The 15 Best Celebrity Sex Scandals

Relationships can be a complicated matter. It’s never quite as easy as boy meets girl. This day and age, it could be boy meets boy or girl meets girl. In addition to the variations, that boy may meet a girl they like and then start dating another party all together. It can get pretty complicated. One thing is for certain, no matter what your preference or how many people you are dating, most people enjoy having sex. In fact, many people look for relationships with partners they are attracted to with the express focus being to have sex.

Sex has become more and more acceptable in society as the times have changed. Certainly, pushing for safe sex no matter how many partners you choose is an absolute key, but sex is almost as daily as coffee for some. Despite the attraction to others, people attempt to give it a try with a single partner and forge a relationship. But sometimes one just isn’t enough. Think of sex like Pringles; once you pop the top, you can’t stop. And sex can be like a really good Chinese buffet where variety, for some, is a lot better than just having a single entré.

For celebrities, these kinds of normal day-to-day cheating episodes become national news. Since many of them have to simulate love and sex on camera, there are times when they actually fall in love. Celebrities are under a microscope and when they engage in a scandalous affair, the media feeds like starving piranhas. We are obsessed with celebrity affairs and scandals. Cheating itself isn’t necessarily scandalous, but when there are video tapes and sorted details, things get whacky. So let’s rank the Top 15 Celebrity Sex Scandals.


15 Sex Tapes – Hulk Hogan/Pamela Anderson/Kim Kardashian

Let’s just get these all out of the way together. A sex tape featuring wrestling legend Hulk Hogan surfaced with a woman other than his first wife, Linda. The woman, Heather Clem, was the estranged wife of his friend, Todd Alan Clem (also known as radio DJ Bubba, the Love Sponge). Hogan admitted to Howard Stern that the affair in fact took place while he was married to his wife, Linda. Hogan claimed he didn’t know he was being taped. Probably should have asked why there was a video camera set up at the end of a bed set on top of a tripod.

Pamela Anderson was literally the IT girl as she starred on Baywatch. She and her then husband, Tommy Lee, the drummer from legendary rock band Motley Crue, made their own “home” video during their honeymoon. But instead of filming beautiful shots of the beach, they opted to film themselves having sex. They kept their private video in their home and in 1995, it was stolen and leaked online. In 1998, Pamela and Tommy sued the company who distributed the video and received $1.5 million in damages.

Kim Kardashian is perhaps most well known due to her sex tape. This one sniffs of a set-up as it was dropped just months prior to Kim’s family show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which debuted on E! in 2007. The sex tape was made by Kardashian and her boyfriend, Ray J. The tape was from 2003 and the coincidence of it being leaked seemed scandalous. The Kardashians planned a lawsuit against the distribution company, Vivid Entertainment, but backed out and settled with the company for $5 million. That’s what we call a win-win.

14 The Love Triangle - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders


Kristen Stewart and Pattinson were a big time celebrity pairing; the two on the cover of every teen and entertainment magazine during their Twilight run together. However, just months prior to the final film in the epic vampire saga was released, Stewart had an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, who himself was married at the time.

The affair visibly crushed Pattinson and set off a fire storm of Internet activity just prior to the final film’s release. Stewart was forced to publicly apologize (as she was getting vilified by fans) when the paparazzi had the goods on her and Sanders. She and Pattinson pretended to resume their relationship for the marketing of their film (awkward) and broke up shortly after.

13 Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and Many Others


When you marry a man who is known for philandering, this one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. But Sandra Bullock was America’s Sweetheart at the time when she settled down with known bad boy and motorcycle and tattoo enthusiast, Jesse James. After five years of marriage, not one, not two, but several women came forward and admitted to having an affair with James while he was married to Bullock.

The worst of it was erotic dancer Michelle McGee who was more than happy to go public and sell her story, claiming she had sex right in James’s office behind Bullock’s back. In April 2010, Bullock filed for divorce and closed the book on James.

12 Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley and Divine Brown


What do you do if you’re married to one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business? Naturally, you hit Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, looking for hookers. In 1995, Hugh Grant was in a relationship with Elizabeth Hurley, the sexy British beaut. One night, Grant was apparently bored and drove his car down by Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He was receiving oral sex from a prostitute named Divine Brown when the police discovered them.

Grant pleaded no contest and paid a fine but lost Hurley through the embarrassing act. Just days after his arrest, Grant incredibly went on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno, “I did a bad thing.” It was amazing television as Jay Leno went easy on Grant and the popular British actor was forgiven and saved his flourishing (but nearly skewered) career.

11 David Letterman, Regina Lasko and Many Others


Funny man David Letterman is best known for comedy and driving fast cars. He has racked up many speeding tickets and used to joke repeatedly about it on his show. But in 2009, six months after marrying longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko, Letterman had to fess up to much a much bigger issue than a few afternoon joy rides. The Late Show icon became embroiled in a sex scandal. He was forced to admit on the air, “I have had sex with women who work for me on this show” when news of his affairs and extortion attempts circulated all through the media.

Letterman went on Oprah Winfrey’s show to reveal he was still dealing with the fallout from cheating on his wife. Although the actual number of women Letterman had affairs with was never confirmed, the scandal somehow seemingly just went away as Letterman became both villain and victim all at once.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver and Mildred Baena


The Terminator and self-professed “Governator” did a very bad thing. While the international movie star and California Governor was married to long time wife, Maria Shriver, Arnold carried on an illicit affair with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

What was worse, he secretly had fathered a son with the woman and had been paying her off for years. “It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done,” Schwarzenegger admitted. It ended his 25-year marriage to Shriver who couldn’t bare the embarrassment.

9 LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville

Credit: Brian To/

LeAnn Rimes was the country girl everyone loved. Her music and great smile warmed everyone’s hearts. But when the country sweetheart was filming the Lifetime movie Northern Lights (2009), things went south for her image. The squeaky clean Rimes stepped into a pile of trouble when she started a steamy affair with her co-star, Eddie Cibrian.

The biggest problem was the two of them were both married at the time. Their affair ended their marriages and Rimes and Cibrian got married themselves just two years later in 2011. Cibrian’s wife, Brandi Glanville, went on to be featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and regularly blew up her ex-husband and Rimes over the affair. The scandal nearly destroyed Rimes’s public image and she still hasn’t completely recovered. It's interesting how the men on this list are forgiven much quicker…just sayin’.


8 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston


Rarely do you have superstars at this level getting involved in such a scandal. The marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston was a feeding frenzy for the press. They loved it. But when Brad Pitt signed up to film the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie, something happened on set. The two stars not only clicked on camera, they fell in love with one another.

With rumors flying all over the place, Aniston couldn’t take it anymore and filed for divorce in 2005. Pitt and Jolie continued on together and Aniston went her separate way. As quickly as Pitt and Aniston’s marriage ended, they were seemingly forgiven and the public was immediately obsessed with Pitt and Jolie. The new couple went on to adopt and have numerous children and recently made it official and tied the knot.

7 Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane and Kari Ann Peniche


This one gets a little weird. Eric Dane was riding a big wave of success on the TV series Grey’s Anatomy when a strange sex tape emerged. The man, nicknamed McSteamy on the show, had a sex tape featuring himself, his wife Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche. When the sex tape appeared online, the press went crazy.

The video shows the three of them naked in bed and messing around in a Jacuzzi. They comically are discussing their porn names and the married swingers seem very comfortable opening their doors and bed to the smoking hot Peniche. This one has bizarre written all over it as all participants ducked for cover and waited for the smoke to clear.

6 Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds


Before there was ever a Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston charade, the 1950s had their own version featuring Liz Taylor, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The two women were acting giants and Fisher was a singing star. Eddie Fisher was apparently being a good guy, comforting Taylor over the death of her husband, Mike Todd (who was coincidentally, Fisher’s best friend). Fisher was married to America’s Sweetheart at the time, Debbie Reynolds.

Well, Fisher fell for Taylor and left Reynolds in the dust. He jumped ship and right into his best friend’s wife’s bed. The two were shortly married after Fisher and Reynolds were able to finalize their divorce. This one has a happy ending though as Fisher got his just desserts. Taylor jumped ship on him and into bed with her Cleopatra co-star, Richard Burton. Can anyone say karma?

5 Pee-Wee Herman


There is weird and then there is Pee-wee Herman weird. Paul Reubens was a sensation for his strange bubbly childlike character, Pee-wee Herman. However, this beloved actor got into a lot of trouble. The Pee-wee’s Playhouse star was a huge draw for kids who loved his quirkiness. However, no one found it humorous when he got arrested in a Florida porn theater in 1991 for masturbating in public. His show was pulled and his celebrity hit a giant brick wall.

But his weirdness doesn’t stop there. In 2004, it was revealed that Reubens pleaded guilty to possessing obscene images of minors. In defending himself, Reubens claimed he was just a collector of artistic erotica. Child porn and artistic erotica are not the same thing, although I have no idea what the heck artistic erotica actually is so maybe they could be. Either way, Reubens is a sick dude.

4 Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn


Oh, Woody. What would a scandalous sexual list be without you? While dating his then girlfriend, actress Mia Farrow, Allen decided to start taking inappropriate (naked) pictures of Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi. When Farrow discovered the photos, the affair came to light. Farrow, emotionally distraught and rightfully appalled, ended her relationship with Allen.

But Allen and Soon-Yi continued on and ended up marrying one another. When asked about having sex with his girlfriend’s daughter, Allen casually explained, “The heart wants what it wants.” All I can say is Allen is lucky this happened before the Internet explosion in the 2000s because he would have been lambasted to no end.

Hollywood had a short memory for this scandal as well and barely bats an eye about Allen’s ridiculous past behaviors.

3 John Travolta and Alleged Man Crushes


Rumors about John Travolta’s sexual preference have been rampant for a long time. Some actors have suspicious gay and bi-sexual rumors swirling around them. What makes Travolta’s all the more scandalous is an actual lawsuit was filed against the Pulp Fiction star for $2 million. It was brought forth by a masseur who accused Travolta of sexual assault and battery. Most certainly, the masseur was an ambulance chaser wanting money after a massage session at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But then a second masseur joined the lawsuit and all of a sudden the lawsuit mysteriously was dropped. I am not saying Travolta didn’t hit on the masseur, just that a $2 million lawsuit for having someone rub your ass is extreme. I’ll take a cool hundy for it. On a side note, in 1990, adult film producer, Paul Baresi, claimed to have had a two-year affair with Travolta. Although he later recanted, there is a lot of smoke on this rumor.

2 Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and Samantha Geimer


This one is far more scandalous than anything that could ever be created by Hollywood. First, famed film director Roman Polanski tragically discovers his pregnant actress wife, Sharon Tate, is murdered by the infamous Manson Family. Then, seven years later after a photo shoot in Los Angeles, the then 43-year-old Polanski has sex with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. (Again, if this happened in today’s world, Polanski would have been hung by his shoelaces.) Amazingly, the police fumbled this one and initially gave Polanski a plea deal to the charge of “unlawful sex with a minor,” letting him know he wouldn’t serve time. But when the US Justice system realized the folly of their ways, they switched gears and wanted to throw the book at him.

Getting tipped off, Polanski fled. Despite Polanski admitting to the criminal act of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old child, he still was accepted back by Hollywood with open arms, winning an Academy Award for the film, The Pianist in 2002. What was crazier, he couldn’t be there to accept the award but numerous celebrities were seen giving him a standing ovation as if he was the President. I have to wonder if it was their 13-year-old child who got raped, would they applaud so long and loud?

Although he is a child rapist and is not allowed to step on US soil, he has still managed to have a productive directorial career. Remember, he did say he was sorry. *Insert head shake and sarcastic roll of the eyes here*

1 Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren and Rachel Uchitel (and Many Others)


Thanksgiving 2009 provided the world with an extraordinary bit of surreal entertainment when Tiger Woods and his beautiful model wife, Elin Nordegren, got into a big tiff. The National Enquirer had reported that the golfer had cheated on his wife with a nightclub manager, Rachel Uchitel. Apparently, Nordegren was so furious she was chasing Woods with one of his golf clubs. The Thanksgiving fight moved outside and Woods hit a tree trying to flee for his life in his SUV.

The fun didn’t end there. With more than a dozen other women coming forward to claim they had affairs with Woods (and had the text messages and voice mails to back it up), Woods went from being golf’s squeaky clean golden boy to falling into a professional death spiral. His marriage ended in divorce and his golf career has been abysmal ever since. Woods came forward and comically said he was “a sex addict and needed therapy.” If by sex addict he means he was wealthy and had beautiful desperate women throwing themselves at him for a piece of his action, then yes, he was a sex addict.



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