Top 10 Scariest Creatures in the Amazon Jungle

The Amazon rainforest is the largest of its kind in the world. Many people don’t realize that this rainforest is shared by nine countries: Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and last but not least Ecuador.

The Amazon rainforest is on of the most incredible and fascinating places on the planet. Many people dream of visiting this untouched land filled with greenness incomparable to anywhere else. For years, travellers from around the world have travelled to the Amazon looking for the adventure and experience of a lifetime. Although there is a tranquility and oneness with nature when you are in the Amazon, it is still home to some of the creepiest and deadliest creatures alive. There are numerous things in the Amazon jungle that could kill you and there are also creatures that will just creep you out.

The following creatures are all fascinating and interesting in their own way. Some of them more dangerous than others, all are creepy. This a list of ten of the most frightening creatures found in the Amazon rainforest.

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10 Green Anaconda 

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The green anaconda is over 9 meters (30 feet) long and weighs over 500 pounds. That alone is terrifying. The green anaconda is the world's largest snake and spends most of its time in the Amazon River waiting to catch its prey. Although this snake moves quickly and effortlessly in the water, its size makes it a bit awkward on land. Green anacondas will strike at anything including wild pigs, deer, jaguars and even humans. Whatever this creature chooses to attack is usually dead within a few minutes. The green anaconda coils its body around the prey and drags it into the water, suffocating it. It then swallows the prey whole. The thing about this snake is that it doesn’t eat often, so if it isn't hungry it won't harm you, but if it is you better run for your life…literally.

9 Piranha 

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Another cuddly creature the Amazon has to offer is the piranha. However, piranhas have a bad reputation that is not so deserved. People are under the impression that these creatures are much more aggressive than they really are. Natives of the Amazon region swim freely and without fear among piranhas and always have. Piranhas are scavengers and tend to eat animals that are already dead. They will only attack humans or larger animals if they are really hungry and you so happen to be in their territory. Although these creatures have a strong jaw and razor sharp teeth, they won't be able to swallow a human whole. They will however be able to get a good nibble on you.

8 Mosquito 

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Out of all the creepy creatures on this list, the most deadly is the tiny mosquito. Mosquitos carry deadly diseases like malaria and if one bites you it can pass the diseases into your blood stream and kill you - if you are not vaccinated, that is. The thing that is creepiest about these creatures is that they come out of nowhere and bite you without you even realizing it. These stealthy insects hold more power than we realize and have the capacity to kill. Mosquitos are a testament to the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” They may look less harmful than a snake, but they can do way more damage.

7 Brazilian Wandering Spider 

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There are eight species of Brazilian wandering spiders and all of them can be found within the realms of the Amazon rainforest. This family of spiders is considered to be some of the most venomous and terrifying spiders on the planet. Their venom has the power to cause an intense amount of pain and if left untreated can actually cause paralysis and breathing problems. These nocturnal creatures spend their nights on the ground in search of food. Spiders are just creepy creatures to begin with, however the Brazilian wondering spider takes it to an entirely other level.

6 Amazonian Giant Centipede 

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A normal centipede is creepy, so imagine the Amazonian giant centipede. This insect can grow to be 12 inches long and is known as a fierce predator in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazonian giant centipede feeds on anything it can kill; mice, lizards, tarantulas, birds and insects are all part of their diet. These creatures coil their bodies around their prey and begin to eat it while it is still alive. Although humans can't be eaten by the Amazonian giant centipede it can cause chills, fever, weakness and pain. Better you just keep a distance if you ever see one.

5 Bullet Ant 

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Most of us see ants as fairly harmless creatures. Although the bullet ant is tiny in size, it is actually one of the most dangerous creatures in the Amazon Jungle. When a bullet ant bites you, they say it is just as painful as being shot, hence the name “bullet” ant. These bites are even more painful than the bite of a tarantula. The bullet ant can also inject venom, and although the venom is not powerful enough to be fatal to humans, it can cause temporary paralysis of the area bitten.

4 Black Caiman 

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The black caiman is probably the scariest crocodile on the planet. There was a point in time when these animals were almost extinct in the Amazon. However, thanks to anti-hunting laws they have been saved. These creatures have dark-colored skin, which helps them camouflage themselves while waiting for their prey. Although they aren’t too picky with what they eat, they tend to stick to fish, but if they are hungry enough they will attack bigger animals like deer. When the black caiman is young, anacondas and jaguars often attack them. It is truly survival of the fittest!

3 Poison Dart Frog 

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The poison dart frog is beautiful and colorful and looks fairly innocent. However, it's the innocent ones you need to look out for. Their bright and bold coloring is not a coincidence. In fact, it is a warning: “Don’t Touch Me”. Poison dart frogs secrete a powerful poison through their skin. If absorbed in large amounts it can cause heart failure almost instantly. However, in captivity, due to a change in diet, they are not poisonous. Scientists believe that they get their poison from insects, who get it from plants.

2 Assassin Bug 

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With a name like assassin bug, you kind of know that this creature is going to be violent in some way shape or form. These insects are easy to recognize, as they have a trunk-like organ protruding from their mouths which is used to inject their poisonous saliva into their prey. This actually melts their organs from the inside out - disgusting, I know. Although they focus their attacks more on other insects, this bug has bitten humans but it will not result in death. However, being bit by the kissing bug or a cone-nose bug (subfamily to assassin bug) can transmit Chagas disease which results to about 12,500 deaths annually.

1 Electric Eel 

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The name alone is creepy enough. The electric eel is one of the most interesting creatures on the planet because it has the ability to generate five times more electricity than a wall socket in your home. This fish (which is not actually an eel) has three unique organs, which work together to generate electricity. Usually, the way the electric eel attacks its prey is by using small amounts of electricity to stun it, and then they usually swallow it whole. However, if it is threatened, it can release large amounts of electricity for minutes at a time. Although it is rare for humans to die from the shock, they can be paralyzed from the pain and drown if they are shocked violently enough.

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