Top 15 Celebrity Brawls You Didn't Know About

There are a lot of things that seem to be pretty great about being a celebrity. The general public oftentimes looks up to you and wants nothing more than to gain your favor in any way. As a result, companies go out of their way, a lot of the time, to give you things so you’ll like them. When you venture out into the world, you can usually rest assured that you’ll have no problem receiving a table at your favorite restaurant or that you’ll have to wait in line, like the rest of us schmucks.

Keeping that in mind, it makes perfect sense that before too long, you could develop an ego and come to expect people to agree to your every whim. Even if you manage to keep your world in perspective, sometimes the people you interact with are jerks, and it’s only human to want to take your frustration out on people from time to time. With this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most surprising or severe fights that famous people have gotten into with one another or unknown entities.

Reality show brawls were not up for consideration as we can’t attest to how contrived they may be. You may have found out about some of these fights since everyone’s base of knowledge is different but we’re betting most of these brawls will take you by surprise.


15 Will Smith vs Record Promoter

Over the years, a lot has been made about the criminal records of celebrities. Tim Allen was charged with Cocaine Possession or Mark Wahlberg was almost charged with attempted murder, but surprisingly little has been made of Will Smith’s past. One of nicest appearing celebs we can think of, to our surprise in the days after he won his first Grammy, the rapper and actor is said to have been involved in a beat-down so severe that a man was almost blinded. After supposedly getting into a heated argument with record promoter William Hendricks, Smith is said to have instructed his bodyguard to attack, which resulted in a fractured eye orbit.

14 Lindsay Lohan vs Dina Lohan


When we found that two of the Lohans had gotten into a “violent fight” with one another, sadly, it didn’t surprise us in the least. A clan with their fair share of drama, they seem to be more than happy to let anyone who bothers to look, have a pretty lengthy look at their dirty laundry. When it comes to this event, this mother and daughter, after a night out on the town, were travelling in a limo when Lindsay called her father and asked him to call the police as she feared that she was being kidnapped. Never mind the fact that it certainly seems like a cry for attention as the actress easily could have called the cops herself. It seems like the duo did tangle to a degree. According to TMZ, Lindsay claimed that she walked away from the incident with a gash in her leg that Dina caused and at any rate the NYPD did end up being called.

13 Jay-Z vs Solange Knowles

From one family fight to another. It is an old comedy trope that we all dread dealing with our in-laws, and though we certainly don’t believe that is actually the case, it certainly seems like Jay-Z might feel that way. One night in 2014 while the megastar rapper was travelling in an elevator with his wife Beyoncé and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles, he found himself suddenly being hit and kicked. Solange was quickly pulled off by a bodyguard after Jay opted only to fend off her blows and Beyoncé stood by, not reacting at all.

In the aftermath, the media speculated what the reason for the outburst could have been but ultimately no answers were ever supplied. The family simply released a statement saying that they’d, “moved forward as a united family,” and that, “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility.”

12 Mike Tyson vs Mitch 'Blood' Green


The WBC Heavyweight Champion at the time, Mike Tyson was considered by many to the baddest man on the planet for very good reasons. A lightning fast boxer with incredible power, when Iron Mike was booked to fight Mitch “Blood” Green most people thought it was a foregone conclusion that Tyson would triumph. Turns out they were right, although the fight lasted the full ten rounds, the judges scored the bout heavily in the champions favour.

Two years later, Tyson had become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion but that didn’t stop Green from getting in his face one night at Dapper Dan's in Harlem. Believing that Mike’s manager, Don King, owed him money he argued his point, and in a move that should surprise nobody, Tyson didn’t back down. Punching Green in the face, Tyson left his one-time opponent with a sealed shut eye and in need of five stitches, while Mike’s punch also managed to fracture his own hand.

11 Chris Brown vs Drake

Let’s be honest, Chris Brown is a douchebag. Although his music career, amazingly enough, managed to survive the bad publicity that came when he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna, due in part to his attempts to play nice, the man’s temper hasn’t subsided. On the night of June 14th, 2012, while the two performers were at a nightclub, a brawl broke out between the two and their entourages, after Drake reportedly began yelling at Chris.

Once somebody involved reportedly tossed a bottle, things are said to have gotten violent, with lots of injuries and destruction. Brown was left with a bloody opening on his chin while San Antonio Spur, Tony Parker, had to undergo surgery to have shards of glass removed from his eye.

10 Russell Crowe vs the World


This entry is unlike any of the others here as it doesn’t contain a single incident. Instead, we’re here to tell you about the fact that Russell Crowe, a famous and extremely acclaimed actor has a checkered past of violence that was remarkable enough to be mocked by South Park. Fighting in hotels, a “fashionable Japanese restaurant”, and verbally abusing a producer at the BAFTAs it is safe to say that you shouldn’t piss this dude off.

Perhaps the most interesting altercation that Russell has been involved with came when he threw a phone at a concierge in New York. Is it too much to ask that we imagine that his weapon of choice is one of those old-timey rotary phones that are incredibly heavy for their size? It may not be likely as the event took place in 2005, but it just seems so much more fun to us.

9 Paris Hilton vs Shanna Moakler and later Shannen Doherty

Paris Hilton, the stick-thin socialite who looks like a small gust of wind could make her fly away, somehow has managed to get into fights with two other celebrities. First there's Shanna Moakler, model, actress, Playmate, reality TV star and ex-wife of Travis Barker. And there's Shannen Doherty, best known as the star of Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210. The incident with Moakler resulted in both women accusing one another of battery, with Shanna claiming one of Paris’ exes pushed her down some stairs, and Paris’ people saying Shanna struck Hilton’s jaw. The Doherty incident seems to have mostly been of a verbal altercation, except for reports that it started with Shannen walking up and punching Paris in her face, and later egging her car. Paris’ famous sex tape co-starred Doherty’s ex-husband Rick Salomon and Ms. Hilton had previously been photographed making out with Shanna’s ex, Travis.


8 Bjork vs Reporter


Ground-breaking singer-songwriter and all around soft spoken person, Bjork, has created a somewhat ethereal and kind image for herself over the years which is what made this moment so shocking. After reporter Julie Kaufman said, welcome to Bangkok to the singer, she went into a rage, pulled the woman’s hair and made several attempts at striking her before she was led away against her will. Accompanied by her son at the time, the singer, who was clearly being hounded by the press, has said that some of the reporters were questioning him and that Julie had bothered her for four days. Bjork later apologized for the incident and the police were never involved.

7 George Clooney vs David O. Russell

David O. Russell is an Oscar nominated director whose recent films have ensured his image as one of the most important filmmakers of this generation. He also is an absolute dick to work with, as we assume Lily Tomlin would attest to, since footage of her epic arguments with Russell while they were working together surfaced online. Without a doubt however, the actor that he got along with the worst was George Clooney during their time working on Three Kings. According to people behind the scenes, Russell was frustrated with studio intrusions and took it out on his crew, which Clooney wouldn’t stand for. On the final day of filming when Russell was said to have tangled with an extra, which he claimed was to show him how to fight onscreen, Clooney reacted and the men got into a fistfight of their own.

6 Floyd Mayweather vs T.I.


What in the hell was T.I. thinking when he got into fight with renowned, undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather? Evidently the animosity all began because of a couple of photos T.I.’s wife shared, one of her with Floyd and another with his daughter, which led T.I. to confront the renowned fighter in a Las Vegas Fatburger. Feeling disrespected by the pics that were shared by his wife on social media, he opted to mouth off to Floyd, which the celebrated fighter unsurprisingly didn’t take too kindly to. As a result, the restaurant devolved into chaos as punches were thrown, verbal barbs flew and others attempted to quell the drama.

5 Noel Gallagher vs Liam Gallagher

These two men have come together to create wonderful music and take part in a sibling rivalry of epic proportions. Despite a very long and well documented history of arguments, they still managed to work together for 18 years before they self-destructed, putting an end to their band, Oasis, in 2009. According to Noel, the beginning of the end came when Liam began a clothes line and demanded it be promoted as part of the band’s tour, while Noel thought the company should pay for the tour then. This caused the tension to ratchet up even more than it had been before.

After Liam no-showed at the V festival, claiming he had laryngitis when Noel believed he was actually hung over, the brothers argued over how to deal with the resulting bad press. Noel comically describing the argument as “a bit like WWE Wrestling, and he was like the Macho Man Randy Savage, and he was like, Oh yeah!” That’s a fight, we would have paid to see.

4 Katt Williams vs Teenager


Famed comedian Katt Williams can be incredibly funny but in recent years his comedy chops have unfortunately been overshadowed by his controversial actions. Charged multiple times since 2006, for carrying a concealed firearm, burglary, criminal trespass, child endangerment, and other illegal actions, the man has become a train wreck.

One of the wackiest of the incidents involving Katt came about in March of 2016. While playing soccer with a bunch of kids, the funny man was continuously followed and antagonized until he decided to sucker punch the boy who wouldn’t leave him alone. Although Katt clearly realized that the person he was dealing with was younger, he has said he didn’t realize that his foe was in fact a 17 year-old. Despite Katt’s ignorance of his age and the fact that he wouldn’t get out of his face, the resulting violence was still not appropriate.

3 Liam and Chris Hemsworth vs. Random Dudes

The two most famous Hemsworth brothers have found a whole lot of success in Hollywood. Liam Hemsworth, the lesser known of the two, has earned his fame by appearing in The Hunger Games franchise of films as well as dating Miley Cyrus. Chris Hemsworth, best known as Thor, has appeared in some of the best received and highest earning movies of late, as well as the beloved cult horror movie, Cabin in the Woods. One night at a Hollywood event, the brothers were approached by a stranger before both stars and the third party began reigning blows. We’ll likely never have any idea what started the fisticuffs, but the rage full photos speak for themselves.

2 Prince vs Sinead O'Connor


Two respected 80's artists, one of whom, Sinead O'Connor, is well known for her iron will and in-your-face attitude, and the other, Prince, is known to be highly eccentric, they will forever be linked. Prince, the writer of Sinead’s biggest hit, Nothing Compares 2 U, which she recorded without his involvement, summoned the Irish singer to stop using vulgarity in interviews. When she responded by telling him to F-off, since he had no right to tell her what to do, Sinead claims they had a “punch up.” Forced to escape at 5 in the morning by hiding behind a tree, spitting at Prince and running away, Sinead has since said that the two performers hate each other. To our knowledge Prince has never acknowledged her version of events, so although it is an incredible tale, we advise you take it with a grain of salt.

1 Axl Rose vs Tommy Hilfiger

We never would have thought that an egomaniacal, dread-wearing rock vocalist like Axl Rose would ever be linked with a fashion icon like Tommy Hilfiger. Even crazier to consider, Axl, a man who for a time seemed like a professional riot inciter, due to his tantrums causing concert cancellations said, "It was the most surreal thing…that's ever happened to me in my life." According to reports, the issue began when Rose moved the drink of Tommy’s girlfriend. A seemingly innocuous event, we’re not sure if Tommy thought he’d disrespected her or done something to the drink, but Hilfiger, according to Axl, “just kept smacking me."



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