Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrities Found in Apple Hack

Labor Day Weekend 2014 will always be remembered in the minds of many around the world for one reason: the Apple iCloud hack. Nicknamed "The Fappening", hundreds of hacked celebrity photos were released across the Internet. Within hours, sites that were flooded with the images were shut down due to heavy traffic. As the hours turned into days, more and more nude celebrity photos were released. Listed below are the ten most surprising celebrities that were being naughty...and got caught.

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10 Meagan Good

Via vettri.net

Born on August 8th, 1991, Good has risen through the ranks in Hollywood to become a credible actress. After snagging many roles as a child, she began to get noticed on the Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter. She co-starred along Bill Bellamy (as the voice of the puppet named Skeeter). When Skeeter ended in 2004, Good began taking on roles in movies, including horror films Saw V and The Unborn. With a steady track record of moderately successful movies under her belt, she was given the opportunity to appear in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Good claims she is a devout Christian, even saying that while engaged to her fiancé, she remained chaste until they married. The photos of Meagan would put this into question, as multiple photos were reportedly hacked of her showing off her chest. Her husband is a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher, so I'm curious about how he reacted to this.

9 Carly Foulkes

Via pro-labs.imdb.com

You may not recognize this name right away. However, you may recognize her face...and her dress. In Fall 2010, Carly Foulkes landed the sweet gig of becoming the "T-Mobile" girl. Years prior, she had spent her days modeling and attempting to break into the film industry. T-Mobile gave her a huge opportunity, and Carly took advantage of it. Originally, she was slated to do two or three commercials. Since 2010, she has appeared in close to a dozen. Her future plans with T-Mobile remain hazy, as she has not yet been asked to return to the ad campaign. Could the photos play a role in this decision? Only time will tell for the 26-year-old model.

8 Kirsten Dunst

Via movpins.com

Once a main attraction in Hollywood, Dunst has recently pulled back from the spotlight. When the hit cheerleader flick Bring it On was released in 2000, she garnered attention from major Hollywood producers. It was only two years later that she would star in a film that would go on to resurrect the superhero genre of movies, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Since the third film in the original Spider-Man trilogy, she has starred in a number of independent features, including All Good Things (2010) and Melancholia (2011). Though she has appeared nude on film before, Dunst does not seem the type of person you would expect nude selfies from. Considering the gobs of leaked photos, hers are tame, as they are reportedly only photos of her chest. Dunst exclaimed her dissatisfaction with Apple's iCloud service on Twitter, calling it a piece of *crap*.

7 Jessica Brown Findlay

Via mirror.co.uk

Downton Abbey is one of the hottest shows on television. Surrounding the Yorkshire country estate, the show depicts the lives of the wealthy and affluent. As one of the most widely watched shows on television in the world, Downton Abbey has turned moderately successful actors and actresses into international superstars. With the graces of two-time Academy Award winner Maggie Smith in the series, the media's eye is heavily focused on the show. Since it's set in post-Edwinian era Britain, Downton Abbey does not boast a sexual nature. Rather, the show is most notable for establishing drama with proper English, family scandals, and aristocratic problems. When reported nude photos leaked of star Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil Crawley on the show), the pictures shocked fans. The photos supposedly include full frontal nudity of Brown, as well as her with a male compatriot. Now, that's not how a proper English woman should behave....

6 Nick Hogan

Via live1015phoenix.cbslocal.com

One of only two males appearing on this list, Nick Hogan's appearance on this list may or may not appear as a surprise to you. Son of wrestling legend Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, Nick's photos may be less surprising and more...shocking. Reportedly, Nick's hacked album includes various photos of himself with numerous women (some nude and some not). However, that's not the shocking part. Believe it or not, photos of Nick's mom were reportedly on the phone...wearing an extremely revealing bikini. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but it's definitely an odd rumor to be going around. Supposedly, there are also photos of adult-film star Raven Riley sending personal messages to Nick.

5 Lauren "Keke" Palmer

Via hawtcelebs.com

If you've watched Nickelodeon in the past six years, you may have seen a show called True Jackson, VP. The show revolves around a teenager who goes from rags to riches in the fashion industry. The main star, Keke Palmer, plays the titular True Jackson. Though the show only lasted three seasons (2008-2011), controversy will continue to surround it for quite some time. One of the many celebrities targeted during the hack was Palmer herself. Photos of her have been reportedly revealed, including one of her being indisposed in the bathroom. The photos don't seem to be slowing her down, as she is currently taking on another titular character on Broadway - Cinderella.

4 Kaley Cuoco

Via gotceleb.com

Dominating the airwaves since 2007, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco appears on this list at number four. While the photos weren't nearly as revealing as other on this list, Cuoco isn't the type of person you'd expect this from (see Kirsten Dunst above). She has been giving hope to the socially inept, proving that the nerd can get the beauty queen (at least, in the sitcom world). Kaley has modeled for magazines such as Maxim in previous years, but it doesn't lessen the surprise of these photos.

3 Victoria Justice

Via victoria-justice.wikia.com

Also appearing on True Jackson, V.P. (with above mentioned Keke Palmer), Justice got her own show in 2010. A multi-talented girl, Justice can both sing and dance. Her show, Victorious, follows her character around as she enters Hollywood Arts High School. It's going to take more than dancing and singing to make people forget about the photos that were released. Reportedly, many of them did involve her being topless. Since Victorious ended in February of 2013, the show's producers don't have to worry about a media blitz in relation to shutting down future episodes. All they have to do now is discuss whether reruns will still air on Nickelodeon.

2 Jennifer Lawrence

Via crowdact.com

I don't think anybody saw these photos coming. Mounds of shocked fans sadly watched as the Fappening's golden goose was revealed. Reportedly, tons of nude Lawrence photos were hacked. Many of them involved her posing in sexual positions, as well as posing topless. Since Jennifer has taken such iconic roles in films like The Hunger Games, it's quite a surprise to see a woman who portrays strong, intelligent women bending over in front of the camera. Since the Apple hack, Lawrence has been extremely outspoken about the matter and has become a "spokesman" of sorts for all of the celebrities affected by the hack.

1 Matt Smith

Via news.moviefone.ca

Yes, you are reading this right. The Doctor himself was also targeted in the Apple iCloud hack. Reportedly, photos of himself and his girlfriend were released by the hackers. Supposedly, they show the Doctor Who star and his girlfriend taking selifes in the mirror. Oh, and of course they're nude! Smith is seriously upset with the release of these photos, and is reportedly seeking charges against the hackers. It remains to be seen how long photos of this nature will continue to be released. Until the hackers are captured, no one is safe. Not even a Time Lord.

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