Top 10 Surprising Celebrity Smokers

The world is doing everything in its power to rid itself of smoking. Most restaurants, bars and work places are "smoke free." There are also nasty fines involved if someone smokes in a non-smoking establishment or even smokes within so many feet of the building. The cost of cigarettes is at an all-time high as a pack will set you back roughly 10 bucks. There's also gruesome warnings on every single package of cigarettes sold, making sure people are aware of the damage they can potentially inflict on themselves. Considering all that, you have to ask yourself; why is the tobacco industry still so profitable? At the end of the day, people don't see the damage they're causing themselves because it's all internal. Smoking is a coping mechanism for dealing with life's stresses and people have tunnel vision. They're just looking to get through the next day at the office, or the next meeting. This thought process doesn't only apply for us regular folks! Many celebrities are guilty of this nasty habit as well. Seeing Jack Nicholson puff on a stogie, or seeing Lindsay Lohan light up a dart on the way to her next bender doesn't exactly phase anyone. But there are certain celebrities that you would not expect to be smokers. Here are the top 10 most surprising celebrity smokers!

10 Mary-Kate Olsen

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For some reason, the Olsen twins are still associated with a squeaky clean image and we simply cannot fathom Danny Tanner's little girl engaging in anything but wholesome activities. The reality is, the Olsen twins are party animals. They are regulars at exclusive night spots, such as the Beatrice Inn, and the Chateau Marmont. "Regulars" may be an understatement, as they're giving Norm from Cheers a run for his money. Along with the partying, Mary-Kate has also picked up smoking. Danny would be ashamed...

9 Rihanna

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8 Kate Bosworth

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7 Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell credits botox, baths of lemon milk and hundreds of push ups per day for his "eternal youth." He also receives intravenous vitamin injections that are a combination of B12, magnesium and vitamin C, which is administered by a nurse at his home.

If you're going to go to such radical lengths to maintain your youthful appearance, then why engage in smoking when it counteracts your efforts. Cowell is unapologetic for his smoking: "I genuinely still love smoking, I equate smoking with having a good time." That part actually isn't really surprising.

6 Keira Knightley

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The English actress boasts such a youthful appearance as she looks like she's in her early 20's rather than her actual age of 29. Unfortunately for her, this may not last for very much longer. Some people are moderate smokers and some are chain smokers. Knightley supersedes both those categories as she smokes like a chimney.

Knightley has battled anorexia in the past, and some critics believe that she smokes to keep her weight to a bare minimum, but there is no real proof of that as it is all hearsay. What is not hearsay is the fact that she's constantly seen puffing away at restaurants and bars.

5 Kirsten Dunst

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This is a surprising one simply because of the hypocrisy involved with it. Dunst has always maintained that she tries to set a good example for her younger female fans. When she's filming movies and plays the role of a smoker, she's always refused to use real cigarettes because she feels it delivers a bad impression. Yet she's been photographed many times offset with a cigarette in her hand. "Go get em tiger," she was probably sending poor Pete on a cigarette run.

4 Mila Kunis

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Sure, she spent a lot of time gathered around in a circle smoking pot with the gang from "That 70's show," but that was only a TV show. Kunis does not come across as a diva that will stand outside a pretentious club with a long pointy cigarette, but she is sadly a heavy smoker.

There are rumors that she took up smoking in 2009 while playing a ballerina in the movie "Black Swan" (movie came out in 2010). Apparently, her weight dropped to a shocking 98 lbs. She's happily put on 25 lbs since then as she didn't like how small she got. She has still yet to quit the nasty habit though.

3 Jessica Alba

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The "clean cut" Alba has consistently been a smoker, but the degrees of smoking do vary. She goes through phases where she is a moderate or "social smoker" (as the cool people like to say). But there are also phases where she's puffing them down like it's going out of style. Notably, after she gave birth to her daughter Haven in 2011 in an attempt to ditch the pregnancy weight. Similarly to Knightley, she had an eating disorder in her teens and apparently turns into a hardcore smoker when she's under pressure to look good for a role in a movie. Jessica, you always look good...just sayin'.

2 Adele

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The fact that Adele smokes is surprising, but also somewhat of a mystery. In a nutshell, we can concur that lady celebs tend to smoke for weight loss, and that smoking will also damage your voice in the long run, which could be detrimental to a singing career.

Adele's case is so surprising because she has a beautiful voice and she hasn't lost too much weight because of her smoking. It's apparent that she has other reasons for her smoking habit and those reasons are unknown.

1 Brad Pitt

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Mr. Pitt definitely enjoys his smoking, but this doesn't only apply to cigarettes as he's been known to puff the magic dragon in his day: "but Puff is the name of the dragon, Greg" (if you got that lame movie reference, give yourself a pat on the back).

He's an actor that always seems to have it together, so we won't be confusing him with Charlie Sheen anytime soon. But the reality is, he's a magnificent actor and if there was an issue, we'd probably never be able to tell. He's admitted that in the late 90's, he was a full blown pothead and was starting to get disgusted with himself: "I was hiding out from the celebrity thing. I was smoking way too much dope. I was sitting on the couch just turning into a doughnut." Pitt then proceeded to indirectly throw his ex wife Jennifer Aniston under the bus by maintaining that she had something to do with his addiction, that pretending the marriage was something that it wasn't only catapulted his habit.

Nevertheless, he has since cut out the pot smoking but has amped up his cigarette smoking as a result. Pitt is a consummate professional on the movie set, but not without a cigarette in his hand.

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