Top 10 Oddest Things Men Have Done With Their Member

Every man has one to have and to hold. He will work it to exhaustion, and protect it to the ends of the earth. Which is why it’s so head-scratching to learn about the odd things men have done with their members. American Pie made light of young men experimenting with their body parts thanks to Jason Biggs’ encounter with a homemade apple pie. Bad Grandpa showed audiences that even the elderly need a little jumpstart – even if it’s via a vending machine.

But those are movies. Surely no real man would do anything so strange… not! Every guy out there has done questionable things with his member, from measuring it to warming it up. But those are rites of passage. It gets a little more dicey when a certain line is crossed. Many guys get away with a run-in with a zipper or a random hook-up and live to tell about it. But there are worse things men can do… trust us. This list is part cautionary tale, part hilarity, and all entertainment. It counts down the oddest, weirdest, most blood curdling things men have done with their members. Give it a read and see how many things you’ve done – and how many you are afraid to try. Happy reading.

10 Something’s Stuck

9 Couching It

8 Objectophilia

7 Nicknames Galore

6 Doing Tricks

5 Troubleshooting

4 Wardrobe Enhancements 

3 Inflatable Implants

2 Fat Injections

1 Add Cadaver Skin

Donated human tissue has been put to good use for research, and is also used for people suffering from burns and gunshot wounds. But some men use cadaver skin to enhance their members, leading to the creation of the term “zombie p*nis.” There are companies that take this skin and perform a procedure which allows men to widen their members. It is reported to be approved by the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons. The cost is thousands of dollars. If men cringe at the thought of using cadaver skin, there is the option of having skin removed from one’s own forearm.

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Top 10 Oddest Things Men Have Done With Their Member