Top 12 Most Gruesome Ways To Die In Video Games

When playing any kind of video game, dying (well, much like in real life) is a vital part of the game as a whole. While not every single video game allows the player to kill enemies or to die themselves, it is a common enough element to say that death is an important staple of the entire industry. The many ways in which the player can kill or be killed, though, varies across different titles. In some cases, they will be fairly straightforward, in that characters will be shot for a quick death, while others such as Super Mario, will simply see their player die by touching enemies or falling down pits. Although, some games will rather use other means to kill. In the following list, death has been brought about by the most gruesome of means, with blood and gore used to great effect and the striking violence helping to shock the player. Read on to find out what 12 of the most gruesome ways to die in video games are.

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12 Mortal Kombat 9


The Mortal Kombat games have always been gruesome. After all, that is exactly what the fighting tournament is about. Players can be burned alive, have limbs ripped off by enemies or be torn apart by flying nails. The one that shocks the most due to its sheer brutality is likely Kung Lao’s finishing move. With his opponent defeated on the floor, he proceeds to drag them across the ground onto a waiting spinning saw. This rips through the entire body of his enemy and allows Kung Lao to pick up either side of the corpse in each hand.

11 Resident Evil 6


Throughout the entire Resident Evil game, the player has been able to suffer gruesome deaths to various degrees. The most gruesome though, is probably the moment when a rather angry creature forces the player into an industrial fan as it spins uncontrollably. Both the enemy and the protagonist are slowly mutilated as they fall into it, and the gore factor is made all the worse by the fact that chunks of blood and flesh are sprayed across the room from the now bloody fan.

10 God of War 3


God of War has always been famous for its over the top use of violence, but God of War 3 took it to new extremes. The player, in control of Kratos, can kill bosses in a number of different ways, but they are always full of blood and gore. One of the most brutal is the death of Helios. Kratos approaches the God slowly, before continuously stamping on his head as he tries to get information out of him. Then after a brief conversation where it is made completely clear that Helios is in severe pain, Kratos grabs him from behind and pulls at his head with such force, that he eventually decapitates him with just his bare hands, before using his head as a torch.

9 Gears of War


Gears of War is much like any other shooter style games. Both players and enemies have a variety of guns and other weapons that can cause a lot of damage, remove limbs and ultimately lead to some pretty gory deaths. The signature weapons of the series though, is without a doubt the Lancer, a machine gun with a mounted chainsaw. There are a variety of different ways that the chainsaw can be used with various take-downs, but each are as gruesome as the last, with the weapons used to literally saw into opponents until they meet their demise.

8 Dead Space


With various creatures trying to kill you throughout the game, Dead Space has some pretty nasty deaths thanks to the fact that the enemies seem to be made up of giant claws, blades and teeth. Arguably the most brutal comes with the head replace, which rips off your own head after an intense struggle and then joins onto your body.

Dead Space 2 must also get an honorable mention thanks to the death that occurs when a machine traps the character and a laser points at his eye. The camera steadily zooms in as the laser moves ever closer to the eye, before a giant drill crashes into the eye socket and mutilates the eye, brain and skull. This particular scene is made all the more shocking thanks to the fact that the sudden attack is a surprise.

7 Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption doesn't necessarily feature many scenes that could be described as overly violent or gruesome. It follows a similar formula that Rockstar use in Grand theft Auto, and while many missions involve killing enemies, this is normally done in a relatively common way, such as with a gun. Near the end of the game however, the player will leave a barn to be confronted by a line of soldiers aiming straight for you. While you can take a few of them down before they open fire, they instantly cut you down before leaving you to die of your wounds. The scene’s impact is even greater because of the betrayal element that accompanies it.

6 Madworld


The entire premise of Madworld is for the game to be as gruesome as possible throughout. It features almost cartoon levels of violence, the types of deaths even Tarantino would never do, with the player able to dispose of enemies in meat grinders and car crushers, after beating them into a pulp with a wide choice of deadly weapons. A particularly violent moment comes when a woman is spun around, constantly being hit and then flung onto a burning bowl before being crushed by a giant moving statue. The deaths and violence seem all the more violent thanks to the black and white visuals that contrast heavily with the blood that flows from the player and enemies.

5 Manhunt 2


The entire Manhunt series is built around the theme of the player surviving at all costs. To that end, they must overcome waves of twisted enemies and bosses, as they attempt to free themselves. The various deaths are all shocking thanks to the fact that they seem personal and in your face, with the player able to kill by stabbing and hitting with melee weapons, but also by suffocation and strangling. The biggest shock factor comes in the form of a piece of barbed wire that the protagonist uses,not just to strangle his foes but also to saw into their necks, making the death all the more striking.

4 The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead, much like the graphic novel that it is based on, is full of gritty violence and intense moments, whereby the player or their allies can be killed in ways that can be both shocking and gruesome. As zombies attack, various characters can be eaten alive, have their skin torn off and appear to be ripped apart. They can also face other hazards such as environmental dangers, with one particularly fierce death coming in the form of a large block crushing a man’s head.

The most horrific way to die in the series though, is on a farm owned by a family who have decided to capture, kill and eat those who reach the farm. The deaths are discovered when a dying man with his legs removed falls out of a door, revealing that the meat being eaten by you and the other guests is actually human flesh.

3 Spec Ops: The Line


Spec Ops: The Line is unlike other modern shooters, in that it puts a large amount of emphasis on the story and especially on the psychological well-being of the main character. Throughout the story, the player will come across various examples of horrific violence. The most frightening moment, and the biggest turning point in the mental well-being of the protagonist, comes near the end of the game, when the player is faced with an entire platoon of enemies. The only way to advance is to launch white phosphorus, an incredibly powerful chemical agent that burns alive all those caught in its radius. The charred bodies of the soldiers and innocent civilians who were caught in the blast is one of the most gruesome scene in any video game.

2 The Punisher


The Punisher is absolutely packed with some of the most gruesome deaths you will find in any video games. The main character will use almost anything that is on hand in order to extract information from his enemies or to get rid of a threat. Some of the best examples include smashing a person’s head with a suitcase lid, throwing someone in mechanical gears, burning an enemy alive in a furnace, or killing them with an electric eel. There are so many moments that it is difficult to state which is the most gruesome, but the use of electrical wires to force a head to explode is particularly gory.

1 Tomb Raider


Unlike the previous entries in the series, which had all contained a fair amount of violence, the reboot had far more gore and brutality. This is a culmination of the more realistic setting of the game and the fact that the developers tried to make Lara Croft appear fragile and vulnerable, as well as a skilled fighter. While there are several gruesome deaths that the player can suffer if they fail certain sections, the worst comes in the form of the protagonist being impaled through the head and neck by an outgrown branch, while sliding down a fast flowing river. The branch leaves suspend Lara as she helplessly claws at her neck with her hands.

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