Top 10 Most Mysterious Underwater Spots In The World

Some people say that space is the final frontier, but really there is a frontier here on Earth, that still remains truly wild and free. The ocean is truly the Earth's greatest mystery, and its last true frontier.  There is still so much that we don't know about the world's oceans.

I am lucky enough to live near the ocean. To those of us that see the ocean everyday, its vast beauty never ceases to amaze, although I am sure that those of you that have never seen the ocean find the thought of it even more amazing. We think of the world as being mostly explored, especially with all of the advanced technology that we have these days, but let's face facts: we have no real idea what is going on down there.

I mean come on, so many of us truly take the ocean completely for granted. It is enormous, powerful, and seemingly endless. What lays beneath it is a mystery to all but just a few of us, and even those of us that are experts in what lies beneath the sea still do not know the whole story. Imagine the time and money it would take to explore all of the underwater depths and you see it just isn't going to happen. But still, we are aware of numerous mysteries that are going on down there, even if we don't really understand them. Whether it be ancient structures, possible alien visitations or just plain weird, here are the 10 most mysterious underwater spots in the world.

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10 The Bimini Road

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The Bimini Road, also called the Bimini Wall, is located in the Bahamas. It is  only 2o feet below sea level, and can be seen from above water.  Some of the rocks are as long as 13 feet. While many people think that this is a natural rock formation, many others feel like the rocks were formed with tools. Which of course begs the question, "Why would you need a road underwater?"  The area remains a mystery and is difficult to explore, as there are strong currents nearby.

9 The Milky Sea

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The milky sea effect is when large areas of ocean water appear to glow, and turn a kind of milky blue. The effect is pretty eerie, and throughout time sailors and others traveling on the sea have found themselves disoriented when they have come across this phenomenon.  A lot of scientists say that this is simply caused by bacteria, but there are no studies out there that say that this bacteria could cause this glow to happen for days at a time, something which many mariners have been claiming has been happening for centuries.

8 The Yonaguni Pyramids

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These amazing ancient pyramids are found in Japan, near the Yonaguni Islands. When I say ancient, I do indeed mean ancient. Many experts say that they appear to be older than the ancient pyramids of Egypt. All that is cool and all, but how did they ever get to be underwater?  No one is quite sure. If they are man made, of course, one would have to think that there was an ancient city there, although one never can rule out a race of people that lived underwater? Can we? Anyway, some say that it is simply a natural rock formation, which obviously is no fun to think about at all.

7 Underwater Waterfalls

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This one is for all you deep thinkers out there. So if a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? And also, if there is a waterfall that happens below the sea, how can you tell?  Well either way, there are such things as underwater falls, some of which could be dangerous, as ships could be swept in by the currents. Scientists have found 7 of these so far. I would imagine that if there are 7 that we know about, there are probably lots more. The largest is at the bottom of the Denmark strait. It stirs up 175 million feet of cubic water.

6 Underwater Crop Circles

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So you know crop circles? Those mysterious things that are often found in fields and people wonder if they were made by aliens landing their spaceships? Yeah, so apparently they have those underwater, too, except aliens probably wouldn't bother to land all the way down there.  Scientists think these are actually the marks of male pufferfish, who apparently have quite the mating ritual. I know, not quite as exciting as alien spaceships, but what can you do?

5 The Bermuda Triangle

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Ah, the Bermuda Triangle. Back in the day, people used to actually get really worried about sailing through it or flying over it. One does not hear as much about it now, but it used to really concern people. It was also known as the "Devil's Triangle," and numerous planes and ships were thought to have simply vanished when traveling through it. Some have even said that it might be a portal to another dimension.  I don't know about all of that, but I do know it is never smart to tempt fate. According to the Navy, the triangle does not exist, but, hey, what else would the government say?

4 The Cuban Underwater City

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Although all of these are true mysteries, this one really gets us thinking. Off the coast of Cuba lies a structure that makes one think that the whole lost city of Atlantis thing might actually be true. Supposedly, it is filled with giant pyramids, and has some sculptures of the Sphinx.  Some believe that this city is over 10,000 years old and sunk because of a huge earthquake. Of course, others think the whole thing has to have another explanation, but there are always those that are party-poopers in the crowd.

3 The Devil's Sea

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The Devil's Sea is an area some 60 miles from Tokyo, Japan, and near Guam. It is feared by many sailors, but I suppose with a name like The Devil's Sea, you probably could have figured that out all on your own.  Several ships have sunk in this area, and many mariners fear going through as many have died while trying to cross. Huge storms are known to just come up in this area out of the blue.  Even creepier: there are no birds, fish, whales, or dolphins that hang out in this area either. They must know something that humans don't.

2 Glowing And Rotating Underwater Circles

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Another true mystery are circles that exist near the Persian Gulf as well as the Eastern Indian Ocean that can be seen glowing and even rotating. Some say that the circles must be plankton, but most scientists do not agree, as plankton could not be the reason for the circles rotating.  This appears to be another one of those oceanic things that none of us can understand, at least for now. Although, of course, the idea that aliens are responsible is always being thrown out there.

1 The UFO In The Baltic Sea

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All right, so this one is a little bit mysterious even for this list.  A lot of people say that this supposed unidentified flying object that was found in the Baltic Sea is actually just a rock. Others say it could be some sort of old submarine device that sank.  But really? I mean that thing looks like it should be in a Star Wars movie. Not only that but the word is that cameras and phones do not work near it either.  The team of explorers that found it says it rests on a pillar, and inside it looks like there is a staircase that leads to a dark hole.  No matter what you believe about this or any of the other things on this list, the fact that they are mysteries cannot be denied.

Sources: wikipedia

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