Top 10 Most Explosive Gordon Ramsay Moments

Gordon Ramsay has accumulated many accolades in the culinary world.  He is a world renowned chef and restaurateur. His restaurants have been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total. But at the end of the day, nobody cares about his accomplishments in the kitchen! It's his wonderful tirades that have made him a mega star and keep people tuning in to his shows week after week.

Ramsay had British versions of his now famed television shows (Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares). The geniuses at FOX (no I'm not being sarcastic) came up with the idea of bringing these shows to the States, but not without a few tweaks. In the British version of his shows, the focal point was the cooking itself. In the American version, Ramsay is a raving lunatic as the focal points are his explosive tirades and drama between the contestants. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure among Americans, and at the end of the day, they aren't tuning in to learn how to sear scallops or make a soufflé. They're watching to see Ramsay absolutely lose his mind and which aspiring chef he's going to berate next.

Over the years, there have been some highly entertaining and memorable confrontations involving Ramsay and the contestants. Most of the time, Ramsay gets the better of the duels as the contestants just replies with a "yes chef." But there have been other instances where the contestants fight back! Here are the top 10 most memorable confrontations.

There is some aggressive language in these videos, so move forward with caution!

10 Pumpkin Risotto (Hell's Kitchen)

9 The Lamb Sauce Freak Out (Hell's Kitchen)

8 Gordon vs. Abby (Kitchen Nightmares)

This showdown took place on Kitchen Nightmares, which has a completely different dynamic to that of Hell's Kitchen. In Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay is sent to struggling restaurants that are about to close down and usually does a complete overhaul, from the cooking to the décor.

Most episodes take the exact same trajectory. Gordon comes in, scopes the place out and samples the food. He hilariously trashes it while making a scene, then proceeds to berate the owner and staff. The owner will usually put up a very mild fight, but ultimately concedes. They then have a horrendous dinner service, the owner usually has a Ron Burgundy on Anchorman type of breakdown and Ramsay swoops in and saves the day as he performs a complete overhaul. That's Kitchen Nightmares in a nutshell!

7 Keith's Rude Exit (Hell's Kitchen)

Chef Ramsay didn't freak out, lose his temper or even raise his voice. For some reason he didn't have much to say. Perhaps it was because Keith hit him in a sensitive spot?

As mentioned earlier, Keith was actually a pretty good chef. When Ramsay eliminated him from Hell's Kitchen, he cited a lack of leadership as the reason for his dismissal rather than weak cooking. Keith wasn't having any of it: "I personally think that you have a (bleep) for Virginia." This was a pretty strong accusation by Keith and he may have hit Ramsay in a weak spot because the chef has been accused of multiple affairs with a number of different women. Ramsay then demanded to know why Keith had to be so rude: "because you're rude to me all the time."

6 LOOK, LOOK, LOOK (Hell's Kitchen)

5 Ben Gets Owned (Hell's Kitchen)

There have been many "Ben's" on Hell's Kitchen, but Ben from Season 4 will go down as the most memorable. He botched everything he touched during the dinner service and couldn't even cook a piece of salmon properly. You had to feel bad for him as Chef berated and belittled him like he was a piece of garbage.

4 Boris Imitates Chef Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen)

Well, at least it was a good impression. But how thick do you have to be to openly do an impression of Chef Ramsay in his kitchen? He fully knew that Ramsay would hear him as he was within an ear shot, fully knew that Ramsay would go off on him and make him look stupid, yet he did it anyway: "what's your f***ing crack? What's your game?"

3 Giovanni is a D*** Face (Hell's Kitchen)

2 Near Rumble At The Secret Garden (Kitchen Nightmares)

Well this one really jumped up a notch...the chef and owner of the Secret Garden, Michel Bardavid, genuinely upset chef Ramsay as his tirade wasn't solely for theatrics. It was a very real, heated confrontation that involved personal slurs towards Bardavid.

1 Chef Ramsay vs. Joseph (Hell's Kitchen)

The undisputed number 1 and most talked about confrontation in both show's history was this showdown with Joseph. It's number 1 because it was the closest that there's ever been to an actual fist fight between Chef Ramsay and one of the contestants as security actually had to step in and separate them. It also garners so much attention because there's a certain "what if" factor. Gordon Ramsay is a black belt, but Joseph was an ex marine. If  security hadn't stepped in, it's intriguing to think about what would have happened.

Joseph was a bit of a nut bag right off the hop, and was clearly suffering from some severe issues. It's mind boggling how he actually got selected to be on the show as they usually weed out the crazies. At one point, Ramsay asked Joseph to try out one of his brussel sprouts because they were not cooked properly and he made a scene about not being offered a fork: "I AIN'T NO ANIMAL." He also made it clear on the first episode that he planned on butting heads with Chef Ramsay.

All Ramsay did was ask him for 2 nominees and why? As he's done on every single episode of the show since it's first airing. Get some help, and watch the step!

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Top 10 Most Explosive Gordon Ramsay Moments