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Top 10 Absolutely Absurd Rumors About Celebrities

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Top 10 Absolutely Absurd Rumors About Celebrities


Ah, celebrities. They are ripe for scandals, high-profile matters, and of course – gossip. This is a list of 10 absolutely absurd rumors about celebrities. Some of them seem to have been founded on at least a glimmer of evidence or support. Sure, Michelle Obama is jacked, but is she really a dude? And Miley Cyrus did go a bit cray-cray, but that does not mean she is secretly dead and an imposter is taking her place.

Some of these other rumors are just downright nonsense. Claiming that the president is having an affair with a pop star may have worked thirty years ago, but we have been there and done that. Stating that a celebrity is a hermaphrodite based on some life choices and a name is absolutely insane. Either way, we hope you enjoy reading about these ridiculous rumors. If there is anything we have learned from celebrities, it is that gossip will never go away. We just have to grin and bear it. Or totally spread the rumors like wildfire.

Surely, there will be more crazy rumors in the near future. Hollywood is always shelling out new stories to make a buck off of these highly-marketable actors, singers, and celebrities.

10. Beyonce and Barack



Naturally, there are going to be rumors surrounding the President of the United States. But the gossip going around that he is having an affair with Beyonce? Please! The rumor started when a French photographer released a story starting that Barack and Bey were an item. The Frenchman claimed that photos showed the president acting detached from his wife, Michelle. However, that same photographer later denied saying such things, but that other people were investigating the matter. As far as we are concerned, Beyonce is just fine with her mega-mogul-rapper husband, Jay-Z. She evens sings about him and their love in some of her songs.

9. Miley is Dead

shutterstock_Miley Cyrus

This rumor states that Miley Cyrus was murdered and replaced by a look-a-like. Actually, we might want to believe that, given Miley’s extreme makeover over the past few years. She came into the spotlight as a down-to-earth, innocent tween with a lovable southern drawl. Fast forward to 2014, and Miley is a whirlwind of obscene gestures, offensive language, and public nudity. It can be easy to ask, “what happened to that sweet little girl?” there is actually a guy writing a book about this theory that Miley got involved in some accident and her new fierce persona is an imposter.

8. Marisa Tomei Cheated the Academy

shutterstock_Marisa Tomei

Back in 1992, actress Marisa Tomei snagged the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Rumor has it that she did not actually win her Oscar, and the announcer read her name by mistake. After all, Marisa beat out some much more established and highly-esteemed actresses: Judy Davis, Joan Plowright, Vanessa Redgrave, and Miranda Richardson. Their movies were more awards-heavy and very lauded among critics. It was a shock to industry insiders and average movie-goers that Marisa took home the Oscar. Could her role in My Cousin Vinny really have been good enough to upstage the other four women? Maybe so, maybe not.

7. Jamie Lee Curtis is a Hermaphrodite

shutterstock_Jamie Lee Curtis

So she has got a deeper-octave voice and chose to adopt rather than give birth to children. Does that mean that Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite? Rumor has it that the actress was born with both male and female genitalia and underwent surgery to become completely woman. Various sources have said that those who worked with Jamie Lee Curtis claim she is a hermaphrodite, and even a physician backs up the rumors. People also use the actress’s name as a piece of evidence; it is unisex, so her parents must have chosen it when she was born in case she became male or female.

6. Walt Disney Lives

shutterstock_Walt Disney

Beneath Disneyland. As a frozen corpse. Yes, that is right; people have spread the rumor that Walt Disney was cryogenically-frozen and stored underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. Well, as much as people love to believe this about this legendary and rather private man, the rumor has been bashed. No one is sure when the rumor began, but there is little evidence to suggest that Walt wanted his body cryogenically-frozen so that scientists could bring him back to life in the future. It is understandable why people would think that such a technological genius and pioneer would want that though.

5. Bey Never Had a Babe



Gossips and conspiracy theorists have united to create the rumor that Beyonce was never pregnant with Blue Ivy. They claim that if the super-popular singer was actually pregnant, she would have shown her adoring fans more photos of her swelling belly. Beyonce is known for savoring her curves and never shying away from displaying her bootylicious body. So it is a bit weird that the public cannot find many photos chronicling her pregnancy. Still, that really is not a reason to claim the woman was never pregnant. We are pretty sure that when you are carrying a baby, you know!

4. Marilyn Manson Was on The Wonder Years



According to the credits, Josh Saviano played Paul Pfeiffer on the hit show The Wonder Years. Yet, the rumors say that it was actually Marilyn Manson! The story gathered more steam before Danielle McKellar, who played Winnie on the show, informed Saviano of the rumor. Thanks to the Internet’s up-and-coming popularity in the early 90s, this rumor was able to circulate in many different circles. Saviano, for his part, has been eating the gossip up. He even planned to impersonate Manson onstage, but those plans never flourished. Apparently, Saviano has been rumored to be other musicians as well, and two decades later, is still enjoying it.

3. Michelle Obama is Transgender



So the woman’s got great legs and killer arm muscles, but is she actually a man? Gossip says that Michelle Obama is transgender, which may explain the previous rumor that her husband, President Barack Obama, is having an affair with Beyonce. The late Joan Rivers proclaimed that Barack was gay and Michelle was transgender, but who would really trust the old kook? Now that Rivers is dead, the rumors continue to swirl as to what Michelle’s true identity is. Experts say that Michelle’s body proportions lend themselves better to being male than female. But, we know that each body is different, and that does not necessarily determine someone’s sex.

2. Tom Cruise Is Not His Baby’s Daddy



Rumor has it that Suri is not Tom Cruise‘s daughter. So who is her daddy? The tabloids are saying that Chris Klein is the father to Suri, who is now nine years old. There are loads of stories surrounding the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise fiasco. The couple supposedly got together on a whim, and Katie got pregnant pretty quickly after her breakup with her ex, Chris. Katie and Tom are also high-profile figures in the whole Scientology movement, and the latest news is that Tom has not seen Suri in about a year. Why is that? Could it be because he is not really her biological father?

1. O.J. Simpson Did Not Do it!

FILE - This May 13, 2013 file photo shows O.J. Simpson at an evidentiary hearing in Clark County District Court, in Las Vegas. Simpson's lawyers have until mid-April to file their written Nevada Supreme Court appeal for a new trial for the former football star in his Las Vegas armed robbery case. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, Pool, file)

O.J. Simpson is known for his long-standing trial surrounding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Yet, did O.J. really murder the victims? Most Americans hold the belief that he is most likely guilty of the crime, and the authorities just did a lousy job of handling the evidence. There are a number of rumors surrounding the case. One of the rumors is that O.J. is innocent and was simply protecting his son, who is the real murderer. Another rumor says that O.J. hired a serial killer to carry out the murders for him. Others claim that O.J. was coerced into the crime by the CIA’s mind-control force, and yet others say it is a matter of mistaken identities. Whew!

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