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Top 13 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs

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Top 13 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs

As far as I know, everyone enjoys a good Easter egg. We see them pop up in films, television, or in this case, video games, all the time. When you think of the term you usually think of harmless little references or secret messages that were left behind by developers, sometimes for their own amusement. But we all know that is absolutely not true. In fact, these days Easter eggs seem to come in a dark shell.

The video game in question doesn’t necessarily have to be a horror one in order to give you nightmares. I’m sure there are a few Easter eggs you can probably think of now that you found when you were 10 years old and they still give you the creeps. More often than not, these frightening Easter eggs don’t just pop up in horror games, though those games can amp up the fear factor. Nope! You can find them in action, fantasy, oh heck… even sports games. Regardless of what the age range is for a specific game, it appears these game developers really love the idea of creating nightmares for kids and adults. To be fair, some Easter eggs can give players new knowledge. For instance, if they are playing a sequel in a franchise, they might find something they need. I have to admit, that can be very nice no matter how scary the Easter egg is.

So, can you think of any scary Easter eggs that have left an impression on you for days, weeks, maybe even months or years? Well, here is a list of some of the creepiest Easter eggs ever in video games. See if your favorite made the list. Sleep well tonight, folks!

13. The Bloody Teddy Bear – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, you may have noticed random teddy bears floating around in the game, whether with a specific objective (revitalizing health) or just to complete the look of the background. One of these bears in particular stands out as being one the creepiest Easter eggs of them all. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, this little fella is a blood-soaked demon that rotates his head. That’s right! At one point, it gets up and looks around. Then it goes back to “playing dead”. It’s a bit similar to Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill.

12. The Kraken – Assassin’s Creed II


If any of you are into H.P.Lovecraft or just simply into sea monsters, then you might be intrigued by this Easter egg. In Assassin’s Creed II, there is an underwater stage called “The Visitazione’s Chambers”. When you mess with the levers inside and wait perfectly still for 30 seconds, a cut-scene enters which features a large octopus-like creature. Touch another lever, look over the edge, then a massive tentacle will try to hit Ezio. The entire scene has no audio so you are left watching this seemingly violent, enormous creature try to kill you in the deafening silence. You don’t get killed but this does make for a eerie scene.

11. Coded Transmissions – Fallout 3


Here is a very odd Easter egg from Fallout 3, involving Galaxy News Radio and Three Dog. When you destroy Raven Rock, you will begin to hear a transmission coming from Galaxy News Radio. Read by Three Dog, you hear a sequence of numbers and morse code following after it. These transmissions were numbers signifying a specific date and time of a major event set to happen in the future. One of them was correct, in that it gave the right time and date of Different Strokes star Gary Coleman’s death. One false prediction was that of the demise of the Queen of England. So only time will tell if the other numbers given will predict something significant or not. Weird!

10. The Ghost of Jolene Cranley on Mount Gordo – Grand Theft Auto 5


This is also known as “The Ghost of Mount Gordo” Easter egg. You can catch the ghost around 11 p.m. in GTA V, showing up on top of the mountain. She will disappear if you approach her too closely. According to the game, she is the wife of Jock Cranely. He was running for governor of San Andreas. One night while on a stroll, she fell off the cliff and died. If you go to the spot where the ghost stands, look below and you will see some rocks with the name “Jock” written in blood, indicating her death was no accident.

9. Robbie The Rabbit – Silent Hill: The Room


Whenever Silent Hill is mentioned you know what you are getting yourself into. So it shouldn’t be too surprising if you run into a bloody, anthropomorphic bunny doll. His name is Robbie, the Lakeside Amusement Park mascot, who’s made several appearances in the Silent Hill franchise since Silent Hill 3. In The Room, he makes his most shocking cameo. When you take your character and look into your neighbor’s room, you will see Robbie sitting still on the bed. Come back later and you will notice him suddenly staring and pointing at you. There is only one thing I have to say about this: NOPE!

8. Weeping Angels – Witcher 3


Even fans of Doctor Who will love (or loathe) this Easter Egg just as much as anyone who has ever played Witcher 3. As you are heading towards the town of Lindenvale, go to the church where you will see a few weeping angel statues. All is fine – that is, until you move away and look back only to find that they have started to move towards you! I’m sure the developers behind the game were fans of the long-running British Sci-fi show.  Or at least it’s most popular episode, “Don’t Blink,” where the weeping angels do the exact same thing.

7. Helpless Headcrab Zombies – Half Life 2


Okay, this one is just gross and very disturbing. So of course I’m going to mention it! Most likely you were left quivering in fear when you came across zombies with crabs over their heads, mumbling something unintelligible. The creepy factor isn’t so much that they were undead but that they were alive. Even more sad, they were crying for help. It’s best to play the God, help me, please help me!” You may be able to hear “I’m on fire” as a propane tank explodes in their path.

6. HellValleySkyTree – Super Mario Galaxy 2


Welcome to SMG 2’s Shiverburn Galaxy, where you are greeted by dark scarecrow-like figures who can’t help but stare at you from the hilltop above! They are faceless, alien-like creatures with large heads, hollow eyes, and grotesquely long limbs. Nintendo has never explained why they are there or what they are supposed to do (other than be creepy). But nonetheless, their appearance and overall presence is unsettling to players. Then again, this game is from the same company who gave us a game franchise like The Legend of Zelda, which is filled with scary looking monsters. So I’m not surprised.

5. The Statue of Happiness – Grand Theft Auto IV


Now, if I ever saw a smiling Statue of Liberty while visiting NYC, you bet I’m taking the next flight back out to L.A. That being said, this Easter egg from GTA IV is creepy as hell. After taking a treacherous path via plane, boat or by swimming you’ll come across a door with a sign that says “No Hidden Content This Way” ( how inconspicuous!). Enter the building and you’ll see a chained up, live beating heart inside. It is completely indestructible! Without a doubt this is pure nightmare fuel but maybe the developers were making a statement about our nation’s core values of liberty and freedom – that nothing can defeat them. If so, nice message, but a scary delivery.

4. The Hidden Ghost – Hitman: Contracts


Some Hitman fans say the game series isn’t so scary except for this egg that appears in a mission called “Traditions of the Trade.” The character Agent 47 is in a hotel that has no name. After picking a lock to a door of a room you’re not supposed to enter, you see something that quickly vanishes. Follow the eerie hallway and you’ll enter a room where a murder has taken place. By the way, you didn’t commit this murder! Then go into the bathroom, turn to the mirror, and a ghostly figure can be seen lurking behind you.

3. “Who Are You Running From?”- Game Boy Camera


This is one of the most well known Easter eggs out there and if you ever messed with the once popular Game Boy camera, then you probably crapped your pants when you came across the “who are you running from” caption tagged along with what looked to be a vandalized photo. There were several of these hellish photos that would randomly appear when you clicked the “run” option in the menu screen. At times, another vandalized photo would show the caption “Don’t be so silly!” The American version had 3 faces while the Japanese version had 2. Regardless, another picture, showing a map of Africa with the words “ you are now crossing the equator- Jambo Nintendo”, would come up in between the weirder ones.

2. Secret Message – Sonic CD


When you think of Sonic the Hedgehog, the last thing that pops up into your head is anything but nightmare fuel because the Sega Classic isn’t remotely scary. That is, until Sonic CD came out in the early 90s and everything changed when it granted us one of the most disturbing video game Easter eggs out there. To see it, all you have to do is pop in the Sonic CD, complete the following sequence: “Down, down, down, left, right”, and a sound testing menu will appear. Enter the sequence again. A page of Japanese text with Sonic wearing a demonic mask with human features appears.  He is doing his signature finger shaking, and there is some devilish music to boot. This is what nightmares are made of, folks!

1. The Joker – Batman: Arkham Knight


This one may be a bit a of a spoiler to those gamers who haven’t played Batman: Arkham Knight yet but the secret introduction is a downright creepy Easter egg that has made it to the sweet spot on our list. The game begins with the regular intro where you are at an incinerator, preparing to burn the seemingly “lifeless” body of the Joker. A command will come up to tell you to select any button to begin the process. Push a button…aaaand there goes the Joker. Or so you thought! Now go back to the sequence but this time wait until the background music ends, THEN press a button to start the cremation – you’re in for a “pleasant” surprise. If all goes well, The Joker will pop up, screaming as his flesh begins to blister. His screams turn into  frightening laughter as the flames consume him. He speaks too but I will let you check out the rest for yourself. One quick note: you must have completed the game in full in order to get this Easter Egg!

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