Top 12 Worst Curses Linked To Reality TV

Reality television has become an obsession for many people. Whether the show features housewives, a famous family, a group of professionals or a cast of “amateurs,” there are millions of people with a favorite reality show they watch religiously. The drama, hilarity, and feuds on reality programming is part of the appeal of these shows. However, the stars of these shows often get a lot more than they bargained for as a result of being in the public eye.

Yes, reality shows can be launching pads for celebrity careers. There are several reality cast show members who have gone on to have spin-off shows and acting careers. It’s also important to note that many of these celebrities have also experienced challenges in their personal relationships and finances as a result of being on reality TV. These days, the public is pretty unforgiving when it comes to celebrities. So, once a scandalous secret is out about a reality star, the public remembers it for what seems like forever. Some people believe that reality television is cursed and when you think about it, they may have a point. It seems that something unfortunate happens to most of the people who sign up for these types of shows. But yet, reality TV is still as popular as ever.

12 Short-Lived Fame

11 Embarrassment

10 Over-Exposure

9 Exploitation

8 False Sense of “Reality”

7 Unhealthy Relationships

6 Debt

5 The Curse of Fame

4 Backstabbing

3 Fighting

2 Infidelity

1 Divorce

The reality show TV divorce curse all started with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Since then, a number of reality TV couples have called it quits. There’s the drama with Brandi Glanville, and her ex, Eddie Cibrian (who married LeeAnn Rimes), there’s Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda, NeNe Leakes and her husband Greg (the two have since remarried each other), and we can’t forget Bruce (now Caitlin) and Kris Jenner. It’s pretty logical to assume that the format of reality TV can definitely take a toll on a marriage. If one spouse becomes more famous, there could be jealousy. If rumors of infidelity are swirling, this could be harmful, even if the rumors aren’t true. Constantly being photographed and videotaped isn’t exactly for a marriage, either. But as they say in Hollywood, all exposure is good exposure, right?


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Top 12 Worst Curses Linked To Reality TV