 million per day in charity, the Freemasons have been known to do lot of good throughout history. Even in today’s groups, you will find plenty of well respected men in the fraternity. However, there are those who have theorized that the Freemasons are actually functioning Satanists. The theory that Washington DC was created for Satanic Purposes has been around for quite some time and states the reason for the structures across DC has been made for Satanic control. Many different pagan symbols were used during the construction of the city, leaving many people to believe that the city is actually under sadistic and evil control.

5. The Holocaust Was A Hoax


It sounds like an outrageous claim, but there exists a large amount of people who believe that the events of the Holocaust occurred much differently than what is depicted in our history books. The theory states that the Jews in most of the containment camps were not killed by the Nazi’s, but rather died from starvation and other causes. The Nazi’s supposedly did not play a part in the killing. And as for the diary of Anne Frank, the theory speculates that the diary was a forgery, made to create opposition among the people who decided to read it.

4. There’s A War on Christmas


The term “War on Christmas” has been thrown around in the past year or so, and refers to the idea that major corporations have devised to take the Christian aspects of Christmas out of the picture. Places such as Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, and many others have placed a new set of rules on the table that have sent a few people wondering why. The many organizations have stated that removing the Christian aspects of the holiday was not intended to offend, but to make sure that all religions feel welcome with the holiday. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it this way.

3. Abe Lincoln Was Assassinated By The Catholic Church 


When America learned that the president of the United States had been shot, everyone was devastated and heart broken. Abraham Lincoln, a great, noble, and honest man, had been assassinated. And while much is known about his murder, there exists a theory that many do not know about. The last thing that would come to mind regarding president Lincoln, would be the Catholic Church. Many people, apart from those closest to him, were unaware of the spite, that the Jesuit Order held for Lincoln. The theory states that Lincoln was murdered by a demand which was executed under the command of the Jesuit Order.

2. 9/11 Was Ordered By The Catholic Church



It’s a stretch, but not as far as one would think. According to author Eric Phelps a man known as “The Black Pope” ordered the attack on the two towers on September 11th. Many people question this theory as to why the Vatican would order such a thing. But the answer is quite a story. Eric Phelps states that the purpose of 9/11 was to start a war between the Muslims and America. The devastation would eventually lead to problems within America, and would eventually result in the destruction of the United States, a hard goal that’s been theorized to exist for the Catholic Church.

1. The Vatican Is Preparing For An Alien Invasion


Probably the strangest theory that anyone has come across involving religion is the theory of alien invasion. Supposedly, the Vatican has information and even contact with alien life and has been waiting for the right time to introduce them to the public. By doing so, the Pope will introduce them as great beings who are very similar to us, however, in all actuality they are not. They will be a race seeking to breed with the human race, an act that this race has done before the famous great flood. Their plan is to populate the world with the terrible beings and control the human race.



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